Nests: ‘Dream Boat’ by Lauren Coulson (Creative Resident) #4

25 Mar



Welcome to the final of 4 post slots from our creative in residence poet Lauren Coulson:


In this series of works I have decided to explore the idea of the homes that we create for ourselves. I started with the concept of nests; I have always been fascinated how animals instinctively make their homes and how human shelters develop. From this starting point I decided to examine the various homes that I have made for myself in my lifetime, creating a short series of semi- autobiographical works that explore this theme. 



Dream Boat


Pictures of boats with bare boards
renovate the corners of my brain,
turn them into places filled with planning
about where I’d put the kitchen sink.

Crying canals of tears
over photos of floating homes
I know I’ll never take my shoes off in,
I’ll never put the kettle on in,
I’ll never wipe the counters down in,
I’ll never make a home in.

I’ve moved into a hundred barges
carved out of photographs and memories
of riverside walks
pictured making cups of tea
and watching the swans fight over
the mornings toast crusts.

I’ll rope my dreams to a buoy;
hope they stay afloat
until I can find a boat that will
support the weight of all my hopes
and never sink.






In 1992 a wriggling pink baby popped out of its’ mother, who proudly proclaimed “cor blimey, it’s a girl!”. Since then that baby has gone on to study art, and get a first class degree in creative writing (although she is no longer a baby). She now spends her time creating crafts to sell in her online shop and writing about the world around her. She is working on her first novel, a children’s book, but is a poet at heart. On top of this she has branched out into storytelling and running writing workshops in the local community. When she grows up she wants to live on a boat and grow vegetables.



You’ll be able to see more of Lauren’s work in collaboration with artist Cliona Sheehan in our ‘Supporting Mental Health’ Anxiety and Release collaboration (April-May). Big thanks to Lauren and to artist Atalina Homan for their contributions and a great residency. 

Tomorrow, we will be sharing poet Kate Garret’s first FreeSpace within which, through verse, she explores the separate experiences of a family of women through the decades.  Hope to see you there! 


One Response to “Nests: ‘Dream Boat’ by Lauren Coulson (Creative Resident) #4”

  1. Gill O March 25, 2014 at 1:03 pm #

    May your dreams stay afloat and your canals of tears disappear. You’ll find that boat!

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