Today Is a Big Day: ArtiPeeps Update (Transformations)

30 Apr

   “Working in collaboration leads to a rich dialogue yielding unexpected results.” ~Alexander Gorlizki

Today is a big day. It’s the day when the last poems of Transformations are due in, which marks the conclusion of our poetic 15 month online journey  together. The Book 15 poems, however, will continue to go out throughout May, and we will, of course,  all be collectively working towards our September poetry-art exhibition. Our exhibition will project our online collaboration into the real world  and enable us to showcase what we have created collectively.

The poets:  Nat, Becca, James, Bid, Lenka, Karin, John B, John M, Greg, Nell, Sadaf, Adam, Carol and Kate have contributed so much to this project and it moves me greatly. Thank you all so much for your creativity. Once the last poems are in I’ll release the selection for exhibition poetry for books 12-15. Great!

To be able to add in art to the mix has just been the icing on the cake, and today is the deadline too for the artwork. Here below, you’ll see in order the exhibition artwork thus far. We have five more pieces to come in which will complete the art for all 15 books of Metamorphoses. I think the quality and the diversity of the pieces are apparent.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Five more pieces of art are due in immanently and I’ll show them in my next update. It’s fantastic to see all the work coming together. The Code Crimson are also very busy with their comic strip, which will act as an entry point for children and adults to the main exhibition. Here’s a taster of some of their images for the comic strip background.

Code Crimson Sample


Our Kickstarter Campaign has been going for 10 days now. We have 19 backers and  are 14% funded. We have accrued £657 towards our £4413 project goal  There has been a steady flow of backers, for which I and the transformers are extremely grateful. Here’s the latest Wordle which will appear in banner form in the foyer of Hanse House by way of a thank you.

Wordle Day 8


There is article coming out in The Cambridge Evening News this Saturday about my bi-polar, ArtiPeeps and Transformations. It will be interesting to see what comes of that, and there will be at least two more articles in King’s Lynn about what we are trying to create.

The ArtiPeeps season of working has also been rolling along too with the ‘Supporting Mental Health’ collaborations showing great variety and a pertinent engagement with themes of loneliness and anxiety and release. The Weekend Showcases and FreeSpaces have also been great, and I have uncovered a profound love of found poetry.

Thank you once again for your interest. Please do take the time to look at our Kickstarter Campaign, become a Friend of ArtiPeeps,  and consider supporting our project.

All good wishes,




14 poets, 15 artists, 1 Contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses


IT SHOWCASES a mix of emerging and established social media poets and artists from around the UK and the globe

IT LAUNCHES into the real world our large-scale collaborative exhibition initiative, which we hope to run on a yearly basis, transforming unusual literary pieces and themes year on year

IT FORGES a new ongoing relationship with HANSE HOUSE, a unique exhibition space and development

IT PROJECTS ArtiPeeps and its new, open access membership scheme into the real world

IT INNOVATES using comic strip as an entry point for children and adults to access literature more easily

IT PUTS A CONTEMPORARY TWIST on a remarkable, influential continuous poem and piece of literature

IT CELEBRATES relationships, connection and creativity as we all come together


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