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12 May



Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.  (Maya Angelou)


Well,  here we are with just 9 days left of our Transformations Kickstarter Campaign to go. We have accrued thus far £837 which is no mean feat in the scheme of things,  but we still need £3576 to make our project real. A big thank you, I hasten to add,  goes out to all our backers so far!! All the Transformers, The Code Crimson, Hanse House and I have been working very hard to communicate the importance of what Transformations represents and to promote our campaign with integrity.

However we need more people pledging. We need your help NOW otherwise we won’t make our goal. Pledging can be as little as £1 and not connected to any reward. However we have some really great rewards available generated from within by the Transformers, and they would make really great presents. 

  • CREATION: £3 +  You can become a Friend of ArtiPeeps and be on our sponsor page for perpetuity and receive our regular newsletter
  • WORLDS FORM: £6+ Have your name on a huge backers’ Wordle  to be seen in the exhibition foyer +add ons
  • HERCULES: £12+ 2 Pack of poetry-art cards from the exhibition +add ons
  • TRANSFORMATION: £18 Be transformed into a god or goddess by  artist Ryan Atkins  +add ons
  • DAEDALUS: £56+Become a sponsor of a particular book at our exhibition. Receive all of the above, and a plaque on your given book stand at the exhibition. +add ons

You can take up any of these rewards by going to:



TRANSFORMATIONS…a very special sale:

One of our Transformations artists Robert Fitzmaurice is also kindly holding a fund-raising  online auction of 36 of his preparatory studies for his painting ‘The Transformation of Hecuba’ which you can see in the slide show below. The studies are very beautiful.

The auction will run for the length of our Kickstarter campaign with all funds going towards our exhibition. This is a totally separate venture from our Kickstarter. You can put in a bid and find out more via the link below. It really is worth checking out:

Finally, all the artwork for our entire exhibition came in last week so here below you’ll find all the pieces inspired by Books 1-15 of Metamorphoses. I’ve also put in one of the final Book 15 poems by Greg Mackie which rather sums up Ovid’s Metamorphoses and everything I stand for.


Be there at start and help us make the virtual real.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



by Greg Mackie


Her father died down the pit,
and her mother, bitter,
threw plates and angry words.

This was her history –
the filter through which
we sought to understand her,
and by extension, ourselves.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
and claim that the chains of destiny
are as fragile
as the chains of an aging mineshaft lift –
I don’t truly believe that.

The chains of our destiny
were forged with hope and defiance:
we survived wars and accidents and disease,
we walked on mud tracks and tarmac and the thin dust of the moon;
we built a world in our image – 
brave and bold and beautiful and ugly and stark and cruel and tender.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
I look inside myself
and see the values that she passed on.

“People are good.”

“Everybody is equal.”

“Nothing is worth more
than a human life.”

There are days,
everything contradicts this –

Ideas may be indestructible,
but values melt in the sun,
and so we encapsulate them in legends,
pass them down through the generations,
bestow them an eternity,
in the company of men and gods and wolves and snakes.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
I open a book,
a poem of transformations,
and the very last line,
the very last thought,
a declaration,
of hope and defiance –

“I will live!”


As always, thank you very much indeed for your interest.



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