Weekend Showcase : Louise Hastings (Poet)

4 Jul


Every Friday, 1 creative, letting their work speak for itself.


Louise Hastings






Again the blossom
foams along the fence
and sparrows in the eaves
chatter, bright-eyed
against the skim of blue.

And while you sleep,
turning as the Earth turns,
rotating in an eye-blink, a petal falls
like a longed for touch of breath
brushing by your cheek.

The garden seems crowded
now, cluttered with sunlight,
a smudge of purple, wings
and trees, a ripple
on the surface of the pond.

And you know this colour well,
the way the light
falls across the water,
how it leaves you breathless
and asks you what you’re waiting for.



I am a writer and author of a first collection of poetry, Phases of the Moon published by Winter Goose Publishing in 2012. My newest book is a children’s fiction novel, Beatha – A Badger’s Story written to help raise funds for the Badger Trust. A nature lover and defender of Gaia, I am inspired by the beautiful countryside of Somerset in South West England. I love reading and writing, and allowing my thoughts and emotions to breathe through the power of artistic expression.





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