Weekend Showcase : Ana Caballero (Poet)

8 Aug


Every Friday, 1 creative, letting their work speak for itself.


Ana Caballero


In this particular showcase Ana has chosen two poems that represent her work at the moment.


Oh, Zelda

Pretty much, you

were a crazy bitch.


Incensed by beauty

in others, talent in others.


No one else was Zelda.

Zelda painting. Zelda


writing. Zelda dancing.

Zelda loving. Zelda


interrupting. No one had

your husband. Or your


name. A belle,

at times, more often


a tease. Bad Zelda, who

silenced entire books.


Drunk Zelda, who shut

them down like boys.


All the rage, all of it,

yours. Sorry Zelda,


making the cottage

beds, blowing softly


at the suffering fire.

Sweet Zelda, who says


it won’t be so. Again

the happy host. Again


the righteous muse, who,

for a second, stood right


upon the floor. But,

silly Zelda, you boiled


a pot of rings and gold,

and you got taken


to the crazy home.

The unwell woman


in the attic, with you,

told decades too late.


No new love

or worried young girl


could save you from

the locked doors above,


the savage blaze below.


* Originally published in East Coast Ink Magazine



A Notion of Marriage


Because I am a poet,

I read about things like the

center of skin.

About warm bodies coming together in the dark,

and how it’s the meaning of life

when someone gets it right.


And I know I should write about things

like a moving chest and a naked back.

About the coming together of life in the dark,

about our common desire

and the verbs that it took.


And it should be universal,

but personal.

My moving chest, your naked back.

The notion of marriage,

of children, of daily love.

Shrinking rooms

beneath the surface of

different meaning words.


But I don’t see the dark jaw

in the night,

or the soft center of touch spring alive.

There is effort and a plan.

There is marriage,

a shrinking room,

daily love,

and a baby that eats time.


We do not say flesh when we mean sex.

We say it’s about right.

And, it would be nice.

We confirm how long it’s been

before we ask the other

to get up and make the bedroom



* Originally published in Aviary Lit Magazine




I worked in finance, journalism, wine importation, and even for the Colombian government before recently becoming a mom.  Now I focus my efforts on writing poetry and book thoughts, which can be read at www.thedrugstorenotebook.co.

My work has appeared in Big River Poetry Review, Elephant Journal, East Coast Ink, Really Systems, Aviary Review, CutBank, Ghost House Review, Dagda Publishing, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Boston Poetry Magazine, among others. It is forthcoming on Pea River Review and Smoking Glue Gun. I also write a weekly poetry post for Zeteo Journal’s “Zeteo is Reading” section.




One Response to “Weekend Showcase : Ana Caballero (Poet)”

  1. Christy Birmingham August 8, 2014 at 3:46 pm #

    “A Notion of Marriage” is quite creative!


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