Countdown to Transformations Week 4/5

7 Sep


Supported with public funding by Arts Council England

and Supported by Norfolk County Council


As part of an attempt to document this whole process I have decided to post out on a weekly basis during the 5-week build up towards our exhibition in Hanse House, King’s Lynn. Preparation-wise a lot is going on each week and I want to record it- not only for the  purposes of evaluation afterwards, but as  a record for myself.


Week 4

The Foamboards and Banners have landed

This week has been the week when nearly all of the promotional and exhibition material for our event has been completed and delivered to Hanse House. Minuteman Press, King’s Lynn have done a brilliant job, and what they have produced looks both artistic and professional. I’m very grateful for their  attention to detail and their efficiency. Here are the two banners that will hang at the front and back of Hanse House across the weekend.

The first features James Mackenzie’s painting for Book 14


Banner 2 Jamie

 and the second Ken Fasimpaur Photograph Montage of Book 8


Banner JPeg


The photographs don’t really do them justice, but they look striking and communicate all the information we need effectively.

Yesterday we completed the gluing of the poetry foam boards, painting and book plaques. There are 74 foam boards featuring 60 new poems and these are going on 8 scaffolding cubes. So there’s a fair amount of mounting to which we will be doing on Thursday.  To give you a taster here they are, below, in their box. I’m not going to reveal too much until the exhibition itself, but it gives everyone a good idea.


Foam boards


There have been several occasions where the exhibition has felt very real and very near, and this was one of them-seeing those boards for real brought that home. Today we will be  ensconced in Hanse House sorting everything back into book order.

Ipads, A Change of Room and The Heritage Open Day Brochure

This last week or so has felt very bitty. Pulling everything together: PhotoArtGB completing the mounting of the 7 non-Uk pictures; the backer Wordle the foam boards; keeping an eye on the budget; and buying ArtiPeeps’ first piece of equipment with our grant money.  ArtiPeeps is now the proud owner of a 16 GB Ipad. This will be used for people who have access problems to the first floor in Hanse House. We are putting the interactive PDF that has been created onto it, so no-one is denied access to Transformations for mobility reasons. I have to say I felt the responsibility attached to using public funds when I bought it hugely. I was also excited because it is an asset and the first physical contribution to our organisation’s development, and our ability to provide services to all and to not exclude anyone.

When you are putting on an exhibition like this, it seems that things can change at the toss of coin; things can change and you have to adjust…. On Friday we found out that we are going to have to shift our exhibition from The Blue Drawing Room to the Emmerich Room in Hanse House.. I thought this would feel traumatic, but it doesn’t. It’s another fantastic space, with beautiful beams, a split level, and an opportunity to create a different sort of exhibition experience than in The Blue Drawing Room. It’s also meant we have had to reconsider our equipment needs. So as a result we are needing slightly less cubes and using wall space for the Comic Strip.  We have full access to the room from Monday onwards and we are going to enjoy working out where everything will go. All the committee will be working on putting everything up this coming Thursday, and the scaffolding arrives this Wednesday.  What I thought might feel like a crisis has actually felt like a great opportunity to rethink the physical structure of the exhibition.


We are also in the Heritage Open Day Brochure which is distributed county-wise, and here is our entry. If you click and enlarge the text is clearer




Making the Virtual Real and Volunteers

This weekend we also booked a table of 15 at the Restaurant in Hanse House. This will be where the Transformers and I will celebrate our coming together and the collaboration that is ArtiPeeps. In our Kickstarter Campaign our slogan was ‘Making the Virtual Real’ and I am only too thrilled that I have fulfilled on that. I am only sorry that all those non-UK Transformers, or UK Transformers that can’t make it, won’t be there. They will be there in spirit though and definitely, 100% not forgotten.

I am also glad to say that we will be having a volunteer helping us across the weekend, which is great. She will be manning the reception desk, keeping a head count and making sure that we get feedback from those that attend the exhibition. This is needed for the evaluatory report and activity plan I have to produce for Arts Council England and Norfolk County Council. We will also be selling the remainder of the cards that we produced for our crowdfunding backers.

So you can see there’s lots afoot, and we’re nearly there!

Thank you, as ever, for your interest.




7 Responses to “Countdown to Transformations Week 4/5”

  1. Gill Offley September 7, 2014 at 6:29 pm #

    Nicky, I really am in awe!  The amount of work that these updates tell us about is immense.  Your project management and drive and energy are just brilliant. 

    Hope to do you justice on Thursday!  It seems such a small contribution.

    And a volunteer at the exhibition will be just great.

    Counting down with excitement!


    • ArtiPeeps September 8, 2014 at 3:02 pm #

      Dear Gill,

      Thank you! Does it feel like I’m doing okay? Sometimes I’m so far inside all the ‘doing’ I can’t see the wood for the trees. I can’t quite believe that everything I’ve worked so hard for for the last 15 months is all going to be there on Friday. Amazing!! You will do it all justice on Thursday. No doubt!!


  2. nordicblackbird September 7, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

    Reblogged this on nordicblackbird and commented:
    Five peerie days… 🙂

    • ArtiPeeps September 8, 2014 at 2:59 pm #

      Dear Nat,

      I’m really sorry you’re not going to be with us. 😦 Your poetry has contributed so much to our collective achievement…:-) But you and your spirit will be all over and there will be lots of tweeting and pictures.


      • nordicblackbird September 8, 2014 at 6:20 pm #

        Am really sorry too, Nicky, but am looking forward to hearing from you all via Twitter & websites! Have a fantastic time 🙂 N

  3. Em Ma September 12, 2014 at 8:14 pm #

    Hello, I am wondering if you have a theme for creative writing submissions coming up?

    I was working with young people at Millfield earlier this year and several of their entries ended up on your site.

    Now I am working at a new school, I am hoping we can gain links with you to do the same sort of thing.

    Love the work on ~Artipeeps.

    Best wishes, E Maxwell

    • ArtiPeeps September 21, 2014 at 10:19 am #

      Dear Em,

      My sincere apologies for not having responded sooner. 🙂 All my energy has been poured into Transformations of late…Now things are clearing. I’ll whiz you an email now.

      All good wishes,


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