Weekend Showcase : Rebecca Violet White (Poet)

6 Feb


Every Friday, 1 creative, letting their work speak for itself.


Rebecca Violet White





How is London treating you?
London sticks like a burr
chases me shoulder to shoulder
drags out my elbows

and straight lines are like this
bird feet in the snow
from one to another



I have thought about who chose the bus stops
names the streets here after birds
and therefore the bus stops

where are the flies


My bed is always in orange light
the mice under the trains
tread out the map


Mice in the snow

would they trace the Piccadilly line
with their soot feet



Rebecca Violet White has lived in Nottingham, Cardiff, Devon, Norwich and now London. Some things of hers have been published by Ink, Sweat and Tears and For Book’s Sake. She likes to write about her places.




If you would like a Weekend Showcase please do get in touch via the contact form on the What’s On Page or via the comment box.





One Response to “Weekend Showcase : Rebecca Violet White (Poet)”

  1. Stephen Thom March 12, 2015 at 6:42 pm #

    Wonderful poetry Rebecca, very transportive. Some lovely original phrases and images in the likes of ‘London sticks like a burr’ and ‘straight lines are like this/bird feet in the snow’. Great work, much enjoyed.

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