The Nine Realms Campaign and Project Update #2

28 Apr

nine realms8

19 poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking boat!


Vikings Ahoy!

Campaign Update:

The latest news is that we are now 61% funded, with 24 backers and £754 of our £1222 goal.  All those involved in The Nine Realms are working hard together so that we can meet the commissioning costs of Mark’s boat.

 Here is the latest update from Mark: ‘Live From the Workshop’:

‘Making a flat surface for our figurehead today, shaving off the thinnest slivers so the wood sits flush. Long painstaking stuff…..using a very, very old block plane.’


#9realms Competitions:

Our #9realms twitter  competitions have kicked off this week: with one kennings micropoem (run by poet Kate Garrett and myself) and another art focused one (run by artist James Mackenzie).

Here are further details if you’d like to submit.  The more the merrier! 

Another two competitions will kick off next week and this weekend: one short fiction (writer Shirley Golden) and another poetry Norse-themed one (poet Jim C. Mackintosh) .  The winner will receive an exclusive The Nine Realms multi-media DVD which contains all the poetry, art and music from the project.



Here’s the latest backers’ wordle I created by way of a thank you.  A big thank you to the 24 people who have backed us thus far. A larger version of the  wordle will be publicly displayed within ‘The Gallery’ in Hanse House throughout The Nine Realms event in September.


Day 10- Realms


Our Viking Boat:

We are 9 days into the carving of our Viking Boat. Mark is still preparing the figurehead as you can see from the video above. He is also making decisions about how he will incorporate the poetry into and onto the boat. Here is a slideshow of the boat’s progress thus far.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


There are some great Viking related rewards in our campaign:

  • Have your initials carved on our boat. There are only 8 more initial spaces left, from 15 
  • Get a 3 pack of realm poetry-art cards
  • Commission a Viking artist for a Norse themed painting
  • Have a Rune Poem written especially for you, or a song composed


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And more….


Realm Art Thus Far: More additions! 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 Look out for new realm poetry on Thursday. It’s Helheim!

Here’s a bit of Nidavellir (realm of the dwarves) from poet Lenka Monk:




Our Indiegogo Campaign is here:

‘Magicking the Norse World to Life’

Thank you for your interest.

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