The Nine Realms Campaign and Project Update #3

8 May

nine realms8

19 poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking boat!


Vikings Ahoy!

Campaign Update

The latest news is that we are now 75% funded, with 31 backers and £920 of our £1222 goal.  All those involved in The Nine Realms are working hard together so that we can meet the commissioning costs of Mark’s boat. Thank you to everyone. It’s a real collective endeavour. 


 #9realms Competitions Update

The kennings micropoetry competition and picture arts title competition closed earlier this week.  They were a great success.  Many congratulations goes to winners (@Alayanabeth) and  (@Sonja_Seear). Many thanks, indeed goes to everyone who took the time to submit an entry. You can find a list of the competition favourites on the Competitions page. A big thank you to Kate and Jamie for running them. Jim’s Norse-themed poetry competition is running across the next two weekends and Shirley’s competition is ongoing across this week.

Here are further details if you’d like to submit.


The Nine Realms Event Poem Selection (Up Until Helheim)

The Poetry for the The Nine Realms project up until the realm Helheim has now been chosen.  All the realm poets have been brilliant and the quality consistently there. Thank you Viking poets!!  I am also aware that the Norse Sagas are complex and very different from the material in last year’s project Transformations: lots to delve into in a different way from Ovid.  

Selection was also quite a tricky task because we had to bear in mind the educational element and the work with schools that is beginning to drive our large-scale projects. Here is the list of poems.

NB. There could be some changing around as we have to consult with Caitlin Ellis (our Norse expert). Poets coming will have the opportunity to read other poems from other realms at the poetry reading in Norwich.


Asgard by Jim C. Mackintosh
Yggdrasil Groans by Shirley Golden
Northern Lights by Karin Heyer
Two Children by Rob De Born
Asgard by Tom Murphy


The Name Of…by Lenka Monk
Freyja by James Knight
The Throats of Giants by Rebecca Audra Smith
Mjolnir by Richard Biddle


Traditional Enemies by Lydia Allison
Killing Ymir by Greg Mackie
Legend by Nat Hall
Ymir by James Knight


The Mock of Alvis by Jim Mackintosh
Paste Nuptial by Eleanor Perry
Little They Know by Mina Polen
Fenrir by Kate Garrett


If All they Should Weep by Joanna Lee
Don’t Follow Me by Mina Polen
Nifelheim by John Mansell
Send Me To Hel by Ross Beattie 


Mist by Lydia Allison
Strata and Strata of Faults Through Time by Shirley Golden
The Sybil’s Lyric by Joanna Lee
My Helheim by Ross Beattie 
All Angels Go to Hel by Lenka Monk.


Live from the Workshop: the latest videos

Day 16: 

‘Making a flat surface for our figurehead today, shaving off the thinnest slivers so the wood sits flush. Long painstaking stuff…..’

Day 17: Drilling!

‘Far more satisfying than a black and decker!’


Day 19: Carving the Figurehead: 



Media Coverage:

We had some great media coverage in the King’s Lynn News last Friday with an article entitled ‘The Vikings are Coming’. It outlined our Indiegogo Campaign and our plans for The Nine Realms event in September, and the two workshops we will be running for the general public.

 Here is a link to the piece, with a great picture of Mark (Crowley) doing what he does best!

Mark Crowley 1

Mark Crowley 1


I also had a really great interview with Amber Love a writer and podcaster on her site where she hosts interesting talks with creatives that blend artistic, literary, graphic art and mental health issues. We had a good talk about The Nine Realms and the role creativity plays in ongoing  recovery from mental health challenges. It was really lovely to talk to Amber and the hour flew by. I’m really pleased to have made this connection! Here’s the podcast, and thank you Amber for asking such good questions!



Here’s the latest backers’ wordle, for Day 19 that I created by way of a thank you.  A big thank you to the 31 people who have backed us thus far. A larger version of the  wordle will be publicly displayed within ‘The Gallery’ in Hanse House throughout The Nine Realms event in September.


Day 19


Viking Rewards

There are just 3 more spaces for anyone’s initials on our Viking boat. It’s a really unique opportunity to become part of a bespoke sculpture and a collaborative experience. 

There are some other great Viking related rewards in our campaign:

  • Get a 3 pack of realm poetry-art cards
  • Commission a Viking artist for a Norse themed painting
  • Have a Rune Poem written especially for you, or a song composed


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And more….


Realm Art Thus Far: Even more  additions!

1 more paintings still to come…



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 Look out for new realm poetry next week. We’re in Muspelheim!

Here’s a bit of Jotunheim (realm of the giants) from poet Lenka Monk:



Schools Involvement

I am also pleased to say that very shortly the pupils from Millfield School Somerset will be sending in their Norse inspired poetry and writing, which we will be posting out, and including in our event DVD and Minecraft world. It will be a pleasure to have their work on the site again. Their last work with us was Freshly Pressed here: A Sense of Place  


Our Indiegogo Campaign is here:

‘Magicking the Norse World to Life’

Thank you for your interest.

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