The Nine Realms Campaign/ Project Update #4 + VSS Competition Results

15 May

nine realms8

19 poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking boat!


Vikings Ahoy!

Campaign Update

The latest news is that we are now 79% funded, with 34 backers and £966 of our £1222 goal, which is really great news.  We have 5 days left our campaign to go. All those involved in The Nine Realms are working hard together so that we can meet the commissioning costs of Mark’s boat. It’s a real collective endeavour. Thank you to everyone who has backed us thus far (see wordle below).  


 #9realms vss Competition Result

A few words from competitition leader Shirley Golden about The #9realms #Thor #vss Competition: I really enjoyed reading the tweet-length stories and loved the humour that the theme evoked. It was fun to receive two separate stories that could have been a prequel and sequel (see the Walmart themed stories below). Thank you to everyone who took the time to send a story and helped support the project.

Here are my favourites:

Winner:       Susy Churchill @SusyChurchill

“Every problem is not a nail!” reproached the management consultant. Thwack! “Other leadership advice?” asked Thor.

A special mention goes to Terri Ross whose enthusiasm was unsurpassed, and whose stories were highly entertaining. A Nifelheim greetings card in thanks will be hurled your way!

Terri Ross @writer_terri

Thor arrived at the house made of brick. His hammer struck a thunderous blow. He’d had enough of those little pigs.

Mike Scott Thomson @michaelsthomson

Thor struck the door: 1, 2, 3. The chamber shook; MPs wiped plaster from their hair. This new Black Rod meant business.

Gill Offley

Thor, hunky serious-minded god, flair for accessories, WLTM attractive family-minded F to show him the lighter side of life. Must like birds. Height immaterial.

Kristen Bailey @baileyforce5

Thor stared his enemy down. I’ll give you an unexpected item in your bagging area. He lifted his hammer.

Clare Archibald @Archieislander

Rain thrashed on heads. Sirens looped & rumbled. Tunes banged. Rhythms furrowed. Feet earthed & twitched. Ecstasy now writhing in cuffs.

Gill Offley

Walmart SOUNDED like a fortress. Thor got in. Loaded up. Troll(ey) bore his loot. “10 items or less” foiled him. So he struck a bargain. He’s now working on the checkout.

Terri Ross @writer_terri

Thor embraced his new position. His thunderous voice boomed over the crash of shopping carts; “Welcome to WalMart!”

Yvonne Marjot @Alayanabeth

“Hey Thor, over here, mate.”
“Can I help you?”
“Yeah, my steak needs tenderising.”
“Do you want fries with that?”

Jim’s  last Norse-themed poetry competition is running across this coming weekend.

Here are further details if you’d like to submit.


Live from the Workshop: the latest video

Day 23: Working On the Dragon….

Other News:



I had a really good telephone conversation with Adam Clarke the Minecraft Developer yesterday, and the map for our Minecraft Viking world is well under way. At its centre is going to be a large Yggdrasil tree with 9 rainbow bridges running from it to each of the realms which will hold all of the audios and music and pictures attached to each realm.  There are going to be floating Viking boats and all sorts in the sky.  The inside of the Yggdrassil tree will act as a gallery for the work of any of the participating schools.

And on that note, I am happy to say that yesterday I also heard that very shortly the Norse-inspired writing from Millfield School will be coming in. Hopefully along with audios too! 


As soon as our campaign is over on Tuesday it will be straight into the creation of all the copy for all the promotional material, as well as the creation of the Interactive PDF and Schools’ book. 

Poetry et al

The  realm poetry writing will come to its conclusion at the end of June, with the last batch of Alfheim poems going out in July.  The first editing session of the mp3s at Future Radio will take place on 27th May and I’m determind to pin down when there will be some programme features and interviews on Future Radio of The Nine Realms. These have been pushed back due to illness.

Ragnarök Comic Teasers:

Webcomic artist, Koos Kleven is hard at work on creating the 4 page comic we are going to be using at our schools’ day and throughout the experience.  Here are some teasers from the comic, below. He is working from a Ragnarok story script created by writer/ illustrator Elizabeth Fernandez


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Here’s the latest backers’ wordle that I created for Day 23, by way of a thank you to the 34 people who have backed us thus far. A larger version of the  wordle will be publicly displayed within ‘The Gallery’ in Hanse House throughout The Nine Realms event in September.


Day 23


Viking Rewards

There are just 2 more spaces for anyone’s initials on our Viking boat. It’s a really unique opportunity to become part of a bespoke sculpture and a collaborative experience. 

There are some other great Viking related rewards in our campaign:

  • Get a 3 pack of realm poetry-art cards
  • Commission a Viking artist for a Norse themed painting
  • Have a Rune Poem written especially for you, or a song composed


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And more….


All the Realm Artwork is in!


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Our Indiegogo Campaign is here:

‘Magicking the Norse World to Life’

Thank you for your interest.

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