The Nine Realms Update #6: July

8 Jul

nine realms8


June seems to have sped by and a lot has been going on in relation to The Nine Realms. All the poetry is now in, with over 80 + poems being created over the 9 months. 40 poems have now been selected for the experience itself.  The realm poetry for Alfheim is still being posted out on ArtiPeeps on a weekly basis. With all the poetry from the  ninth realm in it has meant that we could crack on with:

1. The DVD

Over the last month and a half we have had 10 editing sessions with the sound technician at Future Radio.

Putting all the audio, realm music and art together in a multi-media format has taken more time than I anticipated. However, what has been created is unique, and the music fits the poetry perfectly. I have to say that this project feels like it was meant to be!  The  wallet for the DVD itself has been designed  by illustrator Gary Caldwell and has been printed  this week. The master, which will be the entity that is manufactured, is being formatted presently.  Please find below a taster of the wallet and the ‘onbody’ design. The DVD is going to be fantastic, a really artistic symbol of our collaborative endeavour.


Gallery Audio Tour

I am presently creating an audio gallery tour of the 19 art pieces in our event in September. This is to support any visually impaired attendees who may come, and will sit alongside the mp3 playlist Soundcloud on our ArtiPeeps Ipad. It is one of the requirements of our funding.  Between the two applications the whole experience will be made 100% accessible. There’s quite a knack to describing pictures thoroughly and dynamically I’ve found. I’m doing one a day and then will edit it all in Audacity or Adobe Audition.

There’s a very useful article on how to create a successful gallery audio tour here.

The Community Officer from the Norwich disability team will be coming on the set-up day of the event to give the tour a trial.


The delay in the DVD editing has also meant I have been unable, as yet,  to get any audio files to  Adam Clarke who is creating our project Minecraft world.  This has been very frustrating. However, now with the master in place, I’ll be able to send him the separate realm files of the music, poetry and art which he can then insert them into the realms.  It looks like the majority of the work on our world will be done July/August.

Our boat


Figurehead Lit

Figurehead Lit


Mark (Crowley), our woodcarver has also finally come up with a name for our boat and the title is….drum roll….’boat’. He wants to keep the title simple and clear. Mark is aiming to get a picture of the initials on the boat to me by the middle of July. This will be turned into a card which Mark will sign: acting as a certificate of authenticity for initial reward backers from our Indiegogo Campaign and the cards will be available for sale at the Experience as well.

Promotional Material

All of the  the copy for the promotional material for the experience has now  gone off to the designers and printers in King’s Lynn. I am presently compiling the Schools’ book and interactive pdf. There’s a lot of momentum at the moment….. Caitlin, our Norse expert, has been absolutely brilliant over the last month checking all my Norse material before I send it to the printers. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Future Radio

Future Radio


In relation to Future Radio and the opportunity of being interviewed on one of their arts programmes- well this is now under-way and all the audios from the Vikings that they recorded are with the arts programme producer. She will be editing everything together into a programme which will be broadcast before the event. There will be another programme bookending the event which will have within it any realm-backer poems and music etc. The programme will be part of our project evaluation for Arts Council England, created so that it almost parallels/comes in line with the oral tradition within which our project rests.

Greetings Cards

I am picking up the final two sets of cards this week which will go alongside Rob Fitzmaurice’s Niflheim card. The second card in the three pack features the realm Nidavellir. The photograph is by Viking Tony Adams and the poetry by Viking Eleanor Perry who has had a lot of fun with plucking randomised text from the Poetic and Prose Eddas and turning the process into poems. The third card will feature the realm Midgard showcasing Viking artist Raymond Bentley and Viking poet Jim C Mackintosh. I’ll include some images of the cards in my next update in August.






As you may well  have noticed Millfield School in Somerset have been contributing to our project. Five of their Yr 9 pupils have written Norse inspired short stories under the theme of ‘exploring the art of storytelling’. The pieces have been posted out on ArtiPeeps over the last three weeks. The quality of the writing has been outstanding!  You can find the links to their sagas below, if you missed them.  We will be reading their pieces out at both the experience in King’s Lynn and in Norwich. As mentioned above a little mini pamphlet book of their work is being produced at the moment. The book, I hope, will be the first of many, that we produce as we move forward as an organisation celebrating the work of the schools with whom we collaborate in future projects.  This will be under the umbrella name of ‘Classworks’.

Millfield Story Saga Links:

Olivia and Natasha- here

Reanna and Harriet- here

Martha- here

Our First Patron

I also have some exciting news about our first patron! However, there are a few official things I have to confirm and that need to be agreed upon  before I officially announce who it is. Watch this space!


As ever, thank you for your interest.

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