Tell your story walking

7 Dec


For the last two weeks now I have been intending to post out a piece on The Festival of Ideas and ArtiPeeps’ future. It hasn’t materialised for a number of reasons,  primarily because I seem to have lost myself somewhere in all the swirl of ‘doing’ and plans for the future. There has been no space for any extraneous writing other than those required by funders. Upon exploration now it has become strikingly clear to me that during this year I seem to have foregone self-care for service, which ultimately (I know) can lead to no good. You don’t need to totally ring yourself dry, background your needs and story for the sake of your passion/vision/project. It’s easy to do but it isn’t health or well-being or sensible. If you do the act is probably rooted in something darker and often in personal history.

I know that my bi-polar doesn’t help the situation. Balance is hard to find when you’re permanently chemically imbalanced, and I’m so driven and generally enthusiastic that I forget that there is an underlying process going on that is triggered by stress and drives me from up to down: if there is an up there WILL be, guaranteed, a down (that is the way of bi-polar, I forget that).

I also have two very active and powerful schemas going on which skew my thinking: what I call my ‘I am responsible’ schema and my ‘Care for others’ schema. These are interwoven patterns of thinking, cognitive miswirings that I have to permanently handle. They are always triggered by ‘doing’ and/or creating and they complicate everything I do. They were powerfully triggered by The Nine Realms, and as this year has gone on I’ve had to manage them more and more. They are strong and nasty and can make me think I’m not good, make me hit myself, or take things away like self-care, meditation, gentleness, food or steadiness and replace it with cruelty, anxiety, sabotage and a level of self-detestation that is hard to understand when you think I would be feeling great about myself.

When I stopped cognitive behavioural therapy, even though I had come to understand my thinking errors profoundly, I knew these miswirings couldn’t be fixed. I was gently told that I just had to become an expert at managing them, and that each time I did it would get a little bit better. Inch work which accumulates. That each time I tried something new, like ArtiPeeps, or the BBC, or the theatre company, or the library, that I would have to face these schemas and ways of thinking again and again. I don’t think I was presumptuous enough to think that I would come through The Nine Realms psychologically unscathed, but I was and am, shocked at how quickly, despite the success of it and the clear benefit, my balance went, how quickly I chose to replace myself with ArtiPeeps and the greater good.

My self-esteem has never been connected to what I do, what I create. You might expect otherwise. My self-esteem has always been nurtured when I have truly felt I have taken care of myself, not sabotaged, not endured or stuck the shards in (again). An intrinsic feeling (consolidation) and not something externally manifested. This is why achieving things externally never lasts for me because by the time whatever I have decided to do has finished I’ve usually died somewhere along the line and am scrambling around in my mind for some resemblance of myself. Why have I done this again?!

It took much longer to tie up The Nine Realms than I expected. There was the success of The Festival of Ideas (which came as a delightful add-on afterwards) the wonderful coming together again, and then the sending out of the backer rewards (delivering) and the last payments of invoices, which only was completed today. Unexpected things cropped up too: I had to rejig The Nine Realms budget for The Arts Council only the week before last when all I wanted was for things to stop. After a year of regular 60 hr a week work patterns and driving myself towards this collective goal and celebration of collaboration, I just wanted it all to stop. How can it be that the event happened 11-15 September and I’m still putting the project to rest at the end of November? Every ounce of me had been given- willingly, and I had to draw on a sense of energy and a positive psychology that wasn’t there anymore. My best self.

I had to use every reserve to complete what needed to be done, whilst my feelings of badness started to become huge (that’s the miswiring and the stress). What should have elicited feelings of joy and pride left me more in contact with my ongoing psychological vulnerability (my grin can hide a lot).

Physically I have had difficulties this year: I now have to walk with a stick a lot of the time, and I am losing mobility in three of my fingers in my left hand. I have cerebral palsy and I think in middle age, things are catching up on me. I soon won’t be able to grip much with my left hand and without my leg brace I walk like a geriatric lobster. I’m having to learn a new way of being, come to terms with the restrictions of my new physicality. When I caught glimpses of myself in The Nine Realms event photos, I was quite shocked at my own vulnerability- how stiff and ungainly I’d become. This physical shift has been going on at the same time as ArtiPeeps’ growth. It’s ironic.

For the past couple of weeks I have banished myself to my bed- to restore my body and mind and to try and reinstate some balance in my life. Every single self-care and physical practice that had been so carefully created over the previous three years vanished during this year. I took it all away myself ,and replaced self-care and myself with ArtiPeeps. It was a willing, wonderful giving which I couldn’t control, but equally it can’t continue because it’s unsustainable, doesn’t allow me to create and nurture my own story, and to give my true best to ArtiPeeps. How can well-being be a fundamental to ArtiPeeps if I don’t practice it myself? It doesn’t set a good example and serves ‘old Nicky’-beliefs that, in reality, are long gone. This is what humanitarian Zainab Salbi said about the nature of giving fully:



I don’t want to be that rung out towel. I want to continue to grow ArtiPeeps into something wonderful, and to celebrate the creativity and talents of everyone who is involved. I want to serve from a position of strength and (as much as possible) equanimity. Now, I just have to get the balance right and to keep on walking the best way I know how- with integrity, care and a quieter mind.


Here’s a profoundly valuable and insightful video by performance artist Marina Abramović which has further consolidated my belief  in the notion of challenge that I have recently embedded into ArtiPeeps’ new artistic statement



As ever, thank you for your interest, and I shall endeavour to get a post out about the 3rd ArtiPeeps season of work shortly.


P.S.  Deb Talan’s song “Tell Your Story Walking” was is inspired by “Motherless Brooklyn”, a novel by Jonathan Lethem

9 Responses to “Tell your story walking”

  1. Gill O December 7, 2015 at 3:06 pm #

    Dear Nicky, you have described your experience so articulately, so admirably whilst you have been in such pain. Care for others and responsibility are mega issues and are part of the person that you are. Care for the self is a fundamental tool, whilst being a challenging thing to keep learning and developing. To be OF service needs regular maintenance/service/oiling to keep healthy; always put your oxygen mask on before helping someone else with theirs. Thank you for sharing these lessons so openly and illustrating them with the inspiring links. It would be impossible to really feel what you have been going through and superficial to advise, especially with your own self-knowledge and path, and these words may be inadequate, but know that there is a lot of care for you and warmth being sent your way in the hope that this supports you in your intent and in your recovery.

    • ArtiPeeps December 24, 2015 at 7:53 am #

      I’m so sorry for not having replied sooner. This has been brewing for a long time, and it’s just a matter of how I grow and breathe through it all. All part of the ArtiPeeps process (and my process). Your support means a lot.

  2. Jane Dougherty December 8, 2015 at 1:17 pm #

    You need to look after yourself too. However much you might want to give to others. When you’ve worn yourself to a frazzle what good will you be to anybody. Do what the specialists tell you and recharge. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

    • December 13, 2015 at 10:33 am #

      Dear Nicky, thanks for such an honest and moving post, especially as having been part of The Nine Realms I know what you put into it all. You must give yourself time out to heal and know where you are just now. I know I forget to do this too, it is a daily practice and hard to remember especially when things are going well. We are all so grateful and amazed what you have done for us all already, but would never want it to cost you in terms of your health. Take the very best of care out thoughts and love are with you always. Thankyou for finding me! Heather

      • ArtiPeeps December 24, 2015 at 8:05 am #

        Thanks so much Heather, My apologies for not having replied sooner! You are totally right. ‘Now’ is important and I’m in the process of working this out at the moment, because it’s only then I can move forward with assurance. This year we all achieved so much, and I just want to move forward with ArtiPeeps and my circumstances the best way I can in a more balanced fashion. It’s an ongoing battle I’ve had all my life and I 100% know that nobody would want me to sacrifice my health. It’s always just getting the balance right, and the only answer for that one is in me! I’m glad I found you too. Warm wishes, Nicky

    • ArtiPeeps December 24, 2015 at 7:56 am #

      Thanks so much Jane. My apologies for not having replied sooner. It’s always a matter of balance for me and it’s so hard to get it right, and all too easy to give everything away. I’m hoping that this will be a huge lesson for me: one that I can grow through and that will make ArtiPeeps even stronger and of more benefit in the future. I really appreciate your support and interest. Warm wishes, Nicky

      • Jane Dougherty December 24, 2015 at 1:29 pm #

        Best wishes to you too, Nicky. And take it easy 🙂

  3. nordicblackbird February 10, 2016 at 10:38 am #

    Out have undertaken a very brave and wondrous journey – sometimes “dare-devilish (!) – Nicky, and, you remain a very courageous woman, as well as artist/organisation leader. I cannot think of a better way to look at you as a Phoenix, and I feel ever so privileged to, not only be part of your journey & constellation, but to nurture with you & everyone at ArtiPeeps.
    You are a wonderful person in my eyes and heart :-). Warmest wishes, Nat 🙂

  4. frenzyofflies March 23, 2016 at 11:10 am #

    Hi Nicki,
    I truly hope you’ve found and reconcilated with yourself. We all owe you an awful lot.
    My very best wishes to you, Greg

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