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‘Subway’ by Charlie Eliot Winters (Poet) FreeSpace #3

16 Dec

night-subway- by Jimmy Ernst 1948



by Charlie Eliot Winters


Disjointed and anointed
by the sins on the railway
the singing
unties your shoelaces
the man in front
turns to stare
as you knot them up again
he recalls a specific time
before it grew vague to him
The radial tungsten glow
lights the up and down
a face falls into the frame
of a handrail
A new way of seeing –
a cross section between
dignified dysfunction
and reptilian style
basking in the underground neon
for sustenance and transport
Small blessings
in the form of erotic dreams
hang low
while you wait



You can see Charlie’s first showcase on ArtiPeeps here. And also find  his FreeSpace #1 ‘That Day’ here,  and FreeSpace #2 ‘Love Letter of Sorts’ here.


‘Love Letter of Sorts’ by Charlie Eliot Winters (Poet) FreeSpace #2

20 Nov



Love Letter of Sorts

by Charlie Eliot Winters


while you were sleeping,
I wasn’t
I was out
with so and so
on the beach
nothing happened –
climbed a dune
took his hand to be polite
drank a beer for the same reason

it’s okay, though
I love you –
was just trying to be polite




You can see Charlie’s first showcase on ArtiPeeps here and his FreeSpace #1 ‘That Day’ here

‘That Day’ by Charlie Eliot Winters (Poet) FreeSpace #1

6 Nov



That Day

by Charlie Eliot Winters


I woke up thinking about

all the rain that had pooled up

the night before –

stale puddles stained with oil

receding by mid morning.

Maybe you’ll walk through them with me;

your big brown boots

alongside my sand-filled sneakers

leaving traces on the pavement,

running through the runoff

with your curbside afterthought


By afternoon the puddles had dried

leaving behind pockets of dusty residue

stamped by skeletal leafs, wrens and strangers’ feet.

Maybe you’ll come out tonight

and we can walk through new rain –

Drops of old water

falling on us for the first time.


I went to sleep wondering:

what about the names?

and the places?

and the plans?

What about the traces… the incidents…

The footprints?

It was all sifted and sorted

all ready for the springboard;

ready for the recoil

And now?


I move through rooms

one by one.

The floorboards creak

I tap on shoulders,

but no one turns to look.

I move through rooms

where no one can see me –

they cannot feel me tugging at their arms.

I ask for you,

but no one turns to look.



You can see Charlie’s first showcase on ArtiPeeps here

Dismissed by Charlie Eliot Winters, Photography by Jeremy Moseley

17 Mar

Creatives Making A Difference

‘Supporting Mental Health’

LONELINESS Collaboration

Welcome to the second collaboration in a six week, fortnightly engagement with the feeling of Loneliness.  For this particular collaboration we have paired 3 artists and 3 poets together.  The poets have written a poem around this particular emotion and then passed it to the artists for their interpretation. The artist can work in parallel with the themes  within the poetry or in contrast. In so doing we’re attempting to artistically and accessibly engage with the feeling of loneliness. Each pairing is different so  we’re hoping to create a range of interpretations that might communicate something to everybody. The poets and artists have been exchanging  ideas over a number of weeks and what you’ll be seeing as the 6 weeks roll by is the diverse expression of that exchange. We hope to turn our mental health collaborations into an exhibition next year and an online resource. 

 Your feedback on this project would be very much welcomed.


This week’s collaboration features

Charlie Eliot Winters and Jeremy Moseley




by Charlie Eliot Winters


I have been dismissed from my duties
Bowed head, wordless and bewildered
Tumbling a bottle cap between my forefinger and thumb
marvelling at its conical shape and thinking:
the only things worth doing are calculations

How many times have I cut through crowds without faces?
Warm beige buoys
bobbing above a cracked cement sea
emitting their cacophony of
trial runs
maybe laters

I am watching from behind a frosted glass window
figures pacing the streets, glints of light hitting their wrists and necks
They are granting and dismissing duties from floor to ceiling,
loading boxes upon boxes with pictures, papers, ticket stubs
as to not confuse “loneliness” with “alone”

How many conversations were held along this creaking floor?
Dangerous things often said
but seldom meant
Their bottle-capped stories
uttered to fill the air
hold their breath
pass the time



Charlie Eliot Winters

Charlie currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where he is pursuing a degree in Photographic Preservation.  When the nitrile gloves come off, he works on his slowly but steadily increasing collection of poems.

You can see Charlie’s Weekend Showcase here and his FreeSpaces here, here and here

Jeremy Moseley

London based photographer, Jeremy Moseley, seeks to capture the spirit of urban and street photography from a different or unusual perspective. Jeremy’s skills have been developed through portrait commissions and various photography projects in London, Brighton, Ibiza and Paris.

You can see Jeremy’s Weekend Showcase here and his work in The Recovery Project here


The third Loneliness collaboration post will be on Tuesday 1st April. Do come back and see how poet John Mansell and artist Ieuan Edwards engage with the very same feeling.

If you would like to get involved with one of our  future collaborations or opportunities. Do get in contact via the contact form on the What’s On Page or via @ArtiPeeps. Thank you so much for your interest.


The fall by Shannon Pardoe (FreeSpace #1)

5 Jun



offers 3 post slots  to creatives for mini- projects or the specific showcasing of material in a more in-depth manner. The slots can be taken up in a cluster or spread across a number of months

Featuring first time writer:

Shannon Pardoe 

and her novel

The fall


Humanity: The fall  follows the story of Charlie who, after surviving a biological terror attack, must face the horrors of the world left behind. Starving and alone she finds herself teetering on the edge of survival she soon realises that the evil lurking in the darkness is far worse than anyone could have imagined. The deadly pathogen and war torn streets drive Charlie into the arms of ex-solider Gabriel. But the sanctuary he offers her soon turns into twisted prison threatening to destroy the last remnant of humanity the pair find themselves at a crossroads. band together and start anew or succumb to the evil that pollutes the air. With the pair fighting to stay alive in a harsh world the people they encounter and the places they go will change their lives forever.

I have really enjoyed writing Humanity and as a first time writer I hope you will enjoy reading my work as much as I have enjoyed writing. If you stick with it and find the time to read the completed book I hope you will stay tuned in order to check out the next book in the Humanity story line. Thank you for taking the time to read this twist on the supernatural / thriller genre.


In the mirror stands a young girl. Her plain features compliment the mousey blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. Her cobalt eyes widen with fear as she stares into the blackness. She is searching for something. If it were not for the layer of dirt clinging to her tiny frame, her ghostly reflection would appear to glow. Memories threaten to drown her as she draws a line in the dust at her feet. Long ago this room had been furnished with beautiful furniture, now all that remained was her mother’s dressing mirror. Something enters the room. It watches her from the shadows, lurking in the darkest corner out of sight. By the time she spots the disfigured creature, it’s too late. It tears through her flesh; there is nothing she can do to stop the vile poison flooding her veins. As the life flows from her body darkness takes her, the image of her attackers grey eyes becomes her last.


Charlie wakes from her nightmare gasping for air but as the fear begins to pass the realisation hits her, the nightmares are real. Fear is good, it reminds her that she is still alive. She braces herself as the truck speeds over a broken road but the military vehicle offers little protection from anything, especially the cold. Through holes in the ruddy green tarp the sky is still dark, yet in the distance streaks of light start to crawl out from under the night sky. Watching as the icy landscape begins to reveal itself she reminds herself that the view beyond the truck is not the same as the world she grew up in.


The rush hour is dead and the streets no longer slumber in peaceful bliss, they are barren. Survivors hide in the shadow of the old world, and hiding in their homes they wait to feel Death trace his cold finger down their spines. The cold air makes Charlie shiver but tucking her legs into her chest does little to bring warmth back into her body. There is just enough light to make out the sunken faces of the men and women sat beside her. An old man sat in the corner nursing a burnt patch of flesh on his bony arm whilst the woman next to him dressed a weeping welt with a dirty rag. As she turned back to the hole in the tarp she almost missed it; a child dressed in rags that had been quietly tucked away inside it’s mothers coat.


Since the war children had become a rare sight and so for once the sight of others had become a pleasant one. The smell of dead flesh had become so commonplace that Charlie had stopped noticing it. But whether or not that was a good thing she was yet to decide. When the world fell apart, widespread panic and uncontrollable riots sent those graced with the gift of common sense running out of the cities before the government could prohibit public travel. Others armed themselves and stayed to fight but most gave up hope and sat in their homes waiting for the end.


For a short time chaos ran rampant through the streets, but then the bombs fell. Shops were ransacked, men killed, women and children raped, but it didn’t last long, if the war hadn’t killed them then the radiation would. Then something strange happened. Those who didn’t die from the radiation began to change. Some, like Charlie, found that their DNA had developed a protective layer against the radiation; preventing the absorption of further radiation. Others weren’t so lucky. The radiation poisoned both the body and mind of those who failed to evolve, their bodies became contorted and their minds bent by evil. They are consumed by an insatiable hunger, a hunger so powerful the need to kill and eat overrides all else. Survivors banded together to defend strongholds in the country, isolating themselves from the mutants but those who remained in the cities died. When people tried to escape the renegades harsh slave like treatment they were shot, or worse.


The world was a harsh wasteland where survival was measured in minutes until out of the darkness a guiding force appeared to guide survivors into the light. The militia. After securing an ex-military camp they set up their own society and in return for work you were given food and protection, the perfect society. Or so she thought. “How many others like us do you think there are?” “Sorry?” She turned to face the man sitting next to her “Survivors – how many do you think are left out there?” His voice was low, aware of those surrounding him. “I don’t know.” Since losing her parents, Charlie had made a point of involving herself with people as little as possible. Her compassion for humankind had fallen since the war; the eyeless faces of dead children in mass graves still haunted her dreams.


For now her only concern was joining the militia and securing her own survival, other people would only drag her down. As another cold wind tore through the truck bed she shivered. The man beside her began to unzip his coat “Here, take this.” “I’m fine, really” In a world where rape, kidnapping and murder had become a favourite pass time it was hard to trust anyone, especially men. It hadn’t taken long to learn that these days nothing came without a price. Even before the war. “We’ll be at the station soon, give it back then if you want but I don’t need it. No strings attached I promise.” Despite feeling uncomfortable taking things from strangers Charlie was beginning to turn blue. So taking the coat she slipping her arms into the warm fur lining and began to wonder how long it had been since she’d felt this warm. Pulling the zipper all the way up her neck she breathed in the stranger’s musky scent. Kindness did not come easily these days, she would have to get used to it. Leaning back into the truck’s metal bench she tried to push her dark memories aside and image what the militia’s camp looked like. Was it really as safe as the rumours suggested? But it would be a while before she found out, they hadn’t lasted this long without precautions and there were many stations she had to pass through before being admitted to the main compound. The truck came to a sudden stop displacing Charlie from her seat. As people scrambled to get their belongings, the tarp flaps were thrown open by two men holding rifles.


One of the last people to climb from the truck, Charlie joined the line survivors as they began walking towards a make shift bubble dome. “What’s your name kid?” looking up from the dead trampled grass she realised that the man from the truck was now trudging alongside her. Unlike the other’s his eyes were full of life, as if the war hadn’t tainted him. “Charlie” the word barely escaped her lips, it was silly but her name was all that remained of her past life. Names were precious they had power. “Keep the coat Charlie, was nice to meet you.” As he strode up to the dome she watched as he shook hands with the solider at the door. To her surprise, he was lead behind the dome rather than going through it like the rest of them. Keeping her head down she entered the dome, as she risked a glance to her left she noticed that thw walls were orange and stamped with black hazard signs. Something she hadn’t seen since the beginning of the war. Up ahead the corridor split in two, men went left and women went right.


When they entered the next room some of the women laughed while others cried, Charlie gasped. Showers. The women began to strip and wash themselves with soap under the lukewarm water. It was a procedure designed to remove any irradiated particles clinging to their bodies; not that anyone noticed it was the first shower any one had seen in months and a welcome reprieve from the dark muddy waters in the lakes. In the old world being, naked around strangers would have made her feel uncomfortable; but the emaciated bodies served as a cold reminder of how the world had changed. Once washed the women were given new clothes, rather old clothes that had been salvaged from the dead. Despite new clothes, Charlie made sure to pick up her old ones, especially the strangers coat. The thought of a shower must have reignited some essence of humanity in the survivors because for once nothing had been stolen or fought over. Once dressed the men and women were reunited.


As they moved through the orange dome they came upon a woman holding a clipboard who began asking the name, age and previous occupation of everyone who had gone through the decontamination process. “So Charlie, you’re seventeen years old and were applying for nursing school? Sorry to keep you waiting but it’s important to keep track of who enters our Compound.” The woman must have asked these questions hundreds of times, she seemed bored and her voice had that static secretarial edge. “If you’d like to return to your vehicle the convoy will be moving on to the second check point in a few minutes.” Climbing back into the truck Charlie took up her old seat. Counting the faces around her, she realised that someone was missing. The man who’d given her his coat had not returned and not being one to waste things, she zipped herself back in the sweet smelling coat. When the last person got back into the already cramped truck the engine roared into life making Charlie jump. After only a year of wandering lifeless roads and empty skies, technology had made her jumpy.


As the dull sun reached its height in the murky sky, it suddenly hit Charlie that she had been travelling for days. Exhausted and cold the little food she’d had did little to fill the empty hole in the pit of her stomach but the prospect of real food at Compound was enough to keep her clinging on to life. With nothing else to do until reaching the next checkpoint she looked out across the dreary landscape, it seemed to go on forever. Most trees had withered and died in the fallout; but hardier trees like conifers had survived, yet in this part of the country they were few and far between. The remaining grass was brown and dying and she struggled to recall the colours of her favourite flowers. It seemed as if nothing had survived the falling ash and toxic rain. How she had survived this, long was a mystery but with the day dragging on Charlie tried not to think dark thoughts and soon found herself slipping back into a deep sleep, unaware of the crying baby still tucked into its mothers arms. >>>>


Shannon will be sharing more of  The fall with us in her other 2 posts. Looking forward to it!  >>>


 You can find more about Shannon and her work here: >>>



If you would like to take up our FreeSpace opportunity please do get in contact via the comment box on any of our posts or pages or via @ArtiPeep. You’d be more than welcome! >>>>

The Nine Realms: Our Next Epic Collaboration

1 Oct


Vikings Ahoy!

On Monday the 6th October 2014 our next epic large-scale project will be starting with the posting of an overview of the realm Asgard in Norse Mythology. The online part of our collaboration will run for 9 months and is inspired by the 9 realms of the Norse world. Like with Transformations,  The Nine Realms will culminate in a 5 day exhibition in Hanse House, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK across the Heritage Open Day weekend.  We’re not only excited to deepen our connection with King’s Lynn, but to also draw in more disciplines. There’s going to be music, a Viking boat is being carved my sculptor Mark Crowley and we’re having a comic corner and a more up-front promotions corner for the creatives involved.

This year we are bringing together near on 50 creatives from all disciplines, some have crossed over from Transformations and there are well over 20 new creatives being showcased. So there is a good mix.  Excitingly, by the end of the project not only will the creatives involved have created their own personal Nine Realms, but they will also have created a collective Nine Realms which can be used to introduce new audiences and young people to this material. It can be used as an innovative, educational tool.  We learned a lot from the great schools’ day we had with King Edward VII Academy, King’s Lynn in relation to this.

As with Transformations, I will be posting out an overview of each realm month by month along with deadlines for the submission of the writing (poetry, prose etc). I will also attach writing prompts and an audio of one of the stories as well. We will be drawing from both the Prose and Poetc Eddas as well as other source material. The order will be as follows:

October 2014: Asgard (Month 1, Realm of the Warrior Gods)

November 2014: Vanaheim (Month 2, Realm of the Vanir, the gods associated with wisdom, nature, magic and fertility)

December 2014: Jutenheim (Month 3, Realm of the Giants)

January 2015: Nidavellir (Month 4, Realm of the Dwarves)

February 2015: Nifelheim (Month 5, Realm of the Dead, where evil men die)

March 2015: Helheim (Month 6, The Realm of the Dead, which men pass through in order to die in Nifelheim)

April 2015: Muspelheim (Month 7, Realm of Fire)

May 2015: Midgard (Month 8, Realm of the People)

June 2015: Alfheim (Month 9, Realm of the Light Elves)

During April/May we will collectively run a Kickstarter campaign for one aspect of our project.

The Writing: 

In this collaboration writers can chose to write in whichever form they like- prose, poetry play-format etc.

In alignment with the Norse Sagas themselves there will be a focus on ORALITY and storytelling, and work will be centred around the themes of POWER, NATURE and RELIGION.  There will also be a focus on translation and rhythm, and we are hoping that a separate off-shoot project can grow from this when we translate what we do into different languages. The writers are free to be as modern and contemporary as they like, but still keeping a feeling of magic.

At the exhibition, in contrast to Transformations, the writing will be communicated to the audience orally/in person or by recording. The oral communication of the poetry in Transformations was such a success that we want to get even more people actively involved and engaged with the writing in The Nine Realms.

As we go through the realms month by month the writers will be submitting their work in both a written and oral format/mp3. The idea being that we will create and record an oral version of the writing within the project. The poems will also be placed into a Nine Realms playlist on Soundcloud. This alongside some specially commissioned pieces of music will be turned into a CD and performed across the 5 days at the exhibition.

We are also intending to take the writing into libraries: one in King’s Lynn and the other in Norwich and have a theme of storytelling.

The writers will be submitting one piece (or more if they wish), and there will be a selection process at the end in relation to which pieces go into the exhibition.

The 22 Poets and Writers are: 

Nat Hall
Eleanor Perry
Mina Polen
Stephannie Brennan
James Knight
Lydia Allison
Ross Beattie
Rebecca Audra Smith
Joanna Lee
Jim C Mackintosh
Robert de Born
Richard Biddle
Karin Heyer
Kate Garrett
Greg Mackie
Shirley Golden
Adam Wimbush
Carol Robson
John Mansell
Tom Murphy
Lenka Monk


The Music:

This year we have decided to bring music into our project and we have commissioned three musicians and composers to write 3, 8 minute pieces to represent the realms:

Ruth Angell, violinist, singer, amongst other instruments will be composing music for Asgard, Vanaheim and Nifelheim

Shaun Blezard, a creative technologist, will be composing music for Jotunheim, Helheim, and Nidavellir. Shaun composed the music for The Recovery Project we did the year before last.

Simon Beavis, a music maker, is composing music for Muspelheim, Alfheim and Midgard

We are hoping that there will be a live performance of the music along with the poetry at the exhibition, and the compositions will be used in-between poems and as a background to the poetry. The music will set the tone of the realms. ArtiPeeps and I are thrilled to be working with these composers and to bring in this new element.

We are in the process of consolidating a partnership with Future Radio in Norwich and all being well we will be recording the CD at their studio in Norwich.

The Art:

We have also attached 19 artists to the Realms. 2 per realm (with the exception of Muspelheim which has 3). As with Transformations, they cross a range of styles and mediums including photography and sculpture. Each artist, with the help of the ‘woolly viking hat of fate’, has been allocated a realm from the 9,  which they can create for themselves inspired by the poetry and prose written about their realm by the Realms writers, and by their own research and the project overviews. The artists, if they wish, can create pictures for the individual realms as they go along, but only their allocated realm will be exhibited. For those artists outside of the UK, the same pattern as Transformations will be followed and we will frame a high quality 300 dpi image of their work on their behalf. The original will be available for sale through the artist.

The artists involved are:

Deborah Sheehy (Month 1, Oct. Asgard)
Diana Probst (Month 1, Oct. Asgard)
To be confirmed (Month 2, Nov. Vanaheim)
Heather Burns (Month 2, Nov. Vanaheim)
Ieuan Edwards (Month 3, Dec. Jotunheim)
Jasmine Reynolds (Month 3, Dec. Jotunheim)
Jeremy Moseley (Month 4, Jan. Nidavellir)
Cliona Sheehan (Month 4, Jan. 2015, Nidavellir)
Charlie Redding (Month 5, Feb. 2015, Nifelheim)
Rob Fitzmaurice (Month 5, Feb, Nifelheim)
Ryan Atkins (Month 6, March, Helheim)
Lili Morgan (Month 6, March, Helheim)
Gill Offley (Month 7, April, Muspelheim)
Chad Swanson (Month 7, April, Muspelheim)
Mark Peverley (Month 7,April, Muspelheim)
James Mackenzie (Month 8, May Midgard)
Raymond Bentley (Month 8, May Midgard)
Elaine Offley (Month 9, June Alfheim)
Ann Supan (Month 9 June Alfheim)


Our Partners:

Elizabeth and Lisa

The lovely Elizabeth and Lisa from Florida USA will also be involved with us again. This time actually creating a hard-copy comic inspired by the characters and realms of Norse Mythology. This hard-copy version will be made available to attendees at the exhibition, and act, once again, as a entry point for younger people and adults. As mentioned above, this year we’re going to have a comic corner and hopefully get the comic animated….Watch this space….

We are also going to be continuing our collaboration with both Hanse House and Deborah Services Limited, King’s Lynn, who provided our exhibition scaffolding.

King Edward VII Academy, King’s Lynn:

I’m thrilled to say that as a direct result of the great schools’ day we had with Transformations KES Academy in King’s Lynn want to get involved with our Norse project this year. They want to involve the art and english departments and their pupils. We are fleshing out what this will look like at the moment and I’ll let you know as more details unfold.

Millfield School, Somerset,

Millfield and their pupils took up a FreeSpace with us last year, and one of their post’s on ArtiPeeps got Freshly Pressed. The quality of Millfield’s young poets is apparent. We’re thrilled that they want to work alongside us on this project. Pupils of all ages will be writing their own myths and stories which will more than likely be posted out on ArtiPeeps as we go along. This is all being firmed up now.

We will be incorporating the work of both KES and Millfield into our exhibition. The exact way this will be done will be confirmed shortly…Watch this space…

Future Radio

Future Radio is a community radio station in Norwich, Norfolk, which broadcasts a breadth of user-created programmes to Norwich on a daily basis. It also runs courses in radio production and has a recording studio in which we are hoping to record the music and poetry for The Nine Realms. We are also hoping that they will interview our creatives and perhaps get involved with the storytelling workshops we hope to put on in libraries. Watch this space on this one too.

As with Transformations, as The Nine Realms evolves, new partnerships will emerge, and I shall keep you up-to-date as we move along.

The Funding of our project:

From this point onwards I will be applying to a variety of funders and sponsors in order to finance what we are creating. Through October and November the Chair of ArtiPeeps and I will be preparing budgets and I will start writing applications in November/December. This is a big project and therefore we are approaching a breadth of potential funders. They will range from local authorities, to public money funders, to foundations, to individual sponsors. We will also, as mentioned above, be holding a Kickstarter Campaign for one aspect of our collaboration. I have no doubt in my heart and my head that we can fund this rich, magical, multi-discipline project which is filled with such a range of talented creatives.

I’m excited to kick the whole project off with the Asgard overview next week, and I’m 100% sure that The Nine Realms’ Vikings will create something of high quality once again that inspires, innovates and promotes creativity as well as showing how relevant the Norse myths still are!

Thank you for your interest!


P.S. We should shortly have a project logo for the Nine Realms created by Gary Caldwell

Making the Virtual Real: ArtiPeeps Update

17 Apr




 I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that our Kickstarter Campaign for Transformations has been approved, which will mean we can launch our Kickstarter project this coming Monday the 21st. It’s been a real journey creating the campaign, and we’ve pulled together some really fantastic rewards, all generated from within the project- ranging from self portraits to poems written especially for you from three words that you choose.

I will post out full details including the live link when we launch on Monday.

A  successful campaign will mean that the Ovid inspired collaboration that we’ve been running virtually here for the last 15 months can be made real, showcasing 31 Twitter creatives in total and launching a large-scale exhibition template that ArtiPeps can use year-on-year to provide further opportunities.  You can find more details about Transformations in the menu above (extra to the highlighted link).  Do watch out for us on Monday. It would be fabulous to have your support!

More good news in relation to the ‘Supporting Mental Health’ side of what we do (Creatives Making A Difference). We have been approached by the UK Recovery Federation who want to use a project we put together last year in a National conference on Recovery in September. Again, I couldn’t be more happy about this as it will further showcase the creatives involved (John Mansell, Jeremy Moseley, Raymond Bentley, Carol Robson, Hugo Smith and Rebecca Audra Smith) and also make our virtual intention to explore mental health issues and well-being real. Some of us will hopefully be attending the conference and we will be presenting our video piece to the attendees.

Here is The Recovery Project:


You can explore this season’s ‘Supporting Mental Health’ Collaborations below. They’ve been inspiring:

Loneliness (ft: Stephanie Brennan and Deborah Sheehy, Charlie Winters and Jeremy Moseley and John Mansell and Ieuan Edwards)

Anxiety and Release (ft. Mat JimDog and Mina Polen, Rod Kok and Heather Burns and *Lucy Quin and Jack Morris, and *Lauren Coulsen and Cliona Sheehan)

* Still to come.

Our season of work has been going brilliantly. There’s been a real range of collaborations, showcasing and residencies, as well as FreeSpaces where creatives like Mandy Gibson, have been revisiting past pieces and finishing them off just for this project, which is a real honour. The Found poetry collaboration has been a real find for me. I’ve enjoyed seeing what has been produced, so much so we actually did some of our own in the real-life ArtiPeeps group I run. The texts have  such an atmosphere attached to them. They’re curious. We’ve also had our first wood sculptor on ArtiPeeps’ Weekend Showcase, Mark Crowley which I’ve loved too.

Oh yes, and #ArtiPeepsChat has been going well on Twitter where I chat with creatives about their work. (8-pm-9pm every Wednesday, barring the last week in the month when it’s on a Thursday)

All in all there’s lots afoot for ArtiPeeps at the moment. This season of work continues until the end of May, and please do support us in anyway you can. Watch out for the Transformations Kickstarter launch on Monday.

 All good wishes, and thanks so much for your interest.



If you would like to get involved in any of our opportunities please do get in touch either via the contact form on the What’s On page or via @ArtiPeeps







3 Mar




We’ve got a lot going on over the next three months (there are full details for the next 3 months on the What’s On Calendar, something every day). Lot’s of great showcasing, collaborations and mental health initiatives, along with the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign  to turn Transformations, the large-scale poetry art project we’ve been running for the last 15 months inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, into a fantastic exhibition in Hanse House Norfolk. See here.  

We’re hoping the campaign date will start on Monday 21st April but this is dependent on whether we have heard from particular funders or not.  Here’s the campaign badge that has been designed by Gary Caldwell who was one of the artists involved in the first ever collaboration on ArtiPeeps two years ago! 



Any, and every bit, of  support you can give us when this starts will be much appreciated, so you can be there at the start, and help us make this virtual project real. It’s an amazingly formative and exciting  time for ArtiPeeps.

This season we’ve got 12 new creatives featured in Weekend Showcase every  Friday. The creatives featured are a mixture of poets, prose writers, wood sculptors, singers and artists all presenting one piece that they feel best represents them.

J Matthew Waters (poet); Ieuan Edwards (Linocut artist); Shirley Golden (prose writer); Anthony Di Martino (poet), Mark Crawley (Wood Sculptor); Stephanie Brennan (poet and writer); Darren Goldsmith (writer); Beth Allen (musician/singer), Jack Morris (artist), Abbie Neely (writer), Ashley Mackenzie (artist) and Hank Archer (poet).

Some  showcasers are also taking part in our ‘ Supporting Mental Health’ collaborations, as well as those who have taken part in previous collaborations.  This season we’re focusing on:

1.  Loneliness: 3 artists: Deborah Sheehy, Jeremy Moseley, Ieuan Edwards and 3 poets: Stephanie Brennan, Charlie Winters, John Mansell over 6 weeks


2. Anxiety and Release: 4 artists: Mat JimDog, Heather Burns, Jack Morris, Cliona Shehan  and 4 poets: Mina Polen, Rod Kok, Lucy Quin, Lauren Coulson . The poets are taking the theme of anxiety and the artists responding in relation to release.

Both collaborations will be attempting to engage with these important issues in an artistic, innovative and engaging way in order to raise awareness and promote discussion. You’ll see the first Loneliness collaboration roll out this Thursday. It is then my intention to turn these mid-sized collaborations into a larger exhibition. 

We also have a broad range of creatives taking up our ‘FreeSpace’ opportunity (3 free spaces over a season of work) : we have poets Mandy Gibson, Kate Garrett and writer Estrella Azul, and we are thrilled to have Millfield School in Somerset taking up a FreeSpace as well;  a selection of their pupils will be showcased. The school is also  holding a  poetry festival  in June and we are delighted to be posting out their festival material through ArtiPeeps during that month. I’m hoping that this will be the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Millfield.  I couldn’t be more happy about this.

This season we also have two creative residencies ( that span over 1 month each) and we’re delighted to have emerging performance poet Lauren Coulson  with us in March who is focusing her residency on the notion of nesting and she is working with artist Atalina Homan, who is creating artwork for two of her pieces. We also have writer Ben Cooper (who was a Hot Potato last year) in a residency with us in April. At the moment the creative residency intiative is  a work-in-progress, but I hope to really develop them into a really strong package that can support and nurture wholeheartedly.

We’ve got another Hot Potato starting featuring 6 emerging prose writers (Steve Harris, Michael Schmidt, Shannon Pardoe, Holly Gibson, Josh Kremer and Jessica Cooke) . Each writer writing one section and then passing it on to the next writer, and in so doing creating one collaborative short story. This is the second one we have run, the first being completed last year with Robo-girl. It’s a great format that can go anywhere! When we have enough of them we’re going to create a published collection. In the interim, I create an interactive pdf and an artist illustrates their work.

Finally, we’re introducing a new mid-sized poetry collaboration which we’re hoping will become a regular called Found Poetry Where 4 poets will be writing a poem made out of  found texts ( with me flinging in one found text into the mix too). So there will be new found poetry every fortnight for 8 weeks. James Giddings, who was showcased last season and Lydia Allison who had a residency last year and Joanna Lee and Kate Garrett will be the poets involved.

It’s also worth mentioning that from now on, on Wednesdays, from 8-9pm I’m going to be starting a Twitter  #ArtiPeepsChat hour to generate interest and promote this season’s showcases, collaborations etc.  I will hopefully be chatting to the creatives involved in that week and dealing with any themes that have been raised.  I’m hoping that this will then transform into campaign chat to promote what we’re doing in relation to Transformations. Do feel free to join in if you are on Twitter at that time, and join in the ArtiPeepsChat.

Thrilled to be running this season and working with more fantastic creatives, and excitedly girding my loins for our Kickstarter Campaign. 

I hope you enjoy what we do, and if you’d like to get involved in next season do get in contact with me via the contact form on the What’s On page, or via @ArtiPeeps.

Thanks so much for your interest.

All the very best.


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