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On this page you’ll find a selection of  pieces from some of the Cambridge members of the ArtiPeeps Creativity Group founded in 2011.   ArtiPeeps, the group,  meets on a monthly basis to explore, create and laugh. This is also where you can find out about our latest group projects. 

Below you’ll find a smattering of the work the group creates inspired by our themed sessions, and some of  the work  found here is informed by individual interest. You’ll also find a section on the latest group project we’re undertaking: the production and filming of a play called ‘The Dove’ by Djuna Barnes.  We hope you feel inspired by what you read and do feel free to comment. I’m pleased to say that three of our members are now taking part in our Transformations Collaborative Poetry and Arts Project. 


Individual Creativity

Now and Then

by Elaine Offley


To be in the present

brings ease and content

To think just of today

Feels light


Our past gives meaning to life and does not

rest happily alone

So let me join ‘what is’ and ‘what’s been’

And take each as they come.




‘I appreciate and revel in the oddities in life, most of all, the quirks of the individual, those quirks are what make you so darn beautiful!!!

I believe in all good things, in being open-minded, in giving things a go, in seeing what’s around the next corner, in adventure, in living life to its fullest, in making your dreams come true, in not settling for the status quo, in being a true friend, in being honest and sincere and expecting nothing less from others, in doing everything in your power to make your life and the lives of those around you good, true and happy!’


Here are two of Sharon’s  pieces inspired by our sessions:

‘Growth Areas’

I feel I have come so far yet still so very very far to go, that makes me feel exhausted. I feel fear of not making sense, not communicating what’s inside me accurately, of being misunderstood. Why do I find it so hard to reply to emails, texts and to call people?

Why? Why? Why?

Why so hard to keep up to date with my business accounts, to fill in forms, to be creative, it makes me tired just thinking about it, I read and re-read texts and emails to try to reply but when it comes to writing, I might write a bit and then I feel resistance, I feel tired, I feel depressed by the inability, I feel trapped, I feel incapable, I feel lazy, inefficient, ineffective, slow, so slow, guilty, inconsiderate of the other person’s feelings, by not replying, not calling, I halt the process of connecting and I want to connect, I feel privileged that person has taken the time to contact me, I feel I am worth something to them that they thought of me and made contact and I love to make others feel my care for them, I love to give others inspiration and enthusiasm and encouragement and I love it when they give it to me, so why?

‘Contrast Poetry’  


I speak freely, confidently, coherently

I speak my truth, my knowledge, I speak the authentic I

I speak and people listen with interest, respect and good feeling

I speak as a bore and an idiot, lost words, lost meaning, lost sense of self


I am full of bountiful energy, vibrant, excited, enthused, creative, productive

I soak up all the gifts of this beautiful world

I delight in all the opportunities that come my way

I am exhausted, weak in muscles, vague in mind, (I) am almost not here at all


See these ArtiPeeps Links regarding Contrast Poetry:

Contrast Poetry 

‘Copy-Catting’ Closed Space by Samuel Beckett


Karin Heyer


I was born on the 4th of November 1937, just one day before Gun-powder Day! So, I celebrated my entrance with a BANG, yet far away from England then, in fact, in Leipzig, Germany. After the end of the Second World War, Leipzig in Saxony became part of East-Germany, which I left, illegally, in 1953. My family and I settled in West-Berlin, where I went to High-School, when finished there I left Berlin for Cambridge, England. I was a student of English for a while, took a BA Honours Degree in European Thought and Literature and English History at Anglia Polytechnic University, where I also took a MA in Women’s Studies with a Dissertation on German History. I became a teacher of the German Language,Literature and History during my working life. I have now retired from teaching and find myself writing, reading and enjoying life to the full.


The Ground So Precious

by Karin Heyer


Spring ice danger


for summer’s rain

more than a

billion drops


                                                          the ground so precious


In Memory of Kit II


This black, beautiful

wide-eyed male cat


demanding like a child


delicately affectionate, so strong

to touch my heart.

He would lie near warmth

near me

stretched out in relaxation

and at times gently

lift his paw touching my shoulder

as if to say

I am here, I love you

and smile

his smile was of an eternal, lasting kind

which will remain with me until I go. 28.May 2012



Ongoing Group Projects



Something Quite Particular…..

There are many kinds of dreams-in one you laugh in another you weep’

Djuna Barnes

Djuna Barnes

Djuna Barnes (1892-1983)  was a late nineteenth century American author/playwright/novelist well known for her novel Nightwood.  Djuna has a unique and complex voice which is imbued with the otherwordly and with the notion of ‘ennui’.

The Dove is a short play centring around the relationship  between two sisters Vera and Amelia and a mysterious young woman only known as the Dove who lives with them. ArtiPeeps’ first group project is an audio visual presentation of this piece of drama.  It  involves 3 women in the central roles and will consist of  an audio staging of it, and then superimposed against the audio will be ‘a visual’ with the same 3 women. The ‘visual’  will complement the play reading underneath. The visual will not  be a enactment of the play but will  be modern, set in an urban-home based environment  and compliment/contradict/contrast the action or imagery within the play.

The same  three women will be involved in both the visual and audio element, with another maybe, reading the stage directions.   The idea is that visual element will be recorded on a standard phone, and the audio either on an ipod or an audio recorder.

The piece will then be edited  into a mini-film and  then divided into X- ten minute segments and  posted it on YouTube/ or else where and on this site. It will be  rough and ready and not pristine; relevant to a lot of contemporary women’s issues;  something quite particular.

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