Collaborative Charter




which embodies our core values:


‘due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.’

ArtiPeeps is founded upon care, consideration, communication, opportunity and heart. Therefore every contributor should treat the other collaborators with the respect that they would give to themselves and with the following other guiding principles in mind.


‘the action of working with someone to produce something.’

ArtiPeeps is driven by collaboration, and if you are involved in a collaboration it is hoped that the creative involved will fully participate in the the process of the collaboration and in the nurturing of connection with your partner/partners. This not only enriches the whole process but consolidates the whole creative process. Collaboration involves action, it’s not passive, and we want our creatives to be active and fully engaged in what they produce and in the production of  something special and of a high standard.  It’s important to not forget everyone who is involved-you, your collaborator, the administrator of your collaboration and also the people who are going to view your work virtually or via a concrete outlet.


‘The art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas.’

In a virtual environment- effective communication is vital to any artistic endeavour that is centred around more than one creative. It is even more important once the collaboration is under way. ArtiPeeps encourages communication, and it is our intention that pairings or groups should feel free to openly communicate with each other and share the creative experience via email or Twitter or other means. This is acknowledging the fact that even though the physical act of creating is often a solitary one that we are nevertheless doing this together as a group. This is even more important with the virtual world we’re operating within online. Communicating can perhaps be seen as a sign of respect within the collaboration. ArtiPeeps in return will try and find vehicles through which to facilitate this dialogue wherever possible and if it is wanted. It is vital that good communication is maintained between fellow collaborations and the administrator of your collaboration particularly when it comes to deadlines. Lack of communication causes stress for all those involved.


‘the quality of being honest and  principled’.

ArtiPeeps is committed to continuity of care and support to its contributors. We endeavour to be as transparent in our services and intentions as possible, and to respect individual need and circumstance. We also expect in return a level of responsibility, care and p[articipation. ArtiPeeps believes in the growth and nurturing of creative potential therefore creatives are offered the chance to take part in an increasingly broad range of opportinities. It is not our intention just to bring people into the community and then drop them, but to consolidate what has been and facilitate more and more collaborative opportunities and outlets.  We have a principled and sincere approach to what we offer.

  • CARE

‘look after and provide for the needs of./feel concern or interest; attach importance to something.’

Within a collaboration ArtiPeeps expects collaborators to take care over the production of their work, the meeting of deadlines involved and the potential needs of their fellow collaborators.  Within a collaborative environment consideration of other people’s potential needs and circumstances must be foregrounded too.  Everyone has a responsibility within the whole.  ArtiPeeps whole heartedly values the talent and skill of all those who contribute and will treat everybody equally with warmth and care. ArtiPeeps is committed to care.

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