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your fortnightly Thursday Poetry/Photograph combo with GREG MACKIE

Poet, dreamer, self-confessed idiot. Addicted to chocolate and crisps, he regrets having cancelled his last two dental appointments. Attempts to write stuff.




Photograph by Greg Mackie

Photograph by Greg Mackie


This is the one,
That struggled and fought,
That slipped from my mind,
And fell from my thoughts.
That wanted to live,
For three verses short.
In a moment of weakness,
I said, “Why not?”

And this is the one,
That ended astray.
That spat on the screen,
Quit town, ran away.
That left, good as dead,
A hollow romance,
That left on the skids,
Another stale dance.
And spared you, dear friend,
A cliché or two,
From that wonderful tale,
Of love, pure and true.

This is the poem,
That ran to the flames,
And died in the fire,
Of our post-modern games.
And I can only say sorry,
For two minutes of pain.
Can metaphoric acid,
Remove semantic stains?

Greg Mackie






By Greg Mackie

Tourists intrepid,
From all around the globe,
Emerge from the subway,
Braving wind, rain and cold.
They’ve travelled thousands of miles,
By bus, train and plane,
And waited boldly in line,
Again and again.

They’ve ventured to see,
Those momuments that I,
Pass every single day,
Without batting an eye.
For this world is a wonder,
Its beauty so bright,
When seen that very first time,
Through camera sights.

Oh! To be like them,
And escape from this life!
To see it all again,
In a different light!
I need six months vacation,
A complete change of scene,
But not from this fine city,
From the jerk that is me.





The Brand-New Me

by Greg Mackie


I didn’t see it coming,

Although it happens every year,

And the complete and utter shock,

Has left me drowning in my tears.

My trousers have all shrunk,

And my shirts have all changed size.

I’ve got nothing left to wear,

Except some socks and a wrinkled tie.


I need to give myself a shake,

Before it’s finally too late,

I need to get down to the gym,

And get back into decent shape.

It’s time to count those calories,

And eat those low fat meals,

It’s time to shed those extra pounds,

And roll back twenty years.


I want to be trim and healthy,

And I’m determined to make it last,

Those fish and chips and chocolate bars,

Are sins of a forgotten past.

I’m going to eat five a day

Until my curves do melt.

Carrot sticks and celery,

Until my figure’s svelte.


And if I’m really well behaved,

As a very special treat,

I might be tempted to enjoy,

a prize of my favourite sweets.

So, to celebrate the brand-new me,

A man who’s in control,

I’ll start my diet that’s for sure,

Just, after this one, last, sausage roll.


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