ArtiPeeps’ creative heart is fuelled by the notion of collaboration. At the moment the nature of this collaboration takes place in three ways through the provision of :

 Individual Opportunities for Self-Expression- primarily driven by our regular Friday individual showcase feature ‘Weekend Showcase‘ and ‘FreeSpace’ and user-inspired features and posts.

‘Weekend Showcase’ which spotlights one creative and generally one piece of work that they feel best represents them. It’s a very pure and simple opportunity and usually is accompanied by a mini- bio. 

Any creative who takes up a showcase is also automatically entitled to ‘FreeSpace’ which gives them 3 free post slots on ArtPeeps. These can be taken up in a cluster or over a period of weeks/months. The slots can be used for further platforming, for mini-projects, or just for your own self-expression.

Guest Blog Spots are offered to creatives on a regular basis as a means of personal self-expression (on whatever subject matter they like that feeds their creativity and matters to them), and Regular Features are posted on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis showcasing an individuals writing or interests. (Please see the Features tab On the Menu).

 ArtiPeeps, at the moment, is a work in progress constantly developing new features and exploring ways of supporting and nurturing individual potential and talent. So watch this space. These initiatives are shaping and shifting all the time.

  Medium to Large Multi-Discipline Projects – Larger collaborations like our recent Christmas Collaboration (where 3 poets and 3 artists worked alongside each other.  See here) or on our ongoing larger scale Multi-poet project Transformations (where 17 poets are collaborating over 15 months to create a re-working of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. See here).

 We believe that providing diverse collaborative opportunities that allow creatives from different disciplines and experiences to work alongside each other is not only invaluable but also inspiring and stimulating, creating new forms and relations that would not otherwise come to the surface and developing new skills through the collaborative process.

 At some stage, we’re hoping that the notion of Collaboration will also filter down in a micro way into the actual collaborations themselves and that participants will actually micro-manage and co-ordinate projects for themselves.


 ArtiPeeps consciously holds back one of its web pages (the Visitor Peep Page,  You’ll see the tab along the top of the menu) for any emerging artist or writer from any discipline to borrow for a month. During this month they can use the page as they like: as a platform for their work,  a space for self expression or group collaborative projects. It’s entirely up to the individual. If they wish the creative can be mentored by an established artist or writer.  The creative will be given the opportunity to work alongside us developing their art/writing, taking up as many opportunities available through ArtiPeeps as they feel they need. If the creative chooses to be mentored he/she will provide feedback throughout their stay with us.

At ArtiPeeps we believe in development and further opportunities so once the Visitor Peep month is up the artist/writer will be offered further collaborations which will keep the connection.


Presently ArtiPeeps is in the process of designing a mentoring programme to support artists and writers who take part in our collaborations and want to develop themselves further. At the moment this is primarily being driven through the Visitor Peep Page but we do provide individual support on specific projects should the collaborators feel they need it.

At present we have several art mentors and one poetry mentor. We are always looking for more particularly in relation to prose. So if you are an experienced artist/writer and feel like you’d like to support an emerging artist/writer do let us know.

You can contact us via

@ArtiPeep  or the reply button any of the pages.

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