Multi-Form CollaborationsArtiPeeps specialises in running  regular small, medium and large, multi-form collaborations.  You can see our latest venture Transformations, a  Collaborative Poetry Project: 15 months, 17 poets, 1 Contemporary re-working of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Here.  This virtual project is being now given a real outlet via an exhibition in September 2014. 

We believe one discipline can inform another, and that all creatives from different disciplines gain something from collaborating.

 Form-Specific Collaborations – Like  ‘Hot Potato’ where 8 prose fiction writers will be working together for 16 weeks on one short story; or ‘Found Poetry’, where 4 poets will be working together for 8 weeks…

If you’d like to get involved in either a multi-form or form specific collaboration please contact Nicky at @ArtiPeeps  or via one of the reply boxes on this page.



Weekend Showcase: 1 Creative, Spotlighted, Choosing 1 piece of work that best represents them. Check Out the Showcase Menu Tab to see who’s been showcased thus far.

FreeSpace:  Any creative offered a Showcase is automatically eligible to 3 post spots on ArtiPeeps. This is free space offered to the showcaser within which they can creatively do what they like. Please note that ‘FreeSpace’  is also available for groups.

Creative Residencies: This is an opportunity specifically designed for emerging creatives (from any discipline) who either don’t have a website or wish to explore a particular issue/theme/project over a longer period of time. . For the period of a month the artist/writer/poet etc can ‘borrow’ a page from us and let it act as a platform for their work or for a specific project. The person taking up this offer can do whatever they like within that page in consultation with us. A mentor is also provided if required.

You can see our last Visitor Peep via the Individual Opportunities Tab/Creative Residencies our Menu.

Our intention is that the above individual opportunities act as a springboard into further large scale multiform  collaborative opportunities creating new artworks and literary pieces like Transformations. Or they can also  feed into our ‘Supporting Mental Health’  Initiatives.  These collaborations too  will always have an external outlet in the form of an exhibition or publication whilst hopefully making a difference to well-being.


One of ArtiPeeps’ core beliefs centres around well-being and social awareness focused around psychological well-being (something that troubles not only creatives, but nearly all of us, it seems).

With this initiative you can become involved in something that is very unique and 100% collaborative.  It’s a fantastic way to be featured whilst making a difference. It is our aim on an ongoing basis, moreover, as the years roll by,  to build an online resource for people in need fed by unique, innovative artistic and ‘writerly’ art pieces  and created via multi-form collaborations. This online resource will not only bring comfort but also broaden awareness of various emotional issues that affect us all.  It is also ArtiPeeps’ aim to find concrete outlets for these theme-led creations in the form of exhibitions (through our gallery contact in King’s Lynn), installations and publications (through ArtiPeeps Pressed).

If you get involved in this thread of our work you not only create something unique, work with other like-minded creatives but also make a difference to social well-being.


If you’d like to get involved with any of the above opportunities please contact Nicky/ArtiPeep via @ArtiPeeps  or via the reply box or custom form.


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