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ArtiPeeps Update: Onwards and Upwards

28 May



Exactly a week has passed since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign for Transformations. We had a £4413 project goal and accrued £1392 of it, with 46 backers. A huge thank you to everyone who supported us.  This,  I feel,  is no mean feat and the Transformers and I all worked very hard, full-out, for its duration. Kickstarter campaigns are incredibly labour intensive, I have found!

The conclusion of this Kickstarter could have elicited feelings of despondency, but quite the opposite:  financial support has emerged out of the ashes of the campaign; many backers still  feeling able to support what we’re doing. We can move forward not really having lost anything. I am also about to put in an application to the arts council to fund the remaining monetary shortfall, and the Chair of ArtiPeeps and I will be trying to secure business sponsorship over the next couple of months.  

Overall, I think the campaign has positively foregrounded not only what ArtiPeeps stands for, but also what is behind the opportunities and initiatives we are attempting to provide.  It has also brought all the Transformers together much more overtly and we have communicated and worked well together as a collective. Considering this has often been across continents this is amazing.

I am also pleased that via the article in The Cambridge Evening News I may have helped other people with bi-polar by being open about mine. I’ve received a variety of emails and tweets that would indicate this, which is gratifying.  Some are creatives and will be taking part in future projects. I couldn’t run ArtiPeeps the way I do with a well-being thread without being fully transparent about my health…. 

There is a fast turn around on the Arts Council grant of 6 weeks, so my aim is to have that completed by the end of June. Therefore we will know where we are financially by August which gives us time to secure other funding if necessary by 12th September.


Loki, Norse supervillan


I am also intending to put in further applications for our Norse Sagas project next year and our ‘Supporting Mental Health’ exhibition. By procuring funds in advance of our projects this will help secure our initiatives and allow us to move forward from a position of strength. That is the the theory anyway!!  From the end of June my time will then be spent on the soft copy exhibition book, ebook and pdf and other sponsorship.  We’ll see how that goes…

Our second season of work ended last Friday, and looking back it  featured a wide variety of creatives and initiatives: from Millfield School’s Year 9 young poets, to our second hot potato collaborative short story (which is now being illustrated) to our first wood sculptor who is hopefully going to be involved in the Norse Sagas project next year. The ‘Supporting Mental Health’ Initiative has also produced some fantastic work on the themes of Loneliness and Anxiety and Release. The Found Poetry Project has also shown me the delights of creating such poems. Fabulous!

Running the Kickstarter on top of the season of work was a lot of pressure, and it has made me think about how I will run the seasons in the future. Whether I will just have rolling programmes of initiatives, instead of packed three month seasons. I’m going to discuss this with the Management Committee and go from there. With a rolling programme, opportunities could be given in a more consistent, less intense way. Any feedback on this thought would be welcomed. It would also leave room for a spontaneous project which would be no bad thing. 

I will be posting out regular updates as we move towards the Transformations exhibition dates, and will post something out in July about the opportunities centred around Norse Sagas.

Thanks so much for your interest, and for having supported us during our Kickstarter campaign. It’s much appreciated, and do get in contact if you’d like to get involved- via the contact form on the What’s On page or via @ArtiPeeps


All the very best,




Action Stations!: ArtiPeeps Update

12 May



Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.  (Maya Angelou)


Well,  here we are with just 9 days left of our Transformations Kickstarter Campaign to go. We have accrued thus far £837 which is no mean feat in the scheme of things,  but we still need £3576 to make our project real. A big thank you, I hasten to add,  goes out to all our backers so far!! All the Transformers, The Code Crimson, Hanse House and I have been working very hard to communicate the importance of what Transformations represents and to promote our campaign with integrity.

However we need more people pledging. We need your help NOW otherwise we won’t make our goal. Pledging can be as little as £1 and not connected to any reward. However we have some really great rewards available generated from within by the Transformers, and they would make really great presents. 

  • CREATION: £3 +  You can become a Friend of ArtiPeeps and be on our sponsor page for perpetuity and receive our regular newsletter
  • WORLDS FORM: £6+ Have your name on a huge backers’ Wordle  to be seen in the exhibition foyer +add ons
  • HERCULES: £12+ 2 Pack of poetry-art cards from the exhibition +add ons
  • TRANSFORMATION: £18 Be transformed into a god or goddess by  artist Ryan Atkins  +add ons
  • DAEDALUS: £56+Become a sponsor of a particular book at our exhibition. Receive all of the above, and a plaque on your given book stand at the exhibition. +add ons

You can take up any of these rewards by going to:




TRANSFORMATIONS…a very special sale:

One of our Transformations artists Robert Fitzmaurice is also kindly holding a fund-raising  online auction of 36 of his preparatory studies for his painting ‘The Transformation of Hecuba’ which you can see in the slide show below. The studies are very beautiful.

The auction will run for the length of our Kickstarter campaign with all funds going towards our exhibition. This is a totally separate venture from our Kickstarter. You can put in a bid and find out more via the link below. It really is worth checking out:


Finally, all the artwork for our entire exhibition came in last week so here below you’ll find all the pieces inspired by Books 1-15 of Metamorphoses. I’ve also put in one of the final Book 15 poems by Greg Mackie which rather sums up Ovid’s Metamorphoses and everything I stand for.


Be there at start and help us make the virtual real.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



by Greg Mackie


Her father died down the pit,
and her mother, bitter,
threw plates and angry words.

This was her history –
the filter through which
we sought to understand her,
and by extension, ourselves.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
and claim that the chains of destiny
are as fragile
as the chains of an aging mineshaft lift –
I don’t truly believe that.

The chains of our destiny
were forged with hope and defiance:
we survived wars and accidents and disease,
we walked on mud tracks and tarmac and the thin dust of the moon;
we built a world in our image – 
brave and bold and beautiful and ugly and stark and cruel and tender.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
I look inside myself
and see the values that she passed on.

“People are good.”

“Everybody is equal.”

“Nothing is worth more
than a human life.”

There are days,
everything contradicts this –

Ideas may be indestructible,
but values melt in the sun,
and so we encapsulate them in legends,
pass them down through the generations,
bestow them an eternity,
in the company of men and gods and wolves and snakes.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
I open a book,
a poem of transformations,
and the very last line,
the very last thought,
a declaration,
of hope and defiance –

“I will live!”


As always, thank you very much indeed for your interest.



Falling Into Place: ArtiPeeps Update

20 Feb


Looking at the diary yesterday, I realised I have not done an ArtiPeeps Update for a while, and there has been a lot going on in terms of development. Last month we finally opened our official bank account as an organisation. This is in preparation for the fundraising for ‘Transformations’. I have to say that it all felt very grown up, and a bit of a benchmark for us! There’s nothing in it at the moment, but I’m sure that will change when our sponsorship drive kicks in!  At the moment it feels like lots of little jigsaw pieces are being lain down in readiness for the completion of the whole picture. It’s amazing how one big movement, a coming together, is so overwhelmingly dependent on so many smaller pieces sliding into position behind it….

So where to begin: at this very moment I’m pulling together our ‘Transformations’ Kickstarter Campaign Page’ together in preparation for our launch. A video beckons immanently- very ‘where do you want me Mr De Mille!’ 

We’re nearly there with  the special logo/badge designed for our ‘Transformations’  Kickstarter campaign. It’s been created by Gary Caldwell (who did our ArtiPeeps logo). As with the previous logo, it has taken a lot of tweaking, and there has been a lot of too-ing and fro-ing  with the image over the last month or so, but we’re there with it now. As soon as I have shown it too the Transformers I’ll release it generally.  The idea is that you’ll be able to ‘grab’ it to help us promote the exhibition and project as our Kickstarter campaign kicks off.  I had intended for sponsorship letters to have gone out by now, but we needed the logo for the letterheads so  now we have it- out into the world the letters can go.

In terms of funding applications, I am also about to send off our first grant bid to Norwich Borough County Council. This is for the hire of Hanse House across the 3 days: 12, 13, 14th September. It will take six weeks for us to find out if we’ve got the money, which will impact our Kickstarter project goal/sum. We will start our Kickstarter campaign for ‘Transformations’ as soon as we’ve heard. I’m hoping for  Monday 24th April, but it may still have to be put back if we haven’t heard by then. There’s nothing much I can do about that, apart from accept it  as the nature of the beast!  Then it will  be onto preparing an application to The Jarrolds Trust in March,  for the commissioning of the cartoon (see below) and the framing and mounting of 6-7 pictures for the exhibition (for those creatives who can’t get to King’s Lynn geographically). The Chair of ArtiPeeps and I have been tucked away together calculating for the last month in order to get all the figures right. It’s been a real eye-openner and felt more than a bit Dickensian, but necessary: very, very necessary…

At the end of this month too, we are also going to be amalgamating the poets and the artists from ‘Transformations’ into one group, which will be a fine feeling in readiness for the campaign and for the conclusion of the online project in March, and our transition into the phase that takes us to the actual concrete event. The poetry for the project will still continue to be posted out through our up-and-coming season.

 It is my plan in May to start to plan the next large-scale project which will be the Norse Sagas. If any poets, writers  or artists are interested in getting involved do let me know, via the contact form on the What’s On page or via Twitter @ArtiPeeps .

The Code Crimson, the great duo of cartoonists and artists in Florida, California, are also at this moment creating the cartoon which is portraying the material and stories from books 1,3, and 8 of Metamorphoses.  This is in alignment with the requirements of the Classical Civilisations A/S which includes Metamorphoses. This will be displayed alongside the main exhibition as an innovative access point for children and adults. Our plan is to make the first day of the exhibition a schools day for this reason.

The re-designing of the ArtiPeeps website is still ongoing, but we are nearly there now. The wire frame and design is nearly done and then the coding will start. Unfortunately it won’t be ready for either the start of the season or the Kickstarter. However, there’s no point in rushing something that is going to make such a difference. It’s better to get it right and take our time. Suffice it to say I’m very happy with it, and it will make a huge difference to how our opportunities are presented which is a brilliant thing.

It’s also time for me to announce the next sequence of poems selected for the exhibition from Books 8-11:

Book 8:

Richard Biddle-A Humble Marriage

Nell Perry- Philemon and Baucis

Karin Heyer- Icarus Transformed

John Mansell- Philemon and Baucis

Book 9:

Sadaf Fatima- FlipSide

James Knight- Lotis

Love Transcends- Carol Robson

Byblis writes a love letter – Rebecca Audra Smith

Book 10:

Richard Biddle- Thoughtform (after Pygmalion)

Nat Hall- Wild Vows

Greg Mackie- That Loser Pygmalion (with apologies to Ovid)

Adam Wimbush- Cyparrisus

Book 11:

Kate Garrett- This guy Midas

James Knight-Prime Cut

Nell Perry- Turned To Birds

Rebecca Audra Smith- How to kill Orpheus


I think that is about it for the moment. I’m really excited about the great season of work that’s immanently going to start from Monday 3rd March. We’ve got a wide range of Showcases,  ‘FreeSpaces’ and some really great poetry,  writing and mental health collaborations involving a broad range of creatives. It’s going to be good!!

I’m also full of anticipation about our ‘Transformations’ Kickstarter campaign for our exhibition which will hopefully nestle, and then explode, right in the middle of it all!  It’s a big adventure and gamble into the unknown. I know it’s a bit early to say this, but we absolutely need your support with our campaign so we can make the exhibition happen, so watch out for the start of it!

All the very best,


ArtiPeeps Update: Pulling It All Steadily Together

5 Nov

Pulling it all together

I thought as we were nearly half-way through this season of collaborations and showcases that I would do a little update of ArtiPeeps’ recent movements forward. I’m grateful to say there have been a fare few baby steps in relation to our formalisation which has really prompted this update and been necessitated by our preparations for our poetry/art exhibition ‘Transformations’ next year.

Firstly, and most importantly, I would like to announce that ArtiPeeps is presently constituting as a small voluntary organisation. We now have a Chairperson and a Treasurer and, confirmed as of this morning, a Secretary too. This is not a legal structure, but it does make us official and allows us to apply for certain funding streams that at the moment, as we are,  we can’t access. This is the first step towards eventually becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee with a legal structure.

It also means that ArtiPeeps now has another ‘official figurehead’ beside me who will act as the formal representative of ArtiPeeps at public occasions etc.  We will now hold regular committee meetings and there now can be some monitoring of our services and input from the outside to make sure we’re on track. Constituting also  allows us to pursue the notion of membership in relation to ArtiPeeps which is an exciting development. I have started a user-input group in order to explore issues around membership and this group’s feedback will directly affect our strategic plans. So ArtiPeeps is consolidating and constituting, which feels very grown up; the responsibility is also now somewhat spread which also feels great.

As far as ‘Transformations’ is concerned we now have 15 artists all attached to the various books of Metamorphoses and a Google group has been started so the artists can share their creative process. Overall 30 creatives are involved in the exhibition at Hanse House next year. I couldn’t be happier.

Of late I have been going regularly to Hanse House because we are deciding how to hang the pictures and poems. At the beginning we thought it was going to be relatively easy with display stands but this has not worked out and we are now exploring the idea of creating large rectangular cubes (if, indeed, a rectangle can be a cube). I’ll keep you posted on that one! We have also virtually confirmed our budget so we know what amount we have to crowdfund for next year.  Last week I also got in contact with Norfolk County Council in relation to tapping into their Arts Project Fund. They are sending me an application form now, and I’m hoping to apply for this. They can give us a maximum of £500 which we have to find match funding for….

We have also decided to get schools involved in our event and we are having a special  comic version of some of the stories from Metamorphoses made. We are hoping this will attract schools to ‘Transformations’ . It is our intention that we can then use this material as an educational template for future multi-form collaborative exhibitions (at the moment I’m thinking that a Norse Sagas collaboration will follow Metamorphoses in 2015).  Just last week I found out that there is a GCSE and AS level called ‘Classical Civilisations’  run at two of the high schools in King’s Lynn, and I am hoping that ‘Transformations’ might be a good access point for these students to explore Ovid and Metamorphoses.

I have decided from next year onwards to put ArtiPeeps collaborations, Weekend Showcases and FreeSpaces out in 3- monthly seasons. This will allow me time to focus on ArtiPeeps’ development (funding, sponsorship etc) whilst still providing the creative individual and collaborative opportunities. It will also allow for the possibility of theming these months which would be fun too. The next one would therefore start in March 2014, and I will start looking for creatives for that in January 2014. ‘Transformations’ and ArtiPeeps Updates will continue as per normal. 

I have also been very pleased with the quality and response to our ‘Supporting Mental Health’ collaborations  (fear/trust and comfort) which I think have completely met the brief and have used word and image to address really important issues in a creative and striking manner. My aim is to draw these all together (along with The Recovery Project‘) and create an exhibition. It is our overall aim to eventually  tour with all our multi-form  exhibitions  so that this work and the creatives involved can be given an even wider audience.

There are a million and one other little things going on which I won’t bore you with, but I can’t say how much your continued, daily support means to me and by implication all those involved in ArtiPeeps.

I would be extremely interested in feedback on the mental health collaborations we’ve been running- whether you think that they work? What we could do better?

Once again I appreciate your interest, and hope you’ll stick with us as ‘it all steadily pulls together’.

All the very best.


Learning Curves: ArtiPeeps Update

25 Sep

Learning Curve


A real hotch-potch of ArtiPeeps news…

For the last week or so I have been concentrating on trying to shape the first ArtiPeeps 5 year business plan, and I have to say this has been no easy task: amidst the swirl of the first stages of the planning of our  ‘Transformations‘ Exhibition/Poetry Reading in September 2014 and our mini- relaunch ahead in October it’s been tricky to squeeze everything in.  September 2014 It may seem like a long way off but time ticks a way so, and the more preparation and space we have the better the outcome of ‘Transformations’ will be. I’m  hoping this will be a real, tangible springboard for us. 

Heritage Weekend

Last weekend I went to Hanse Houses Heritage day which was part of the town- (King’s Lynn’s)  yearly heritage weekend. The number of people passing through Hanse’s  doors has upped from 400- 600 from last year to this year. This bodes very well for ‘Transformations’ next year. It was a really great day which highlighted notions of collaboration and reconciliation. I felt our project would fit in there perfectly.

Legal Structure for ArtiPeeps

As part of my business planning it has also become apparent that very shortly ArtiPeeps will have to choose an appropriate legal structure if it is to become a professional organisation. I have to say,  I have never quite seen us as a blog in my head anyway (even though we are). I’ve always  wanted ArtiPeeps to be a service and/or a kind of creative, collaborating community. In professional speak, I’ve come to understand, we are  an ‘unincorporated’ organisation. However, with ‘Transformations’ on the horizon and budgets being created how ArtiPeeps deals with its relationship to money has to be addressed. This is particularly important as we plan to facilitate more concrete events in the future. It is also important we know what we are for funding purposes. This has become all too clear.

At the moment I am deliberating over whether we are moving towards becoming a not-for-profit- all -out charity or whether we are going to be a company limited by guarantee and a charitable organisation. One allows us to play with some sort of income the other restricts us to purely charitable pursuits.  Both frameworks also have different implications on the legal structure-  for instance- a company limited by guarantee has a membership, which I think would actually suit ArtiPeeps very well.

At present I am still working through this as each has entirely different implications on how we proceed. I have set myself a goal to have this all squared up by the end of December.


This has all  meant that  I have had to think very carefully through what ArtiPeeps’ intentions are (the business planning has helped me do this). What does ArtiPeeps, in its heart, want to do? This is the  question that matters the most.   I know that a lot of charitable organisations move from charitable status to a company ltd by guarantee as it does allow you mix profit with charitable intent. Indeed, I’ve worked for several organisations that have done so successfully.  Once this issue has been clarified I can then approach either Companies House or the Charities Compassion. 

Business Planning

Deciding what legal structure we are has slowed up the writing of the business plan somewhat as one aspect is dependent on another. Also, as per usual, ArtiPeeps is continually evolving-responding every day to what’s emerging creatively- and to try and fix what we do down, to project clearly into the future;  to know ‘for certain’ in this moment, is hard. I can certainly see now why some new organisations don’t try and write a business plan until later down the line. But then you don’t know where you’re going; there’s no compass to guide you  and things eventually fall apart or grind to a heart-wrenching halt. I’ve worked for organisations like that too. Trying to pin matters down whilst in flow is  a hard one to crack. So I’ve moved a long hugely with it, but the fixing is still a work in progress. However, what our ultimate structure could be has become much more apparent which is exciting.

Marketing Material and ‘Transformations’

I also have had a meeting with what will be the printers and graphic designers for ‘Transformations’ (Minute Man Press). I have been through all the costings of the marketing needed for our project. Just last night I pulled together a budget for our event and I am finalising everything in preparation for a second meeting shortly. The advice I received at Minute Man was invaluable and really made me think things through. It gave me some perspective so I could see how clear and strong my sense of purpose is, and how well I can communicate it if needs be (which was a relief to me). I’m always so insecure about how I communicate even though I communicate well.  My plan is to also secure sponsorship for some of the marketing costs involved in ‘Transformations’. Watch this space… It could well be that there will also be some big changes in terms of our website as well in readiness for next year.

Exhibition Book

I have looked into the costs of  producing a book that will be available alongside the exhibition containing all the artwork and chosen poems. Thanks to one of our transformers James Knight, I am now ‘in the know’ as to how it all works; that feels good too. I’m all set to start fiddling…

Wellcome Trust Grant Bid (Biomedicine)

I am also having a meeting this Friday with poet and academic  Miranda Barnes in relation to a Wellcome Trust bid we are going to work towards together.  I’ve scheduled  this collaborative project to take place in 2016 (not that I’m thinking ahead or anything…).  My aim  from now on is to actively work towards securing  funding in advance for all our major collaborations (one major, large scale one each year and 3-4 mid scale mental health orientated ones per year).  I am pleased to say I have also found several other potential creatives with a science background who  will hopefully feed into this too. The Wellcome Trust funds projects that promote new artworks which nurture public engagement with  bioscience (biology and medicine). This project will eventually feed into our ‘Creatives Making A Difference’ strand.

 ArtiPeeps is having a mini relaunch next week-

with a jam packed programme of new talent and mental health/well-being mid-sized collaborations.  We also have a writer in residence for the month (our visitor peep) the emerging writer and poet  Lydia Allison, which will be brilliant.  We’re so pleased to be featuring her work and creating opportunities for Lydia  to work with other creatives from other disciplines. This mini-relaunch marks the movement of ArtiPeeps away from features to being driven by two strands: individual showcasing opportunities (Spotlight) and multi-form collaborations (both educational and artistic  and mental-health  orientated- ‘Creatives Making A Difference’). This two-strand testing will be running right the way through until the end of December.  Do let me know what you think. There will be a ‘re-launch’ post out on Monday to introduce what will be going on throughout the next three months. It’s going to be great!!

There’s lots afoot at ArtiPeeps at the moment so do support us as we grow and evolve, shape, turn, create and collaborate.

All the very best!


‘Matters Are Afoot’: ArtiPeeps Update

29 Jul



‘A counted number of pulses only is given to us of a variegated, dramatic life…How shall we pass most swiftly from point to point and be present always at the focus… ‘ (Walter Pater, The Renaissance)

ArtiPeeps, as it is, has now been going for over a year as a site that provides  collaborative and showcasing opportunities for emerging artists and writers. It has also had, as part of its original intent, quietly bubbling up under the surface, a well-being aspect which, I suppose,  was most overtly shown in The Recovery Project which ran a couple of months ago.  This well-being aspect, actually helping people through creativity, for me at least, has become an increasingly important part of ArtiPeeps’ intent. It feeds directly into its purpose of ‘Nurturing creativity and well-being through collaboration’.  And as the months have rolled by I have wanted to find a way to more overtly blend what ArtiPeeps does in terms of creative opportunities with something that also makes a difference; maybe helps.


‘Moving From Point To Point’

Having thought this intention through in practical terms my plan is, over the following months and years,  to move ArtiPeeps through a sequence of developmental phases which will progressively lead to its final relaunch in approximately two years time as a site totally driven by artistic, psychologically focused multi-form collaborations. Collaborations, which will not only form an artistic, creative therapeutic resource for people (inc. creatives) but  also simultaneously provide unique showcasing opportunities and create innovative artwork, poetry and prose and outlets for these. 
So….from the latter part of August ArtiPeeps will cease its normal output. In September, as part of phase 1  I shall be taking a hiatus from ArtiPeeps so I can finally do the 5 year business plan I have periodically talked about doing  in my previous ArtiPeeps Updates.  I have found, frustratingly, that there has been no way I could maintain the level and standard of output and progress ArtiPeeps developmentally at the same time.  Therefore I have made the decision to create some space for that.  From the end of August all features content will stop. The content of ArtiPeeps’ output for September will  primarily consist of  all the posts attached to Transformations  (the great poetry and the overviews) and intermittent posts in relation to my progress in terms of the business plan etc. to keep everyone up-to-date.  The Transformations posts will go out as per normal through September and indeed right the way through all the developmental phases (whatever happens as ArtiPeeps develops my commitment to the Transformations project and the poets involved is 100%).   Everything else will cease for that month. 
A BIG,  sincere thank you goes to Laura Besley, Greg Mackie and Nisha Moodley for all their wonderful, steady, quality contributions feature-wise over the months. Their creativity and support has been invaluable, Their connection with ArtiPeeps will hopefully continue as we move forward. 
Then, as  part of phase 2  I will  relaunch ArtiPeeps in October with it being primarily driven by mental health collaborations (one mid-sized engaging with the themes of  fear and trust and the other mid-sized engaging with comfort, light and reassurance.).  This to all intents and purpose will be a trial of what the site will feel like contents- wise whilst being driven by a therapeutic intent. Our showcasing initiatives ‘Weekend Showcase’ and  ‘FreeSpace’ will continue. Excitingly, we will also have some great writers and poets using FreeSpace during this period. We also will be operating our Visitor Peep/Creative in Residence initiative through October with a Monster Project for Halloween and our development commitment to our previous artist in residence Lili Morgan will, of course,  continue.
However all ongoing features and guest blogs will cease permanently from October so the site will be 100% in alignment with its intention of group collaborations; and, of course individual showcasing (which will eventually be driven through the collaborations). This will mark the beginning of a test period for the mental health strand running right the way through until December. I will  be slightly re-jigging the site too to incorporate the changes. 
Then comes phase 3 and  will take place  in December. From December onwards I will stop  ArtiPeeps as it is while I train to be a cognitive behavioural counsellor.  My aim then  is, once I’m qualified, to relaunch ArtiPeeps as ‘ArtiPeeps Wellbeing’ a site providing collaborative multi-form opportunities for creatives whilst being of social benefit;  and doing so via the provision of an online artistic/psychological resource for people in need/and for people who need advice/more information.  ArtiPeeps the site will still exist in the interim period and  everything attached to Transformations will still run from it. I will also, I imagine, be posting out intermittently about the development of ‘ArtiPeeps Wellbeing’.
My training will take 24 months and then I will launch ‘ArtiPeeps Wellbeing’.  The idea behind the new site being that this will be an opportunity for creatives to creating new, collaborative  artworks/literary pieces whilst contributing to social awareness about issues.  Individual showcasing will continue but be driven through the collaborations. Narrowing the focus down will also allow ArtiPeeps to be more easily fund-able. By the time ‘ArtiPeeps Wellbeing’ launches my aim will be that it is fully funded. Two years should be enough time for me to have achieved this. Qualified, I’ll be able to create the new ArtiPeeps from a foundation of true knowledge and understanding and provide therapeutic resources whilst showcasing all the amazing creative  talent that is out there.  My aim is to also provide online therapeutic courses as well and links with outlets for the art/literature and poetry we create;  and, who knows what other threads will develop as we move along. I’m going to maintain a Twitter presence throughout the phases of development and blog intermittently about my progress too.
I just wanted to let you all know in a straight fashion what will be happening over the months and years ahead as it will have a direct affect on the feel  and content of the site. I am really excited about where all of the developmental phases of ArtiPeeps will take us, and I hope you will follow  along the way.  I  always appreciate your support and interest.
Watch this space, and all the very best.

ArtiPeeps February Housekeeping Update

12 Feb

HousekeepingThis is just a little February ArtiPeeps Housekeeping post to let you know formerly that now ArtiPeeps has two other team members who act in both advisory capacities to me and in mentor/support capacities to those who are involved with ArtiPeeps. We are now happily a little team of 3!

Tiffany Coffman has taken on the roles of Creative Consultant (Poetry) and Mentor for Poetry and will also work with me on the shaping of our press that will be functioning at some point later this year/early next year. Tiffany will also be taking on a feature spot shortly.

James Mackenzie has taken on the roles of Creative Consultant (Art) and Mentor for Art and will continue to be our English Arts Correspondent. So we can look forward to another arty post from him at some point!

Tiffany and James will be involved in the development of ArtiPeeps’ projects in relation to their specialities and their advice will feed into these ventures and into our funding applications when I apply. As Mentors they will be supporting any Visitor Peeps that pass through our doors and will, if appropriate, take on any one-to-one mentoring. It could well be the case that we’ll need some more mentors at some stage so do get in touch if this appeals to you via the reply box or Twitter: @ArtiPeep.

The growth of ArtiPeeps into a little mini-team is part of my ongoing intent to professionalise us in preparation for funding bids. Also fairly shortly I am going to have to think about getting Governing Documents for us and really think through what sort of online organisation ArtiPeeps needs to be: a charity, a trust, a business. This is very much a work in progress at the moment and I am presently pursing advice on all of this. If we apply to the National Lottery, for instance, there are more grants available if we have governing documents. It is my intention to tackle all of these areas over the coming months, and I am also considering the possibilities of crowd-funding. My issue at the moment  is balancing the maintenance, development and administration of ArtiPeeps with my need to work on its future and what will hopefully provide me and some others in the not to distant future with some sort of financial security. And I want to be able to provide the services that I see in my head which I know can be realised. ArtiPeeps is also how I serve, so there are both personal and professional reason for going up a gear. Tiffany and James are part of this movement forward and it’s been great to share all of this formerly on all levels. I will also at some point be looking for a Creative Consultant (Prose). So watch this space. I will be changing the ArtiPeeps page shortly to accommodate these team changes.

I’m in negotiations at the moment to find us some patrons. These will spread across literature and well-being and once these are confirmed I’ll announce everything publicly. The patrons will serve to formerly and officially underpin what ArtiPeeps stands for and will give us further official standing.

 Oh yes, if I can have the courage (I keep putting it off) I may well change the theme shortly.

Well, that I think rounds it up and gives you some idea of all the moves and shakes within ArtiPeeps at the moment.

Once again, I really thank you for your support of ArtiPeeps and all its contributors. Your consistent interest means a lot to us as we evolve. 

All the very best.


aka ArtiPeep

More Thoughts A Comin’….

8 Aug

🙂 I‘ve been going to the country park a lot in the late afternoon this week:  taking my journal and pen, sitting on the back edge of a bench on a little hillock and planning and brainstorming and thinking, thinking creative thoughts. Also looking out across the green and watching  the beautiful delicate trees swaying in the wind, I’ve thought how lucky I am, and how it’s all before me, if I just keep baby-stepping along, the way I am. Just saying yes to what life is calling me to do, and trusting, trusting, trusting…I’ve thought a lot about what I wrote about in my last blog. More thoughts about what this all could turn into, and making sure it uses all my talents, and benefits, provides a service.  Out of this, out of all this pondering , I think, there’s going to be a shift in relation to ArtiPeeps and  the course I’m producing with the creativity aspect of it driving the self-development aspect much more. The focus will be on the creativity, and the individual changes and developments will be subtly driven underneath (the 121 course will, of course, be finely focused…it’s a different kettle of fish…) . I say this because I’ve been really focusing on what I’m good at, and what I’m good at is: 1. embodying large amounts of information and knowledge, applying it creatively, and then creating something out of it (this is my unique creative genius) and 2.  unlocking people’s creative potential and providing innovative pursuits and activities that allow that to happen.  I’ve been looking at the Hedgehog Concept (a way you can work out how your greatest gifts, passion, and business ideas (and what drives the business economically) can connect profoundly, and in so doing create something that is unique, needed and profoundly fulfilling because you’re doing what you love). Hence the shift of my focus.

Matters are shifting every day and evolving and my intention is that I’m going to let them because the more and more I explore the closer I’m going to get to what is going to be my future. All I have to do is keep baby-stepping, showing up each day, preparing my vegan notes, developing ArtiPeeps, writing my creativity lecture, doing my apps and working on my websites; and diligently, patiently,  persistently and playfully my life unfolds…

Here’s A link to some beautiful music…so inspiring:

Kate Rusby- Underneath the Stars

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