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Dismissed by Charlie Eliot Winters, Photography by Jeremy Moseley

17 Mar

Creatives Making A Difference

‘Supporting Mental Health’

LONELINESS Collaboration

Welcome to the second collaboration in a six week, fortnightly engagement with the feeling of Loneliness.  For this particular collaboration we have paired 3 artists and 3 poets together.  The poets have written a poem around this particular emotion and then passed it to the artists for their interpretation. The artist can work in parallel with the themes  within the poetry or in contrast. In so doing we’re attempting to artistically and accessibly engage with the feeling of loneliness. Each pairing is different so  we’re hoping to create a range of interpretations that might communicate something to everybody. The poets and artists have been exchanging  ideas over a number of weeks and what you’ll be seeing as the 6 weeks roll by is the diverse expression of that exchange. We hope to turn our mental health collaborations into an exhibition next year and an online resource. 

 Your feedback on this project would be very much welcomed.


This week’s collaboration features

Charlie Eliot Winters and Jeremy Moseley




by Charlie Eliot Winters


I have been dismissed from my duties
Bowed head, wordless and bewildered
Tumbling a bottle cap between my forefinger and thumb
marvelling at its conical shape and thinking:
the only things worth doing are calculations

How many times have I cut through crowds without faces?
Warm beige buoys
bobbing above a cracked cement sea
emitting their cacophony of
trial runs
maybe laters

I am watching from behind a frosted glass window
figures pacing the streets, glints of light hitting their wrists and necks
They are granting and dismissing duties from floor to ceiling,
loading boxes upon boxes with pictures, papers, ticket stubs
as to not confuse “loneliness” with “alone”

How many conversations were held along this creaking floor?
Dangerous things often said
but seldom meant
Their bottle-capped stories
uttered to fill the air
hold their breath
pass the time



Charlie Eliot Winters

Charlie currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where he is pursuing a degree in Photographic Preservation.  When the nitrile gloves come off, he works on his slowly but steadily increasing collection of poems.



You can see Charlie’s Weekend Showcase here and his FreeSpaces here, here and here

Jeremy Moseley

London based photographer, Jeremy Moseley, seeks to capture the spirit of urban and street photography from a different or unusual perspective. Jeremy’s skills have been developed through portrait commissions and various photography projects in London, Brighton, Ibiza and Paris.




You can see Jeremy’s Weekend Showcase here and his work in The Recovery Project here


The third Loneliness collaboration post will be on Tuesday 1st April. Do come back and see how poet John Mansell and artist Ieuan Edwards engage with the very same feeling.

If you would like to get involved with one of our  future collaborations or opportunities. Do get in contact via the contact form on the What’s On Page or via @ArtiPeeps. Thank you so much for your interest.


‘Subway’ by Charlie Eliot Winters (Poet) FreeSpace #3

16 Dec

night-subway- by Jimmy Ernst 1948



by Charlie Eliot Winters


Disjointed and anointed
by the sins on the railway
the singing
unties your shoelaces
the man in front
turns to stare
as you knot them up again
he recalls a specific time
before it grew vague to him
The radial tungsten glow
lights the up and down
a face falls into the frame
of a handrail
A new way of seeing –
a cross section between
dignified dysfunction
and reptilian style
basking in the underground neon
for sustenance and transport
Small blessings
in the form of erotic dreams
hang low
while you wait





You can see Charlie’s first showcase on ArtiPeeps here. And also find  his FreeSpace #1 ‘That Day’ here,  and FreeSpace #2 ‘Love Letter of Sorts’ here.


‘Love Letter of Sorts’ by Charlie Eliot Winters (Poet) FreeSpace #2

20 Nov



Love Letter of Sorts

by Charlie Eliot Winters


while you were sleeping,
I wasn’t
I was out
with so and so
on the beach
nothing happened –
climbed a dune
took his hand to be polite
drank a beer for the same reason

it’s okay, though
I love you –
was just trying to be polite






You can see Charlie’s first showcase on ArtiPeeps here and his FreeSpace #1 ‘That Day’ here

‘That Day’ by Charlie Eliot Winters (Poet) FreeSpace #1

6 Nov



That Day

by Charlie Eliot Winters


I woke up thinking about

all the rain that had pooled up

the night before –

stale puddles stained with oil

receding by mid morning.

Maybe you’ll walk through them with me;

your big brown boots

alongside my sand-filled sneakers

leaving traces on the pavement,

running through the runoff

with your curbside afterthought


By afternoon the puddles had dried

leaving behind pockets of dusty residue

stamped by skeletal leafs, wrens and strangers’ feet.

Maybe you’ll come out tonight

and we can walk through new rain –

Drops of old water

falling on us for the first time.


I went to sleep wondering:

what about the names?

and the places?

and the plans?

What about the traces… the incidents…

The footprints?

It was all sifted and sorted

all ready for the springboard;

ready for the recoil

And now?


I move through rooms

one by one.

The floorboards creak

I tap on shoulders,

but no one turns to look.

I move through rooms

where no one can see me –

they cannot feel me tugging at their arms.

I ask for you,

but no one turns to look.





You can see Charlie’s first showcase on ArtiPeeps here

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