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Weekend Showcase: Anulade Creations (Artist)

29 Nov


Every Friday, 1 artist/poet/writer, letting 1 piece of their work speak for itself.



Anulade Creations


DamagedMindDigital 3

Damaged Mind




I am a singer, artist and writer.

I paint with oils, acrylics, watercolours, produce digital art, sing, play the guitar and write original songs and books.

All my work is motivated by my desire to tell stories. I am fascinated by transformation. My digital art is produced through different phases, with images changing and evolving, allowing the viewer to find where there is a hidden image within.

Many of my paintings are produced firstly on Canvas using oil or acrylic paints and then evolve into a piece of digital art, others are produced entirely digitally.

I also produce bespoke ‘Rotational’ art for clients which involve personal meetings.  I spend time getting to know my client, in order to produce art that tells their story – in their words.  ‘Rotational’ art can be hung in four different ways, depending upon how the client wishes to see it.

My art is available as original canvases, or in extremely high quality limited edition prints. I am currently working on a series of ‘Rotational’ works to be reproduced on fabric.

I am also writing a series of story-telling songs which will be released in due course.

You can contact me on my website www.anuladecreations.co.uk

or through Twitter and Facebook.



Do get in touch via the Comment box or @ArtiPeep if you would like to be showcased. You’d be more than welcome!


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