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Nests: ‘Fortress ‘ by Lauren Coulson (Creative Resident) #3

19 Mar



Welcome to the third of 4 post slots from our creative in residence Lauren Coulson:


In this series of works I have decided to explore the idea of the homes that we create for ourselves. I started with the concept of nests; I have always been fascinated how animals instinctively make their homes and how human shelters develop. From this starting point I decided to examine the various homes that I have made for myself in my lifetime, creating a short series of semi- autobiographical works that explore this theme. 



My shaky hands move blankets
worn holey by love and knees,
into an awkward pitch

amongst the spider’s webs.
I stack book walls and duvet floors;
tear my friends from the pages
of stories I could never write.

Then shut off all the doors
that lead only to unlit halls,
find the boxes filled with fear
and tape the lids on tight.

I build my own home
in the forgotten corners of this house.




In 1992 a wriggling pink baby popped out of its’ mother, who proudly proclaimed “cor blimey, it’s a girl!”. Since then that baby has gone on to study art, and get a first class degree in creative writing (although she is no longer a baby). She now spends her time creating crafts to sell in her online shop and writing about the world around her. She is working on her first novel, a children’s book, but is a poet at heart. On top of this she has branched out into storytelling and running writing workshops in the local community. When she grows up she wants to live on a boat and grow vegetables.

Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/milkymoonshop
Website: www.laurencoulson.co.uk


Lauren will be back next Tuesday (25th) with the final  stage of her exploration where she will be, once again, supported by the artwork of Atalina Homan .  

Tomorrow, we will be posting out some more Transformations poems. Hope to see you there! 


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