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Vikings Ahoy! : Here’s The Nine Realms Collaboration Logo

10 Feb

Our logo for our The Nine Realms project has finally been designed and completed by illustrator and graphic designer Gary Caldwell.  

Here it is:

nine realms8


The logo is based on the Yggasdril Tree which is central to Norse Mythology and their myths of cosmology. All the nine realms come off the tree. The realms are represented by the different coloured balls within the tree (including the main one). This logo will be used on all our promotional material.

We have decided to call the event in Hanse House in September an ‘experience’ rather than an exhibition. This is for 3 reasons: 1. because of the high levels of participation and interaction there will be with attendees and pupils (at our schools’ day); 2. because we want to move attendees away from merely attending to active participation and 3. because we want to take attendees on a the magical journey supported by the realm music, lighting, poetry and art. We want to trigger the senses and the imagination.

I hope you all like it.

 Gary has done all our previous logos for Transformations (last year’s large-scale) and  our ArtiPeeps logo. Here are the other two logos Gary created for us:


Thank you Gary, for designing something so striking and memorable for The Nine Realms.


Viking Nicky 






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