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The Nine Realms Update #9: September

21 Sep

nine realms8


Vikings Ahoy! 

Having emerged from a packed week, and with my launch into the evaluatory phase of The Nine Realms on-the-go here I am to give you an idea of how  The Nine Realms five day event went. I hope you caught some of the tweeting about it and the posts by Viking participants etc. I’m thrilled to say that overall we had over 800 people passing through the Experience in King’s Lynn, and probably around 150 kids played on  our Minecraft (See section 5).   ‘Boat’  found it’s true home, and looked very stately as if it were meant to be in the space. People weren’t afraid to touch it either, and the sculpture acted as a real centre piece. You can also see the backer initials have been embossed on it, and a line of poetry hinting at the mead of poetry along the side. Mark has created a fantastically organic piece.

More Vikings came this year. With poet Jim C. Mackintosh coming, Karin Heyer and Becca Smith. Artists James Mackenzie, Lili Morgan Robert Fitzmaurice and Heather Burns coming, along with Elaine Offley, Diana Probst  and Gill Offley. Musician Simon Beavis also came too. It was a real treat!

5 paintings were sold across the 5 days and 3 prints- so all is well there too. We also had good attendance and feedback about both our poetry and art workshops. In order to decrease barriers to participation we made them free, which I think was a good thing.  60 pupils also attended our Schools’ Day and they loved our Yggdrasil Minecraft game. You’ll see some pictures below. We also found some children who were called Freyja and even Loki which was very fitting!

The poetry reading in Norwich was fun and relaxed. 34 people attended and 3 of us were there: Karin, myself and Caitlin (our Norse expert). We had somebody recording everything on a digital recorder. The audio will be winging it’s way to Future Radio on Monday.  Nearly every  poet had a poem read in the time and we even had a little girl reading as well.

1. A Visual Taster of the Experience

Under starry sky and Northern lights. Enjoying the spoken word, trying some poetry, participating, looking, responding, connecting.

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Everyone at the Experience came a way with a:

Viking Worksheet

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and a

Ragnarök Comic! 


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By Elizabeth Fernandez and Koos Kleven 

We took people around the nine realms via poetry readings whereever possible getting poets and artists to talk about there poetry and art. It was a real privilege to hear them and a very personal way to communicate.



2. Yggdrassil!

As mentioned above, 60 pupils from Whitefriars attended on the Friday, and they absolutely loved the Minecraft game we had specially created for them by Adam Clarke. Not only did it contain all the project material in it: pictures embedded in rugged mountains or on easels, and poetry and music audios in press button boxes; it also had objects that we had subtly hidden within the individual realm boards in the Minecraft as well. Having found them on the boards, the children could then find them in Yggdrassil. The children were so engaged, it was a treat to see! We also gave away the zip file of our game to every child that wanted it. In so doing we could take the learning experience started in The Nine Realms and take it into the home as well.

Here is a video about the game from the game’s creator:



A visual overview of the impact of Minecraft:


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and some Minecraft feedback from a pupil:



3. Poetry and Art Workshops

We had two workshops on the morning and afternoon of the 14th. A poetry workshop facilitated by poet Rebecca Audra Smith in the morning and a art workshop facilitated by Viking artist Robert Fitzmaurice. The poetry had a maximum of 8 people as attendees  but 1 person slipped in so 9 people took part and the art had 9 attendees. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and came out of the workshop having learned a new skill and a little bit more about Norse mythology. Here are some pictures. I will be posting a Workshop Special post shortly which will include more pictures and videos. For now here are some photos. They should give you an idea of how engaged people were!


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4. The Nine Realms DVD is now available on Bandcamp and the Books are available too. 

I’ve just made our DVD available through Bandcamp. Here is the link:


Audios are also available too!

You can also find the 40 poems selected for The Nine Realms in a book format here (£4.75):


and The Schools Book here (£4.50):


5.  Some audio Feedback on our project



6. Interactive PDF

Here is the Dropbox link to the Interactive PDF of the whole project too. It includes 2 forewords by Caitlin Ellis (Gonville & Caius) and Anna McNay a freelance art writer:



 7. King’s Lynn New: Press Coverage

Here’s the latest piece that went out about our Schools’ Day! There will be a more detailed follow-up article coming out in the Lynn News shortly:



Vikings Day at Hanse House, King's Lynn, pupils from Whitefriars School, LtoR, Stephen Barker (10), Nicky Mortlock (event organiser), Vilma Endriukaityte (10)

Vikings Day at Hanse House, King’s Lynn, pupils from Whitefriars School, LtoR,
Stephen Barker (10), Nicky Mortlock (event organiser), Vilma Endriukaityte (10)


 8.  The Norwich Poetry Reading



Viking poet Karin Heyer, myself and our Norse expert trotted off to the Millennium library on the 14th all set for a reading of the poems from the project. We read and performed as many as we could between 5,45 pm and 7 pm, and then the floor was opened up to other poets, some of whom had specially written a Norse themed piece. We recorded the whole session, and the file will be going to Future Radio next week to be edited and turned into a programme.  The whole experience was very casual and we even had a young girl reading a poem by mexican poet Mina Polen. Big thanks to The Poetry Unbound Team for letting us come! It was the first time they had had something so finitely themed.

Apologies, there aren’t any photos- we were either reading or recording. Oh yes, and we also made another school contact at the reading, which is a great thing! 

Overall, the outcome of the 5 days is that the general public and the schools love what we’re doing and want us to go into schools with our work. This is a brilliant position for us to be in and we’re thrilled at the new connections we have made via Whitefriars and our Norwich poetry reading.

I think that’s all for now! I’ll post out the Workshop Special shortly.

As ever, thank you for your interest.


A Festive Nine Realms and ArtiPeeps Update (2014)

22 Dec



 ArtiPeeps 2014 Overview:

It’s been a significant year for ArtiPeeps, with the success of Transformations our first poetry-art exhibition in Hanse House, Norfolk. Not only did we showcase a broad range of creatives from all over the world and the UK, we confirmed that the ‘making the virtual real’ part of what we do, works. Also, some of us met for the first time having worked together for two years virtually which was also very rewarding.

My strongest  memory though of Transformations is of the schools’ day where pupils engaged with the poetry and art created by the Transformers, inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses. They were fully engaged, valued the interaction with,  and direct access to, the Transformers who came and shared their process. They took part in poetry readings- the whole works! It made me realise how powerful participation and interaction is with the arts particularly when you combine them. This belief informs what we will do in the future, our artistic policy and indeed, what we’re doing next year with The Nine Realms.


The whole project was a huge act of collaboration in every possible way, and in its culmination reflected the diversity and talent of the poets and artists involved.  All the material from the collaboration has been gathered into a book, which you can find here, or via the side bar.

The Nine Realms Update:

The Nine Realms has followed directly on the heels of Transformations, and before the year is out I wanted to give you all an update as to how our latest large-scale collaboration is getting on. The poetry and writing side of the collaboration has been rolling out now since October, and some fantastic poetry has been written inspired by the realms of Asgard and Vanaheim. The first batch of Vanaheim poems was posted out this week.

This year, due to the oral tradition attached to the Norse Sagas, as many of the poets and writers have been reading their poetry out loud, creating mp3s. This has enriched the poetic and writerly element of the project hugely, and brought the poetry to life. It’s also lovely to hear the voices of many creatives who have been collaborating together since 2012, when ArtiPeeps first started. All the selected mp3s for The Nine Realms experience next September will be compiled into a DVD featuring all the music, images and poetry from the event. You can also listen to them now via the music player in the sidebar —->

At present, I am busy pulling all the various elements of the project together for the new year.  Getting quotes in consolidating new and old partnerships and writing funding applications. We’re continuing our relationship with Hanse House, and have now chosen the room our event will be in (see below, The Gallery). I’ve had several really great meetings with new partners too. Future Radio (which is a community radio station in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK) are going to be helping us promote the event and the Viking creatives involved. Vikings will be interviewed on a variety of programmes before after and during the event, which is very exciting as Future Radio has a listenership of 42,000 per week! This will help us disseminate our project further.

We are also pencilled in for the Millenium Library in Norwich for a poetry reading there. Viking poets will be taking part there too. In both cases (Hanse House and The Library) we want to create a really rich interactive experience for attendees. This worked so brilliantly with Transformations, as mentioned above,  and we want to replicate and further develop that aspect of our work.


The Gallery, where The Nine Realms will be held

The Gallery, where The Nine Realms will be held


Having written the Norse realms overviews each month for the last three months I have become all too aware of how complex the material attached to the Norse Sagas is. The characters, myths and heart of the stories are thick with humour, spirit and history in away which is strikingly different from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. How we present the poetry, writing, art and music in The Nine Realms will be key to it being understood. We want to create a magical experience for everyone which involves as many of the senses as possible- so this year we will be using lighting to create a starlit sky and we will also be recreating the northern lights across the gallery floor.  Along with the realm music interspersed between the poetry, it should be a magical event, that feeds off what we did with Transformations.

The wood carved Viking boat we have commissioned  from wood carver Mark Crowley will act as a centre piece to the whole experience, and attendees will be  taken on a journey round the artwork via the reading of the poetry and writing attached to each realm. Mini-overviews to each realm will be given by the wonderful Caitlin who is a PhD student from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. This approach worked so well with Transformations and we want to replicate it again. nb. We will be crowdfunding for the Viking boat in mid-April. Mark will be carving the wood sculpture live across our campaign! 

The Forum, Norwich, Norfolk

The Forum, Norwich, Norfolk


As there are so many more elements attached to this project I am applying to many more funders to support what we are doing. This week I finished the first draft of our Norfolk County Council Arts Project Fund grant to  help us towards the cost of hiring Hanse House. We are also applying to a variety of trusts for the schools’ day etc.  However we will be asking  Arts Council England for the bulk of our project, once again.  I shall be writing that application in February, and we will hear whether we got it in the second week of April 2015. Fingers crossed!….I have every faith!!!

We have also further consolidated our work with schools within King’s Lynn,  and the Music and English departments from King Edward VII Academy will be working alongside us, in particular their ‘Able, Gifted and Talented’ students. I’ll let you know more details of this as they emerge. The Norse inspired poetry from the pupils from Millfield School Somerset, who did such a great FreeSpace with us this year (which got us Freshly Pressed)  will be posted out here from the end of February 2015. It’s been a pleasure to turn this online connection into a partnership in a concrete project. We will be including the mp3s of their poems with our own on the The Nine Realms DVD!

As part of our  educational remit we have also definitely decided to go ahead with the creation of our very own Norse Minecraft world. The world will be created by Adam Clarke and one of his colleagues and will contain all of the material from our project. This world will be fully interactive and will be made available to the schools involved. If it is successful,  Minecraft will become something we attach to all our projects in the future. It will become a regular part of the educational packages we hope to create for schools.

Also in the new year, all being well, we should have our new The Nine Realms logo in place, designed by Gary Caldwell who produced both our ArtiPeeps and Transformations logos.


Finally, some THANK YOUs:

  • I’d like to say a big thank you to all the Transformers who contributed to Transformations this year- both the online part and the ‘real’ part. Without your talent and abilities to collaborate and trust it couldn’t have happened. Thank you for helping me show that Ovid still does rock!
  • Vikings Ahoy! And a big thank you to all the Vikings who are involved in The Nine Realms, I’m excited to see what the new year will bring and what magical  world we’ll create collaboratively.
  • A big thank you to the ArtiPeeps Management Committee as well, who have stuck with me through thick and thin and who have supported my vision and intention.
  • I’d also like to thank all of you who read the material from this website, and who comment and support what we do as an evolving organisation. Your opinions and interest matter hugely, and you have made it the active site it is. ArtiPeeps is a developing organisation. We are learning and growing as we move, and your interest helps us along the way. I’m hoping that at some point in the not too distant future I can start running regular seasons of work again alongside the large-scales, but this is dependent on me successfully finding finances to support the employment of someone to help me with the ongoing running of ArtiPeeps, so we can provide more and more opportunities to more and more creatives.

 Have a happy christmas everyone- and may all good things come to you in the new year ahead!








3 Mar




We’ve got a lot going on over the next three months (there are full details for the next 3 months on the What’s On Calendar, something every day). Lot’s of great showcasing, collaborations and mental health initiatives, along with the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign  to turn Transformations, the large-scale poetry art project we’ve been running for the last 15 months inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, into a fantastic exhibition in Hanse House Norfolk. See here.  

We’re hoping the campaign date will start on Monday 21st April but this is dependent on whether we have heard from particular funders or not.  Here’s the campaign badge that has been designed by Gary Caldwell who was one of the artists involved in the first ever collaboration on ArtiPeeps two years ago! 



Any, and every bit, of  support you can give us when this starts will be much appreciated, so you can be there at the start, and help us make this virtual project real. It’s an amazingly formative and exciting  time for ArtiPeeps.

This season we’ve got 12 new creatives featured in Weekend Showcase every  Friday. The creatives featured are a mixture of poets, prose writers, wood sculptors, singers and artists all presenting one piece that they feel best represents them.

J Matthew Waters (poet); Ieuan Edwards (Linocut artist); Shirley Golden (prose writer); Anthony Di Martino (poet), Mark Crawley (Wood Sculptor); Stephanie Brennan (poet and writer); Darren Goldsmith (writer); Beth Allen (musician/singer), Jack Morris (artist), Abbie Neely (writer), Ashley Mackenzie (artist) and Hank Archer (poet).

Some  showcasers are also taking part in our ‘ Supporting Mental Health’ collaborations, as well as those who have taken part in previous collaborations.  This season we’re focusing on:

1.  Loneliness: 3 artists: Deborah Sheehy, Jeremy Moseley, Ieuan Edwards and 3 poets: Stephanie Brennan, Charlie Winters, John Mansell over 6 weeks


2. Anxiety and Release: 4 artists: Mat JimDog, Heather Burns, Jack Morris, Cliona Shehan  and 4 poets: Mina Polen, Rod Kok, Lucy Quin, Lauren Coulson . The poets are taking the theme of anxiety and the artists responding in relation to release.

Both collaborations will be attempting to engage with these important issues in an artistic, innovative and engaging way in order to raise awareness and promote discussion. You’ll see the first Loneliness collaboration roll out this Thursday. It is then my intention to turn these mid-sized collaborations into a larger exhibition. 

We also have a broad range of creatives taking up our ‘FreeSpace’ opportunity (3 free spaces over a season of work) : we have poets Mandy Gibson, Kate Garrett and writer Estrella Azul, and we are thrilled to have Millfield School in Somerset taking up a FreeSpace as well;  a selection of their pupils will be showcased. The school is also  holding a  poetry festival  in June and we are delighted to be posting out their festival material through ArtiPeeps during that month. I’m hoping that this will be the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Millfield.  I couldn’t be more happy about this.

This season we also have two creative residencies ( that span over 1 month each) and we’re delighted to have emerging performance poet Lauren Coulson  with us in March who is focusing her residency on the notion of nesting and she is working with artist Atalina Homan, who is creating artwork for two of her pieces. We also have writer Ben Cooper (who was a Hot Potato last year) in a residency with us in April. At the moment the creative residency intiative is  a work-in-progress, but I hope to really develop them into a really strong package that can support and nurture wholeheartedly.

We’ve got another Hot Potato starting featuring 6 emerging prose writers (Steve Harris, Michael Schmidt, Shannon Pardoe, Holly Gibson, Josh Kremer and Jessica Cooke) . Each writer writing one section and then passing it on to the next writer, and in so doing creating one collaborative short story. This is the second one we have run, the first being completed last year with Robo-girl. It’s a great format that can go anywhere! When we have enough of them we’re going to create a published collection. In the interim, I create an interactive pdf and an artist illustrates their work.

Finally, we’re introducing a new mid-sized poetry collaboration which we’re hoping will become a regular called Found Poetry Where 4 poets will be writing a poem made out of  found texts ( with me flinging in one found text into the mix too). So there will be new found poetry every fortnight for 8 weeks. James Giddings, who was showcased last season and Lydia Allison who had a residency last year and Joanna Lee and Kate Garrett will be the poets involved.

It’s also worth mentioning that from now on, on Wednesdays, from 8-9pm I’m going to be starting a Twitter  #ArtiPeepsChat hour to generate interest and promote this season’s showcases, collaborations etc.  I will hopefully be chatting to the creatives involved in that week and dealing with any themes that have been raised.  I’m hoping that this will then transform into campaign chat to promote what we’re doing in relation to Transformations. Do feel free to join in if you are on Twitter at that time, and join in the ArtiPeepsChat.

Thrilled to be running this season and working with more fantastic creatives, and excitedly girding my loins for our Kickstarter Campaign. 

I hope you enjoy what we do, and if you’d like to get involved in next season do get in contact with me via the contact form on the What’s On page, or via @ArtiPeeps.

Thanks so much for your interest.

All the very best.


Two Strands: ArtiPeeps Mini-Relaunch

30 Sep

Two Strands

Well, as from tomorrow until the end of the year ArtiPeeps is back with gusto. We are now entirely driven by multi-form collaborations and Individual Showcasing (the two strands) It’s a real treat to say that over the next 3 months…

  • We’ve got 12 weekend showcases * lined up featuring a real gamut of emerging and established creatives and forms every Friday (see below).

        *Weekend Showcase Initiative (Every Friday, 1 Creative, 1 Piece of Work, letting their work speak for itself)

  • We’ve got 1  FreeSpace* creatives ( Michael Schmidt, Nat Hall & Lili Morgan, Shannon Pardoe, Eliot Winters, Holly Gibson and one of our lovely Transformers Karin Heyer) and 1 FreeSpace Group (Space2Create)

          *FreeSpace Initiative (3 consecutive slots for further showcasing or projects).

  • There are also two mid-sized collaborations under our new strand ‘Supporting Mental Health’ ( part of ‘Creatives Making A Difference’):  The first collaboration bringing together 4 artists and 4 poets  examining the dynamics of fear and trust and the other collaboration (involving 3 poets, 2 artists and 1 photographer) on light, comfort and re-assurance. In each case poets, artists and photographers will be  working alongside each other on the themes.

The two collaborations above highlight one of the major threads of ArtiPeeps’ intention which we’re letting sit under the banner of ‘Supporting Mental Health’. The artwork and texts created in these two collaborations, alongside   ‘The Recovery Project’ will form an ongoing artistic and therapeutic resource for people in need and also provide an innovative access point from which people can engage with difficult psychological themes and issues. This I’m hoping to call  ‘ Comfort Zone’.  (This, I hasten to add at this point,  is very much a work in progress). And I also have in mind that these collaborations could be grouped together as external exhibitions , to increase public awareness.

I’d be very grateful for any feedback on these two collaborations. What you liked about them? If they helped? How valuable you think this strand is?


we are introducing our  Writer in Residence for October (Visitor Peep)  emerging writer and poet Lydia Allison. We’re thrilled to have her with us over the next month. Indeed, we have built a whole multi-form Halloween-style collaboration around 4 great poems of Lydia’s which focus on  a particular interest of her’s- notions of deformity. You’ll hear more about that tomorrow!

And here’s where our third collaboration comes in….because October leads up to Halloween 4 great artists are not only providing illustrations for each of Lydia’s  poems but also collaboratively creating a monster together. At Halloween you’ll be able to see the ghastly, terrifying  collaborative Monster they’ve shaped together and a new piece of writing by Lydia too.  We’ve also got a spanking new piece of Flash fiction with a Halloween theme coming out from emerging writer Jessica Cooke which we’re also very excited about which will pave the way to the Monster. 

We’ve also got ArtiPeeps’ 2nd Artist in Residence returning (Lydia’s predecessor) lovely neon artist Lili Morgan and her neons . Her monthly journal is back until the end of the year.  It will be a delight to have her neons and spirit back on show. And there will be the steady heartbeat of Transformations poems passing through too on a weekly basis.  All is well.

So over the next 3 months well over 30 wonderful creatives will have been individually showcased and have connected and collaborated together – making a difference and  creating new artworks and literary pieces whilst showcasing their talent and artistry. That’s the idea anyway.

I did a bit of calculating last week and I’m proud to say that since last May over 100 creatives have taken up ArtiPeeps’ opportunities. I know that’s probably small fare compared to some organisations, but it is a lovely firm foundation from which to grow.  It is my every intention to continue and develop these opportunitives further and provide concrete oulets like ‘Transformations’ our 2014 large scale art/poetry exhibition on a regular basis. Now we have found a home in the form of Hanse House for our events this can happen.

You’re feedback and support is much valued,  particularly in relation to this new strand. – So do come back both physically and with your comments and ideas. There’s lots on,  and much quality and talent.


The other Creatives and there work featured over the next 3 months will be  as follows:


Gary Caldwell (Illustrator & Artist)

Diana Proubst (Artist)

Amanda Santos (Artist)

Sara Mena (Artist)

Fear/ Trust

Ryan Atkins (Artist) Richard Biddle (Poet)

Rob Fitzmaurcice (Artist) Robin Sounder (Poet)

Mat JimDog (Artist) Tom Murphy (Poet)

Ray Bentley (Artist) Melissa Diem (Poet)

Comfort and Reassurance

Hugo Smith (Artist) Lenka Monk (Poet)

Ken Fasimpaur (Artist) Lauren Caulson (Poet)

Atalina Marie Homan (Artist) Candice Buchanon (Poet)

Weekend Showcase:

Heather Mary Burns (Artist)

Eliot Winters (Writer and poet)

Em (poet)

Estrella Azul (Writer)

John Austin Brooks (poet)

Jenny Bailey (Writer)

Tony Adams (Photographer)

Mina Polen (Poet)

Virginia Clarke (Artist)

James Gidding (Writer)

Anil Godigamuwe (Poet)

Jeremy Mosley (Photographer)

And maybe more….


We hope you enjoy the diversity, talent, quality and creativity.

All the very best.


P.S. Today, I’m going to be hopefully inaugurating an ArtiPeeps online calendar on the ‘What’s On’  Page so you can see ‘what’s occurring’ throughout the month more easily.

Great Things: ArtiPeeps Update

6 Sep

Great Things


FANTASTIC NEWS! We’ve found a venue and set a date for our ‘Transformations’ Exhibition/Poetry reading for next year!!  Put a note in your diaries for the 12,13, 14th September 2014 at Hanse House, Kings’s Lynn, Norfolk .

At the end of  March next year our poets will have come to the end of their heroic journey (book 15)  and it has always been my intention to then  find an external outlet for the culmination of all their wonderful creativity. The fact that we have now managed to find a place  for this is thrilling.  It is also my hope that through this new collaboration we can build  an ongoing  venue relationship which will then allow us to put on  other events connected to new online projects we facilitate in the future. It means we can hopefully put on more events after this one!!  It  also means we can  begin to contemplate generating an income. This is  HUGE!  and another big developmental step in ArtiPeeps’ journey; one that  allows us to  create a solid link between the virtual world and the real (which means more opportunities for creatives) This has always been my intention with ArtiPeeps.

Hanse House 3I was introduced to our venue,  Hanse House in King’s Lynn,  by Karin Heyer (one of our lovely Transformers). She took me to  the waterside where Hanse Hause is located and introduced me to  Kirsty who manages the venue.  The property is a beautiful listed building originating from the 15th century presently undergoing renovation and sensitive restoration.   You can see a picture of it above.

I told Kirsty all about ArtiPeeps and ‘Transformations’ and what my long term plans were and was met with enthusiasm. Kirsty showed us around the  building and flagged up  two particular spaces that might be suitable for our needs.  In the end I plumped for the space that had the most flexibility (and the highest ceilings). There’s a lot we can do with it.

The great thing about this new collaboration is that like ArtiPeeps, Hanse House is  a work-in-progress too. We have, curiously, similar paths. Moreover, the building and enterprise is  open and warm and supportive of what we are doing. I couldn’t be happier to have found such a good home for our project.  What’s also ideal is that the dates we have have booked above  will tie in with next year’s ‘Heritage Weekend’ which last year had 400 people passing through their doors. So it’s all good… and we have lots to work towards. I’m excited but equally aware of the work involved and the responsibility (to all parties).

In relation to ‘Transformations’ itself,:   at present I am confirming all the artists that will be involved in the project too. 5 more to go and that will have been sorted. The idea is that each artist is doing a painting or drawing or photograph that will rest alongside the Book-related Transformations poems  that have been chosen. The art and the poetry will rest alongside each other in the exhibition. It means too that there will be over 30 creatives involved in this whole collaboration, which is a magnificent, heartening thing! 

I also went through all the great poems the Transformers have written thus far,  and I have selected those which will be in the exhibition and book we are producing. We’re on Book 8 at the moment so there’s still some writing to do,  but at least we have some idea of an arc now which is fabulous.

Here is what has been selected:

Book 1: 

Nell Perry- of beginning

Greg Mackie- Cycle

Kate Garrett- Before After

Book 2:

Richard Biddle- Bad Trip

Karin Heyer- A Tale of Curiousness

Becca Smith- Transform

Lenka Monk- Epitaph

Book 3:

Carol Robson- Untethered Man

Nat Hall- Ignition

Becca Smith- Phaethon’s Sister II & III

Greg Mackie- The Manic Misogynist

John Austin Brooks- Are we Not all In Search of Something?

Book 4: 

Lenka Monk- Ballad of a Mulberry Tree

James Knight- 13 Medusa Variations

Richard Biddle- If I Were the Sun

Book 5:

Nell Perry- Dew Point

Carol Robson- Fertility

James Knight- The Guilty Statue

Karin Heyer- Human Destructiveness, Now and Then

Nat Hall- The Plough

Book 6:

Becca Smith- Act I & II, The King and his guilty  passion

Sadaf Fatima- Art

Kate Garrett- Revenge Englynion

Book 7:

James Knight- Myrmidon

Adam Wimbush- Jayson and the Astronauts

Carol Robson- Enchantress

Kate Garrett- Maybe Medea

nb. It could well be that once we have reached the end of Book 15 that the patterning of these might change somewhat or additions made. we will do whatever is best for the overall arc of the piece.

I’m really  looking forward to seeing what the Transformers come up with next- Books: 8-15!

You can find all of the ‘Transformations’ poems here

I just wanted to let you all know what was afoot. I am now busy drawing up budgets, planning for our project  Kickstarter campaign next March, exploring the world of self-publishing (for the project book)  and I am about to leap into the world of business plans next week.

My thanks to everyone who has shown such enthusiasm and support about what we’re trying to do. I am determined to put ArtiPeeps out into the real world too and to do so with energy, enthusiasm and care.  Also, if you have any skills or ideas that you would like to offer up  to ‘Transformations’ do get in touch. You’d be very  welcome.

Business plan here I come……

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