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ArtiPeeps Update: Steady As She Goes

14 Jan



The ArtiPeeps new year has begun with a great deal of enthusiasm, impetus and direction- all aimed at working towards our first major large-scale art-poetry exhibition ‘Transformations’. The poets are now writing poetry inspired by book 12 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and we have another 3 books to go before we complete our 15 months of working together. One of our poets Rebecca Audra Smith has even finished all of them which is a great claim to fame.  Becca has also produced a 20- poem chapbook on *Philomela here,  and it’s worth mentioning that poetJames Knight  also has an ongoing Orpheus project on the go. Equally, the ‘Transformations’ artists are now beginning to concentrate on producing their pieces and there is a deadline of April 29th to have an image ready for the exhibition book.

I am presently in the midst of putting in a bid to The Arts Project Fund, Norfolk to help us with the costs of hiring Hanse House and I am presently enjoying (if that’s the right word) fiddling with income and expenditure figures. The application is due to be handed in on Friday 31st January. We will hear within 6 weeks whether we have got the funding. I have high hopes, and I will let you all know.

We are also currently having a project badge for our Kickstarter campaign designed for us.  Gary Caldwell, who also designed our logo, is creating this for us. This badge will be linked to a special exhibition page on this site, and can be grabbed by anyone to put on their website to help spread the word about ‘Transformations’.  The image will more than likely also be used as our Kickstarter campaign image and potentially our poster. At the moment I’m thinking that our campaign will run from the middle of April for 31 days. There might be some leeway either side pending on what is going on.

Last Tuesday Elaine (the Chair of ArtiPeeps and art Transformer) and I went to Pampisford  to meet with the printers who are dealing with the creation of our rewards for our Kickstarter campaign. As a result we are presently having a trial art-poetry greetings card made up. This will feature Heather Burns artwork for Book 7 and Kate Garret’s poem ‘Maybe Medea’. Heather’s piece ‘The Circle is Unbroken’ is the first near-finished ‘Transformations’ artwork. We are all extremely excited to see how the card looks. In fact as soon as I’ve finished writing this post, I’m going to finalise the proofs, and we’ll be off.  I am also well under-way with the formatting of our on-demand exhibition book, and aim to start on an ebook in March. 

When it comes to my work practice, I’m a slow and steady kind of gal. I always do things well in advance; it keeps the panic at bay (or that’s the hope) and keeps me well. With this approach in mind, I am also now slowly pulling together our Kickstarter campaign page:  writing the text and trying to get the right feel and balance of it. It’s trickier than you might expect. But there’s swathes of time to get that right which is everything. I am also working on the rewards and will release them to all the Transformers for their input and feedback next week. I think there are some good rewards there,  but there is always room for development and I want everyone to feel involved.

I also had a very interesting meeting with the manager of The King’s Lynn Arts Centre  who had some very helpful things to say about not only how we should market ‘Transformations’ (what we could emphasise/not emphasise) but  also about other possible funding pots. I am exploring all of this presently, and I’ll let you know what I find in another update post.

I have nearly finished the scheduling for our next season of work: March-May, and I’m very excited about:  the 12 new showcases we’ve set up; the two ‘supporting mental health’ collaborations we’ll be running; the next ‘Hot Potato’ writing initiative; and  a new ‘Found poetry’ collaboration we’re giving a go. It should be good. I’m also delighted to have made a connection with Millfield School in Somerset. Some of their older pupils will be taking up our ‘FreeSpace’ Initaitive. It’s going to be a very good season.

Well, I think that is just about it for now. They’ll be another batch of ‘Transformations’ poems going out this week.

As always, we 100% appreciate your support and interest.

All the very best.


*Philomela was one of the two daughters of Pandion I, the King of Athens

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