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Comfort Multiform Collaboration (Poetry/Art) #1

30 Oct


Creatives Making A Difference

  ‘Supporting Mental Health’

Comfort Collaboration

Comfort: 1. a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. 2. consolation for grief or anxiety.

Welcome to the first collaboration in a 5 week, fortnightly engagement with the notion of comfort.  Comfort is something we all need and often, curiously, find hard to get (either from ourselves or others). For this particular collaboration we have paired 3 artists and 3 poets together. Each poet/artist pair, in contrast to  our fear/trust collaboration have been working on the  single theme of comfort. The words and the images working together in  a  uniform exploration of the  texture and nuances of this basic human need. The poets and artists have been exchanging ideas over a number of weeks and what you’ll be seeing as the weeks pass is the diverse expression of that exchange.
 It’s our intention that these collaborations will form an online resource which will  potentially bring comfort, provide an innovative  means to engage with difficult feelings, and ultimately to provide access to information about mental health in a stimulating manner. The idea is that we will also eventually group these collaborations together into exhibitions and installations to further promote public awareness and engagement with these issues. Your feedback on this project would be very much welcomed.


This week’s collaboration features:

 Hugo Smith (Artist) and Lenka Monk (Poet) 




Remembering by Hugo Smith


Iridescent Point of View

by Lenka Monk


Many opaque months held captive

In asylum for the damned,

Where words of comfort lost their meaning

Where despair is all, but done.


There resides the end of it all, or beginning of

brand new starts.

Lay in decay numb and weary,

Or escape the prison’s guards.


To gaze upon the same world, same things

For once to see the shadow’s hue

Nothing has changed, but the eyes

The iridescent point of view.


Once again to see the colours

Of the raindrops through the rays,

Hear the whisper wind swept branches

Feel the blood rush in the veins.


Let the sharp scythe fall silently

Into empty darkened space,

For the light now shines so brightly

Seeps inside and blunts the blades.


The rusty chain that’s been biting

All the way down to the bone,

The mark will remain and will remind

It didn’t fall down on its own.


To those of us who made the journey,

Those who’s soul once had bled

Oh, those are bravest in the darkness

Who touched that light up ahead.



You can find out more about Hugo and Lenka here:


Hugo Smith:

I am a Belfast based abstract artist.  I work in acrylic on canvas. I use bold colours, blends and images to capture the imagination. My art is based on two themes.  Firstly, memories of the past and the people who made it special.  Secondly, hope for the future. I want my work to ask questions, to inspire, to spark creativity, to add warmth and colour to the owners’ lives. I will always paint. I have big ambitions and I think it is important to dream big, think big and live big.




Lenka Monk:

My name is Lenka, but of course you already know that, so let’s just expand that a little. Writing is my passion. My friend and I self-published a novel, so I am not a stranger to collaboration projects. Writing poems is my “therapy” and it helped me through some difficult times. It helps me express myself and deal with things, when other means just won’t do. When one is choking on words and no sound comes out, what better way is there to pour it all out than in ink? Or paint, if one is an artist, which I am most certainly not. I leave that to the professionals. 🙂 Although, sometimes I refer to my writing as: “painting the canvas with words.”



The next Comfort Collaboration will be on Monday 11th November

The Recovery Project Collaboration: ‘Creatives Making a Difference’

4 Jun


More than several months ago I had an idea about creating a mini-collaboration on the theme of the mental health term  ‘Recovery’. This is not only particularly relevant to me because I have bi-polar and am in a state of recovery myself, but also because ‘recovery’ is important for lots of people (including creatives) who are affected my mental health issues. It’s a universally important theme and experience.

With this in mind I asked the poets Carol Robson, John Mansell and Rebecca Audra Smith (all accessed via Twitter)  if they would like to collaborate on this and write a poem for the project, each taking up a particular facet of the path to recovery. Carol took up the theme of DESPAIR, John, MUDDLING THROUGH and Rebecca ‘RECOVERY’. I asked 3 artists who were then paired with the poets: Ray Bentley, Photographer Jeremy Moseley and Hugo Smith (all accessed via Twitter) to produce artwork inspired by the three poems. I also asked audio visual artist Shaun Blezard to write an accompanying soundpiece for the three sections. So this whole project is completely fuelled by new literary pieces, artwork/photography and sounds. The piece can viewed in sections or be taken as a whole. I have also produced a mini-film  which includes audio versions of the poems, and will give you an idea of the piece as a whole and how it could be turned into an installation of sorts (watch this space…).  It is worth mentioning that everyone involved in this project either has direct experience of the issues or an explicit interest.

The Recovery Project is an important bench-mark for ArtiPeeps for it really represents the first contribution to a new mental health initiative we are going to be instigating more explicitly in October: ‘Supporting Mental Health’.  This ongoing  initiative will produce collaborative material which will form an online artistic and  therapeutic resource for people in need. This will be part of other larger shifts in ArtiPeeps’ intent. There will be more news of this and its implications as time unfolds. But it’s all good.



“Recovery is being able to live a meaningful and satisfying life, as defined by each person, in the presence or absence of symptoms. It is about having control over and input into your own life. Each individual’s recovery, like his or her experience of the mental health problems or illness, is a unique and deeply personal process.”Scottish Recovery Network 2009

Recovery is not about ‘getting rid of problems’. It is about seeing people beyond their problems – their abilities, possibilities, interests, and dreams and recovering the social roles and relationships that give life value and meaning”Julie Repper and Rachel Perkins, 2002



by Shaun Blezard

Section 1


Restraint Chair No.1 (crop)

Restraint Chair No.1 by Ray Bentley


Another Psychosis

by Carol Robson


Here in a place, which I should be
I need to be here and in all places
Yet! an urge to run rages through me
fear of physical contact, my brain now in overload
here, feeling alone in a place full of people.

Like a frightened gazelle
taunted by its hunter
I search for the exit to safety
an egress to my solitary state
my place of safety in my Prozac stained mind.

Neural networks firing their manic impulses
ignoring my vain attempt of rational logic
craving for their mania overload
knowing again, they will fight a long battle
against the Lithium army, that will bring them down.

Highs and lows come and go
trying to live your normal life
my exterior facade is all you see
as it hides a mind and soul in turmoil
just trying to get through to the next hour.

A life in a day to day existence
that craves for whatever is normal
a time bomb mind with a fragile trigger
controlled by whatever the drug of choice is.

Clinging to a life of hopes and dreams
that is out of this drug controlled despair
I will one day rise again like the Phoenix
out of the ashes, of Another Psychosis.

© Carol Robson 2011


Section 2:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography by Jeremy Moseley




Solitary Lights in a Forsaken Landscape

by John Mansell


Day opens like a strange flower.
Had it really closed?

Eyes adrift with bitter tears.
I see you viewing me with unease,
…………toothbrush in hand;
Do not call me stranger.
Do not make me mute
……….by filling my mouth with dread.
Lined linear colour,
the implements of survival
…………in their little compartments
…………………….with designated times…..
Consumption of the divine;
a woman purled in momentary
silence forages the impression
that once she knew me.
And then, like a shoot that appeared too soon
……….is gone…..
Each moment a disgrace to pleasure:
………..the floods of worry
…………………..have strewn me along
…………………..various embankments…..
And when certain suns shine,
I know it is a worry
as unnecessary as
…………the solitude I veil myself with…..
Walk with me these grim corridors.
Though I was able yesterday, today I have fears
that arrest me.
I see faces and eyes rimmed with farewells.
I hear names spoken,
and children laughing…..
If I listen intently enough, I am sure
one of those children is me…..
I am sure there were good days once…..

Shift the falling grains
so they rumple not to the
………..gathering years
but the trench of a memory
…………you think may have held yesterday;
as if your yesterday never existed.
The moisture of dreams drowns
the fallen edifice of your time…..
You are, but never was
because you fear
what you were for it would exhibit
………what you
………………..would be…..
you keeper of empty paintings.
Sleep in a place
where time is a flick of a page;
the dying groans of lost hope,
the flippant drapery
………..of a night
that will come despite
…………your efforts, thief of my life
…………despoiler of all I held beautiful…..

Day closes like a strange flower.
Had it really opened?

 Section 3:


trying for the brighter by Hugo Smith

‘Trying For the Brighter’ by Hugo Smith



by Rebecca Audra Smith


Hunting for the key
that can slot into my ear
unlock who I am, with
its slow turn and click.
I can hear it in my head,
doors open to staircases lead
to cellars where weeds chatter
about sunshine, light and seed.
Fumbled fingers in the bed
searching for a lighter
to set fire to the sun,
board a chariot, ride far.
I could have burnt my home
to ash, to dust- my family
rooting for my bones;
I’m trying for the brighter.
Planting keyholes inside tulips,
my hands are full of keys
each day a little lighter,
a stronger step for me.

The Recovery Film:



Bunny Hops: ArtiPeeps Update

1 Apr



It’s been a little while since I’ve given everybody an update of what’s afoot with ArtiPeeps, so I’m taking this Easter Monday as a cue to do so. I am trying to embody all the energy of the hare above at the moment but not the speed- slow and steady is what I’m aiming for; trying to build something solid and meaningful in the long term. All of what you’ll find below is part of that trajectory.

Today is the launch of the new ArtiPeeps logo that you’ll see to the right at the top of the sidebar. It has been designed by artist and illustrator Gary Caldwell and Gary and I have been working on it for a number of months. The logo’s aim is to embody all that ArtiPeeps stands for in a clear and precise way and to communicate the notion of collaboration visually. There is also an explicit nod to another one of ArtiPeeps’ concerns -well-being. We’re going to use the logo on all our official documentation and business cards etc. It will also be the logo I use for my various social media profiles. It’s one of the stages in our professionalisation, so it feels good, and Gary has been a great collaborator. Artipeeps likes Gary.

In terms of present and future collaborations our Transformations Poetry Project is going on a pace. It’s our 3rd month in and the quality of the poems has been extraordinary. Long may it continue!  You can find all the poems here, here, here & here. My aim is to also bring in artists into this project to contribute one painting, illustrating one book. We have two artists so far. If you are an artist and would like to get involved with this please do contact me. The poems and art will form an exhibition/collaboration next year and this will, in real terms, move the virtual collaboration into something concrete and tangible (which is an important intent); foregrounding all the creatives involved. The exhibition which hopefully will also include the poets involved will take place in Kings Lynn late next year; I will be crowdfunding for this exhibition starting in July (that’s the plan).

Our mental health ‘Recovery Project’ is also well under way- 3 artist (Ray Bentley, Jeremy Moseley, Hugo Smith); 3 poets: (Carol Robson, John Mansell and Rebecca Audra Smith) 1 audio visual artist, (Shaun Blezard) working on the theme of recovery *. You can find full details of the project here just last week the 3 poems were passed to the artists. Indeed, the first section of our piece ‘despair’ is already complete as is the soundscape for the whole piece written by Shaun . The artwork combined with the poetty will be ready by the end of April and then it will be a matter of combining all three sections into a whole of some sort in May and releasing it to the world. It’s an extremely affecting and powerful piece we’re creating, I can feel that already. We’re getting a mental health charity involved with us and I’m working towards placing the piece in some way within psychiatric hospitals and/or like-minded organisations.

In relation to the well-being aspect of ArtiPeeps, it is also my intention to create a sister site (ArtiPeeps Well-being) that is dedicated to supporting creative minds. The two sites will be interlinked, but there will be a very clear psychological imperative to the sister site using art, literature and poetry therapeutically and creating links with similar groups and organisations such as Space2Create (with whom we’ll be forging a firm link shortly).

We also have our first prose collaboration Hot Potato kicking off in the middle of April, where 8 prose writers (Ben Cooper, Gail Aldwin, aksania xenogrette ,  CJ Sullivan, AK AndersonLaura Besley, Gwendolyn S, Natalie Beech (over a period of 16 weeks, will be writing one short story sequentially). It’s going to be good. We’ve got great potatoes!! 

We have also found another visitor peep/artist in residence Kelly Occhiuzzo who will be with us for the month of May co-ordinating and taking part in a 4 artist project she has developed in which 4 separate new pieces of art will be created over the period of a month. We’re in the process of firming everything up at the moment. We’re so glad to have her with us!

My focus is still firmly fixed on building as many individual and group opportunities into ArtiPeeps as possible, and the well-being sister site will be developed steadily alongside everything as best I can. I have to admit that balancing the running of ArtiPeeps with actually doing what I need to do to develop it is difficult. Finding the time to do business plans, make connections etc. At present I am in the process of trying to find not only someone to help me with all the day-to-day computer work but also someone who can help me with the budgeting of my 5 year business plan which will act as the foundation of ArtiPeeps’ business equity and project crowdfunding plans. I am approaching CamCreative in relation to this….

In terms of individual opportunities, ‘Weekend Showcase’ is running smoothly every Friday with a new creative featured each week. Every creative showcased is then offered the option of taking up ‘FreeSpace’ (3 separate slots which can be taken up in a cluster or spread across months for mini-projects or for further platforming). James Knight has already done so and Koos Kleven (cartoonist) is also taking up this offer as has poet Oregon McClure. I am also starting up another mini-opportunity called ‘FullSpread’ which will offer creatives: a showcase, ‘FreeSpace’ and a guest blog. This could work particularly well for groups and organisations that want to not only communicate what they do but also want to foreground individuals and projects. We are in fact in the process of offering this to Space2Create.

In terms of features our usual ones,Frenzy’s Flash Feature’ (Greg Mackie), ‘Flash Fortnightly’ and ‘Classic Friday’ ( Nisha Moodley) are going strong, and we have now introduced a new monthly ‘writerly’ feature ‘The Tiniest of Things’ with poet Tiffany Coffman.

Last week ArtiPeeps was nominated by Ant DiMartino for the ‘Very Inspring Blogger Award’ which caused me a bit of concern because it’s not me that does all the writing and the contributing it’s you. As I said to Ant I’m thinking hard how best to handle this and I will only proceed if I can foreground creatives from within ArtiPeeps and its environs… and they might not want to participate…so we”ll see.

As you can see there’s a lot going on; things shaping and shifting in every direction. It’s all really exciting but there’s such a lot to do so it’s about being slow and steady whilst embodying boundng hare-like energy that moves us consistently forward. It’s a matter of stepping forward each day and leaning into every opportunity I can to develop ArtiPeeps and all those who sail in her.

I thank every single contributor and supporter of ArtiPeeps. You are growing ArtiPeeps by your sheer presence and that is an amazing gift, and if you want to get involved just contact me!



* “Recovery is being able to live a meaningful and satisfying life, as defined by each person, in the presence or absence of symptoms. It is about having control over and input into your own life. Each individual’s recovery, like his or her experience of the mental health problems or illness, is a unique and deeply personal process.” Scottish Recovery Network 2009

Recovery is not about ‘getting rid of problems’. It is about seeing people beyond their problems – their abilities, possibilities, interests, and dreams and recovering the social roles and relationships that give life value and meaning”Julie Repper and Rachel Perkins, 2002

‘Ask An Artist’- featuring: Hugo Smith (Abstract Artist)

11 Mar


Q & A


‘Paint how you want to paint. Don’t compromise your work to fit a trend or fashion. Trust in your work.’

I am a Belfast based abstract artist.  I work in acrylic on canvas. I use bold colours, blends and images to capture the imagination. My art is based on two themes.  Firstly, memories of the past and the people who made it special.  Secondly, hope for the future. I want my work to ask questions, to inspire, to spark creativity, to add warmth and colour to the owners’ lives.

I will always paint.

I have big ambitions and I think it is important to dream big, think big and live big.


Skyline by Hugo Smith

Skyline by Hugo Smith

Reluctant by Hugo Smith

Reluctant by Hugo Smith

Hugo, Pick at least 20 From the following:

Answer in one -two sentences

1. Which living artist do you most admire?

So many to choose from. I would have to say Gerhard Richter. I just get his work. Also like Bridgette Riley, Howard Hodgekin, Damien Hirst.

2. What is your first creative memory?

Being told my work was no good in school. I didn’t listen

3. Which one of your paintings are you most happy with to-date, and why?

A piece called ‘Plaza’. I spent quite a while on this one, adding layers of colour. I think I stopped just at the right time which is always difficult.

4. If you could be any other artist who would you be and why?

Not sure if he qualifies as an artist but I would have to say the British designer Paul Smith. The guy is awesome, some of his clothes are works of art.

5. What single thing would improve the quality of your artistic life?

A massive queue of customers.

6. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given about being an artist?

Paint how you want to paint. Don’t compromise your work to fit a trend or fashion. Trust in your work.

7. What does it feel like when you’re painting?

Scary at first, a blank canvas is terrifying. Once I start I can loose track of time. I get lost. When its finished and I’m happy with the result it is very selfishly satisfying.

8. What do you think art is?

To me, Art is anything that looks like it belongs in that particular spot. Its what draws your attention away from the tv.

9. What would you do if you weren’t a painter?

10. Which other art form do you admire and why?

11. What has been your biggest artistic disappointment?

I think as an artist you get used to disappointment. You have to take the downs with the ups. Its not always easy to do. Every time an opportunity passes by it takes a bit out of you.

12. Where do you work?

I have a studio attached to my house. This makes for an easy commute. It also means I’m never far away from my work which results in very few days off. There is always something dragging me out there.

13. Do you work from life, from photos or from your imagination?

I paint things that don’t exist so it is very much from my imagination. Artist who can recreate a landscape or portrait in detail amaze me. I couldn’t do that.

14. Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration is and will always be my older brother, who is sadly no longer with us. I hope he is watching down and I hope he likes my work. My Mum and Dad, my brilliant wife and my gorgeous two boys, we are all in this together.

15.What moves you in life, what irks you?

16. Where do you feel art is going?

17. What do you think the role of an artist is?

I feel the role of the artist is to make people stop and think.

18. What do you think your work contributes?

I hope it asks questions. I hope it inspires. I hope it adds colour to peoples home, office and workplaces.

19. What techniques do you use?

I use various tools to move the paint about. Anything goes really. Brushes, paper towels, pallet knives. I use multiple layers of paint on most of my work to give depth.

20. Are you self taught or trained?

I’m self taught. As I said earlier, at school I was told my work was no good. I had to teach myself.

21. What is most important to you the subject of your painting or how it is executed?

With abstract its about execution. Everyone can do it but its hard to do it right.

22. What aspects of your work do you think you could improve?

You can always improve, everyday is a learning day. I struggle with small pieces, so I would like to improve my use of space.

23. What’s the biggest compliment that’s ever been made about your work?

When people tell me what they see in the work, that tells me they stopped and looked. That is special.

24. What’s the biggest criticism of your work that’s been made?

I think every abstract artist has heard ‘I could do that’.

25. What’s your favourite period in art history and why?

I think post World War II through to the 70’s. Lots of great stuff from that era.

26. What are you reading at the moment?

My name is Asher Lev’ by Chaim Potok

Rum and Coke by Hugo Smith

Rum and Coke by Hugo Smith

Piaza by Hugo Smith

Piaza by Hugo Smith


To see more of Hugo’s work or follow him try these:




If you would like to take part in ‘Ask An Artist’. Do get in touch via the comment box or via @ArtiPeep

A Christmas Carol

21 Dec

Welcome To

A Christmas Carol

Original Artwork by Soo Martin

Original Artwork by Soo Martin

the second Collaborative ArtiPeeps blog for the festive season, loosely based on ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens featuring the work of 3 talented artists and 3 talented poets paired and creating original work specifically for this project.



JOHN MANSELL (poet) & HUGO SMITH (artist)

NAT  HALL (poet) & JAMES MACKENZIE (artist)


We wish you and your families  a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PEACEFUL NEW YEAR! 



First of Three Spirits



“Are you the Spirit, sir, whose coming was foretold to me?” asked Scrooge.

“I am!”

The voice was soft and gentle. Singularly low, as if instead of being so close beside him, it were at a distance.

“Who, and what are you?” Scrooge demanded.

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.”

'Once A Year' by Hugo Smith

‘Once A Year’ Original Artwork by Hugo Smith


The Ghost of Christmas Past…..

by John Mansell


I do hope so old friend, you have much to reflect upon.

Are you still so self contained and solitary as an oyster?

Do not look at me with such surprise!

I am the Spirit whose coming was foretold…..

I am the depths of all that was and will not be again.

Not the long Past, but yours.

I am the despair of consequence.

I am here to reveal how deep your footprints sank.

How the deep wounds you left, festered.

So please, carry on remembering.

Let my epicene voice scold the couched hours and release

the forgotten souls in the doom of your deepest recall.

I see your eyes; a shard of a broken tear lolls. Will it drip?

Will it splash onto the ground pure and clean,

or will it open rancid and wan…..?

I see your family, through splenific windows

in hunched repose, your parents, waiting with names on their tongues,

hearts enriched at your first words.

What were your last words to them?

Can you not remember?

They did as the time slipped from them and the blackness

sucked them into the earth.

Oh yes they are no more, and you did not even know.

Remember them, for they can now forget you.

The slim traces of a shivery moue appear; that causes me a smile,

if smile I could.

I see your love. The one solitary spark of your existence.

Dear little Elsie of the blonde curls, who loved wearing red.

You did love her didn’t you?

You told her you did. Yes you!

She wept a lifetime when you never returned.

Her present to you remained unwrapped.

Business you said. And she was gone from your mind

like a leaf kicked on an aimless stroll;

like a child left waiting alone and afraid,

whilst your aseity set you in dank niches, avoided and scorned.

I see you know her now. Do you fleet back into a field

raked with the forlorn oblique shafts of a fading sun?

You embraced as lovers do.

You do remember don’t you?

She found love eventually. And happiness.

You have never thought of her since, and yet

the name on her last breath was yours.

Oh yes she too lies in a quiet churchyard.

Her grave highlighted by a single rose once a year.

Her dates have not succumbed to the embraces of wind.

Though one day like all she will lie unmarked and unknown.

If those dry bones could cry they would soak your heart.

You will not find answers looking down at your feet.

Look there, across the street,

behind the aventurine snow clinging with shivering colour,

where the lights of welcome rejoice.

Voices purl like shrill pleas dipped in verve,

All those you know are there.

Will you not join them?

That is for you to decide.

An act to serve mockery on all that is said about you.

So I will leave you, old friend.

Whether you wear the chains you forged in life

or pursue what once you may have been

I lay my final words on the sere crease of regret

perched above your loneliness….. and leave a cautionary note

for others will come after me…..



The Second Spirit



“Come in!” exclaimed the Ghost. “Come in. and know me better, man!”

Scrooge entered timidly, and hung his head before this Spirit. He was not the dogged Scrooge he had been; and though the Spirit’s eyes were clear and kind, he did not like to meet them.

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Present,” said the Spirit. “Look upon me!”

'In the Presence of Spirits'  by James MacKenzie

‘In the Presence of Spirits’ Original Artwork by James Mackenzie


Spirit of Present, Part I


Bah Humbug!

by Nat Hall

Silence de mort,

nobody dares knock on his door.

Not an iota of minced pie could ever be found on his rugs, or in his rags.

Mice mingle on icy floorboards, craving for crumbs,

crammed in a corner of their heads;

they’ll have to make-do with saw dust.

Don’t look for holly, mistletoe,

freshly cut spruce, scarlet and gold –

coal nuggets don’t fill his bucket, but darken iris in his eye.

Rumour has it,

he lives inside a chamber cairn

with shadow of his own spirit, and when night comes,

he locks himself

and flicks away one rusty coin he could have given to the world.

Silence de mort,

nobody hears laughs from his heart,

powder inside festive crackers or cracking jokes;

only flickering of blackness,

weight of emptiness in his breath,

windchill effect through sash windows.


like fingers of death, point to the seabed of his life.



Spirit of Present, Part II

Jolly Giant

Clad inside his emerald self,

bigger than life,

death & darkness,

he summons you

behind cold


Candles & feast ready for you;

sat by his pyramid of


you’ll learn to toast,

as he fills cups –

the milk of kindness as

heartcuffs –

Dual-natured Dionysus,

he will show you

your darker

shell –

as he stands ten feet

beware of Ignorance & Want,

your hidden offspring

no one wants,


so well under

his robe…

And in this great depth of winter,

he saves you from

your underworld,



as tending


Now spread his love with tending grapes.

© Nat Hall


Winter Spirit

Today I made my home ready to welcome darkest of season.

Fruit of the rose in the garden,

crown of holly in your honour,

the thinnest moon at its zenith,

icicle sky –

your eyes, those juniper berries,

poured in mulled wine,

we toast to our despotic star to rise again from its ashes;

playful Amabael smiles outside.

Runic dream found in nordic night,

we shall feast by the bowing spruce, light bonfires on every hill,

meddle with creatures of the cairns,

free to wander with the living…

They say it starts on Tulya’s E’en.

For you,

dark world, my offerings – cinnamon stick & evergreen,

my wheel of light instead of fears,

my sheaf of corn,


© Nat Hall


The ThirdSpirit


“I am in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?” said Scrooge.

The Spirit answered not, but pointed onward with its hand.

“You are about to show me shadows of the things that have not happened, but will happen in the time before us,” Scrooge pursued. “Is that so, Spirit?”

The upper portion of the garment was contracted for an instant in its folds, as if the Spirit had inclined its head.

That was the only answer he received.

Tree by Amanda Beck Mauck

‘Tree’, Original Artwork by Amanda Beck Mauck


The Artificial Christmas Me

by Tiffany Coffman


Something a little kicky and cool once leapt from God’s tongue

powdering the earth in pure confection; the first snow.

Pure and new, it warmed sweetly once, defrosting me.

Now to see I’m bitter where I am as decades stumble over me,

meaning to trip tracks as deep as holes;

imprinted on a stale, iced heart.


Corner of the room, I watch the other in the room as the shift happens;

A spark of life that pined, once dancing in colors; the last Christmas.

But not last, just changed, as it had fragranced green but now fades from me.

Assembling a life day by artificial day, 1000 tips of fake suggestions

dared provide me with hopes as high as ceilings;

pressed into a stand of jaded belief.


Was the perfect blank canvas from which to elaborate upon

in ornamental delight – an angel, a cross, a bell; the first adornments.

But old and worn as only I was, they shone brightly then ghosted away.

The disloyal angel, the cross I’d bear, and the clanging of the closing bell

left me there, alone, with frosted mouth…untouched;

placed under a melting star.


And somehow I’ve navigated here without wise men to guide me.

Jealous am I of stuffed, hanged stockings dangling with excitement; the enviable fall.

Love has abandoned me in a pile of tree needles that now stick in me,

leaching Christmas red as I circle my way down to the floor, skirting needs.

No ribbon or bows to make me presentable or tagged for anyone;

just left alone under the tree.


Click on the circles to see the whole picture.

Online Version of A Christmas Carol for you to read HERE

The most beautiful Carol in the World from Kings College Chapel Choir, Cambridge: 


Happy Christmas Everyone!  

All the very best.

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