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Inspired by the Sun. Paintings by artist Tracey Jane Cooper (FreeSpace #2)

10 Nov

Welcome to the second of 3 FreeSpace posts from artist Tracey Jane Cooper reflecting upon another selection of her paintings. 


Inspired by the sun….

– Mellow Meadow and Summer Infusion-

Both 40 cm x 40 cm acrylic on canvas


A piece, inspired by the sun, it’s light and warmth providing a secure blanket over the land, where the Spring was emerging after the winter, the meadow coming alive minute by minute.


Mellow Meadow

 Mellow Meadow


Here is Summer Infusion which was on my Weekend Showcase:


Summer Infusion by Tracey Cooper

Summer Infusion


In this piece I imagined a warm Summer evening, the sun setting and reflecting onto the wild flowers, causing them to look almost alight and alive. I hoped to portray the warmth and the scent that filled the air.



Tracey recently began painting again after many years dreaming about it.

I’m inspired by nature, particularly the sky. The sun and it’s warmth or coolness always feature, sometimes you can feel the heat of the sun in them, often the flowers are blistering in the intensity of it and that’s what I like to portray.
I paint mainly with acrylic, sometimes with watercolour for more fluidity, depending on the piece.




Tracey’s next FreeSpace will be on Thursday 25th November.  Do watch out for it.

And look out for the first batch of The Nine Realms poetry coming out this week….



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