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‘Neon Power’: The Journals of Lili Morgan #11 (Emerging Abstract Neon Artist)

3 Oct

Revolution Green

Eight months have gone by since Lili left her Visitor Peep/Artist In Residence position but now she has returned once again for a regular monthly journal-spot until the end of 2014. As usual Lili will be taking us along with her on her painterly journey and the development of her work with ‘neons’.  

This week Lili has been visiting another artist….



Well it’s journal time again, and it has been a little while since my last instalment. The time certainly does fly when you are having fun!

At the moment, I am doing my collaboration with the lovely poet Nat Hall. The theme for the collaboration is music. This time I have chosen the song, and I will be doing my picture first. Then Nat will put her magic pen to paper, to produce a wonderful poem. I have chosen, ‘Nessun Dorma’ by Pavarotti. It is a very powerful and highly dramatic piece of music, which I personally love. My daughter, however, disagrees and told me it was giving her a headache whilst I was listening to it recently!… Ohh the cheek! I will be finishing my picture sometime this week, as poor Nat has been waiting patiently for it! Sorry Nat I haven’t forgotten!

In my last journal, I mentioned that I was going to be visiting Margate, and that I did last weekend. I had the most fabulous time there! I went there to visit my lovely friend, Michelle, who owns @Deli-o-licious in Cliftonville. She sells the best baguettes, and hot food, in the whole of Margate!…Oh, and the best fish as well! 😉

So, on Saturday evening we decided to do a bit of sight- seeing. This consisted of watching the sea from the terrace of The Rickus bar. It was a lovely sight to see indeed, was the sea! Oh, and they just happened, by chance, to be selling cocktails there as well 😉


PaperArtist_2013-09-30_22-07-26 Picture 1


I also mentioned that I was hoping to connect with other Artists during my visit to Margate, and on the Sunday whilst I was there, I was certainly not disappointed. My visit also coincided with the unveiling of the latest project by Alex Chinneck  (@Alex Chinneck), called ‘From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes. Alex has obtained permission from Thanet District Council to use a previously empty house at 1, Godwin Road, Cliftonville for this project. He has literally transformed the front of the house to make it appear as if it has slipped down into the garden. The room at the top is exposed, and the rest curves down with the front door in the front garden. Goodness, my description is pretty rubbish, and you are certainly not going to get any idea of this brilliant installation by my words alone. Here are a couple of pictures that I took of the house.


Picture 2 20130929_124809


Picture 3 Lili


That is so much better now that you can actually see it! There is a bit of a story behind the second picture. In my endeavour to get a picture of the house, I went to the side of it. There was a man and a woman standing on the corner slightly blocking my shot. So, being my usual cheeky self I asked them to move. It turned out they were Councillor Iris Johnston (sorry I called you Eileen!), and Councillor Doug Clark (sorry I made you move when you have a walking stick, and you were leaning on the wall for support. I still feel bad about that!) They were both really nice and moved for me. Here is a picture of them, along with Councillor Clive Hart, who luckily, I do not need to apologise to for anything!


Picture 4


Well, even after I had called Iris by the wrong name, she offered to introduce me to Alex Chinneck himself! Of course I agreed, as meeting Alex was the icing on the cake, and I had not expected to get the opportunity to meet him. Well, Alex was lovely! He was very humble about the project, and took his time to have a chat with me. He even agreed for me to take a picture. Here he is in front of the house looking very dapper indeed!

 Picture 3520130929_124212


Now as I said Alex was very humble. However, I had a little sneaky little look on his website which shows the plans to this project and they are very, very detailed. If you go to www.alexchinneck.com then you can see how much hard work has gone into this project for yourself. It is also worth taking a look at his past and future projects on there as well.

So finally, if you are heading down to Margate, Cliftonville is now the place to go. You can visit 1, Godwin Road to see this amazing piece of art by Alex Chinneck, whilst munching on a baguette from @Deli-o-licious. Now that sounds like an excellent plan to me! 🙂

Bye for now,

Take care,

Lili X


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