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‘Dear’ & ‘Tread Softly’ by Louise M. Hart (Poet) FreeSpace #2

22 Apr

Maternity by Picasso



Louise M. Hart


You personify the best and worst of the universe

You bore me naked
Then you covered me up
You believed my existence serendipitous

But I ran out of luck

You nurtured a seed
That bloomed into a weed
Refusing to grow up

For I disavowed a blossoming exterior
In order to feel nearer to you
Than to myself

You filled my tears with laughter

My smiles belied a must
To master the unacceptable disaster
Of my uninvited, hidden desires

Thus, I inhaled the air like a choking mist
My life shortened by each deadly hiss
Of lung penetration

I like your soul, but not your hair

I eat Mum’s, because I know you care


Tread Softly


Invention of my Mother
Who lifts me up
I am nearer to death
Than to love

She will always be more than a memory
Who beckons my mind to follow
Its creative streams
Of metaphorical rivers and symbolic seas

Oceanic under mental foot
Spread beneath passing readers’
Psychical feet
Like Yeats’ immersive, but desiccated dreams

Another day over
A milestone nearer
I cry myself younger

You can find more about Louise and her poetry here:
Watch out for Louise’s 3rd FreeSpace.  Coming Soon!



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