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Weekend Showcase : Anna Angell (Poet, Singer-Songwriter)

15 Aug


Every Friday, 1 creative, letting their work speak for itself.


Anna Angell







Anna started off life in the beautiful Peak District and now resides in beautiful North Wales – jammy.  She qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, then working mainly in Chester and Ellesmere Port.  She now spends most of her time laughing, crying and getting loco with her two delightful pre-school children.   She wrote a lot of poetry as a child but has only recently got back into it, thanks to the consistent nagging of her persistent husband.  This has also extended into song-writing with her beloved ukulele.  She tries to write honestly about the normal stuff in her life and is convinced that the things of the everyday are the porthole to eternity.  She hopes that by making the most of the short chances for creativity in between nappy changes and swimming lessons she can encourage other busy people to try this as well – and reap the benefits to mind body and soul.


Twitter             @a_a_angell
Bandcamp       http://annaangell.bandcamp.com/releases

…………………….debut EP ‘Love’s Life’

Email………… ..anna_angell@yahoo.co.uk




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