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Vikings Ahoy! Good News! The Nine Realms Update (April #2)

13 Apr

nine realms8

19 poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking Boat


Vikings Ahoy!

 Good News!



I am very pleased to announce that The Nine Realms has been co-funded by Arts Council England alongside Norfolk County Council, which is absolutely thrilling and a testament to the talents, creativity and skills of all 45 creatives involved in The Nine Realms!


 we are still missing some vital funds to cover the commissioning costs of the carving of our Viking boat,  the focal point of our project. This is why our Indiegogo campaign is starting next week on Monday 20th April, to cover these costs. Mark, our great woodcarver, is going to start his LIVE-WOODCARVING,  and I’m really excited to see what Mark is going to create for us. To have regular, live updates will be a wonderful thing. We can watch our boat emerge!


Chisel Sharpening


Our campaign  is still crucial because it will be the final piece in our funding jigsaw.  As soon as the campaign goes live I  will post out the project link which will take you to our campaign.  Any support you could give us would be MUCH appreciated and will help showcase the talents of 45 global creatives ‘Magicking the Norse World to life’ for the general public and schools! 






New-NCC-logos- 4 ArtiPeeps larger






I have spent the last couple of months creating the video for our campaign and I  think I am now there with it. Still a few more tweaks on the campaign text, but we’re nearly there with that too. Big thanks goes to  poet and writer Robin Sounder for her input.

I think it will be exciting to see what we can achieve as a collective. This phase of our fundraising always tends to bring the Vikings/creatives  together in a more overt way, in pursuit of one aim.  

The details of the 4 competitions are also being finalised, and it will be great to see what energy that will bring. The prize will be a multimedia event DVD of The Nine Realms. This includes all the selected poetry, all the art and music, as well as any poems/artwork from the pupils at the schools with whom we are working . The DVD will be in a specially designed slipcase by Gary Caldwell



This evening I shall be having a chat via Skype with podcaster Amber Love about The Nine Realms and creativity.The podcast will be going out on Monday 4th May. Amber hosts VODKA O’CLOCK where she interviews people from all areas of the arts and entertainment.  An article with the King’s Lynn News is also going to go out across the campaign, and hopefully some interviews and promos via Future Radio. These will feature both poets, artists and Mark. I am at present in discussion with their arts programme producer as to the exact nature of how we will be featured. It will be exciting to share what we are doing with Norwich listeners, and then share our poetry and art with them in September!

I think that is it for now! Here’s to the launch of our campaign next Monday!

Thank you for your interest.


Viking Nicky

The Nine Realms HQ


More details about The Nine Realms

Fear/Trust Multi-form Collaboration #2

22 Oct


Creatives Making A Difference

‘Supporting Mental Health’

FEAR/TRUST Collaboration

Welcome to the second collaboration in an eight week, fortnightly engagement with the emotions of fear and trust.  For this particular collaboration we have paired four artists and four poets together. The artists have taken up the theme of fear, and the poets, in response, are engaging  with the theme of trust. In so doing we’re attempting to artistically and accessibly engage with the dynamics between the two emotions – the clashes and the spectrum between the two contrasting feelings. The poets and artists have been exchanging  ideas over a number of weeks and what you’ll be seeing as the weeks roll by is the diverse expression of that exchange.
 It’s our intention that these collaborations will form an online resource which will  potentially bring comfort, provide an innovative  means to engage with difficult feelings, and ultimately to provide access to information about mental health in a stimulating manner. The idea is that we will also eventually group these collaborations together into exhibitions and installations to further promote public awareness and engagement with these issues. Your feedback on this project would be very much welcomed.


This week’s collaboration features

 Rob Fitzmaurice (Artist) and Robin Sounder (Poet)


Five Fugitive Fears



















by Robin Sounder


Playing with fire

Your soul climbed up

Towards the sky

 Like a smoke signal

The sun mocks your


 It burns so bright


The darkness comes

crashing violently

And I know that last night

Was the last night

Of this life


I trust there is a plan

Written down somewhere

Wordy and dense

It winds like a maze through

The broken morning


Blue water

The empty screen

Blue love

I know you’re hiding

In some place

Inside of me


I can’t remember 

The sound of your voice


I was trusting 

In transference

Trading one hollow thing

For another


Blue pain

Through the wires

Clings to me

Like a scar


Watching myself in the mirror

I was watching 

The news


I’d seen all the signs


When I learned to trust

I was afraid



Did god leave a light on

For us?


I could trust in transcendence


But my eyes

Are not windows

They are walls



We are sheltered somewhere

Inside of our bodies


This is the final betrayal

When will

The very home

That houses our soul

Fight us to the death?


We have no choice

We have to trust


Playing with fire

Our souls climb up

Towards the sky

 Like a smoke signal 

The sun mocks our




You can find more about Rob and Robin here:

Robert Fitzmaurice (born 1960) is a British painter and printmaker. His work, which he describes as lyrical figuration, is characterised by an expressive use of colour and form. The human figure is an important motif for him, and it appears in various guises, shaped by ideas about the human condition and rites of passage. Originally from the Midlands, he studied Fine Art at the universities of Sunderland and Reading. Since then he has exhibited in the UK and abroad, and his work has entered a number of private collections. He lives and creates in Reading, Berkshire.



Robin Sounder:





Please do comeback for next Fear/Trust collaboration on Monday 4th  November.

Thank you for your interest.

Weekend Showcase: Robin Sounder (Poet)

15 Mar


Every Friday, 1 artist/painter/poet/writer, letting their work speak for itself.


Robin Sounder





Istanbul, Illinois



you moved through the city

like water: seeing nothing

your hands shook

the numbers were pressed

against your palm

you were flying above

lake michigan, gold coast


you could feel the rareified air

entering your lungs

you can’t look down now, can’t go back

you’re sure all those weak


fell off somewhere

in transit

you’re sure there is

some part of you out there


on the ice


rulers of constantinople

gather around

you know all their tricks

you’ve slept in their beds

they think you haven’t

pulled yourself apart

piece by angry piece

to be near them

you’ve rearranged yourself again

and again and again

they knew it would be a bloodbath

when they saw you come in

you worked harder and

created more from nothing

than all those dot com

barons with their

outdated plans

they know you are


at least until

the next collapse


you move through the numbers

like you are falling apart

you have crushed your past

down to ashes

that collect between the fine print

between the meetings

and deals and collect

in your throat when you sleep

and in your nightmares

and in the voices you think you hear

and in the money

every cent contains

some small terror

all of your secrets

follow you like a ghost


surprise predator

you reflect that you have

always recognized

your own kind

all those hidden monsters

grinning in the sun

you will all be smiling

in the dark

and tearing each other

in half


istanbul, illinois

you always knew

this was where

it would start

when the switch in

your soul

was triggered

all the lights

turned on



You can find more of Robin’s work here:


and follow Robin on Twitter here: 




Do get in touch via the Reply box or @ArtiPeep if you would like to be showcased. You’d be welcomed!


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