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Fear/Trust Multi-form Collaboration #1

7 Oct


Creatives Making A Difference


‘Supporting Mental Health’

FEAR/TRUST Collaboration

Welcome to the first collaboration in an eight week, fortnightly engagement with the emotions of fear and trust.  For this particular collaboration we have paired four artists and four poets together. The artists have taken up the theme of fear, and the poets, in response, are engaging  with the theme of trust. In so doing we’re attempting to artistically and accessibly engage with the dynamics between the two emotions – the clashes and the spectrum between the two contrasting feelings. The poets and artists have been exchanging  ideas over a number of weeks and what you’ll be seeing as the weeks roll by is the diverse expression of that exchange.
 It’s our intention that these collaborations will form an online resource which will  potentially bring comfort, provide an innovative  means to engage with difficult feelings, and ultimately to provide access to information about mental health in a stimulating manner. The idea is that we will also eventually group these collaborations together into exhibitions and installations to further promote public awareness and engagement with these issues. Your feedback on this project would be very much welcomed.


This week’s collaboration features

 Ryan Atkins (Artist) and  Richard Biddle (Poet)


Fearfulness by Ryan Atkins


Please do click on the picture to enlarge;  it’s worth it! 


Of Nothing

by Richard Biddle


always elsewhere, potentially

lost in a cliché;


terror’s glitch

haunted by gravity’s pull


a padded cell

unfurnished with radio waves


a circle of air drawn

too quickly, too precisely


a hair’s breadth away

from what is not yet begun


something less than a whisper

though no more than a wingbeat


a voice of white-noise;

invisibility seen as phantoms


– words of antimatter –


without wanting more

or holding on


taste this





You can find more about Ryan and Richard here:








Please do comeback for next Fear/Trust collaboration on Tuesday 22nd  October.

Thank you for your interest.

Weekend Showcase: Ryan Atkins (Artist)

28 Jun


Every Friday, 1 artist/painter/poet/writer, letting their work speak for itself.


Ryan Atkins





Artist’s Biography

“My name is Ryan Atkins and I’m a single working father that lives in Casper Wyoming, USA. I draw in my spare time yet I hope to draw full time very, very soon! I’ve drawn my entire life yet have only had a semester of Art in college. I love drawing female figures, mainly faces and portraits. I also enjoy comic book style fantasy art, sketching and the occasional side walk chalk art. You can check out more of my work at theryanatkins.blogspot.com
I can be reached publicly via @theryanatkins  or via email theryanatkins@gmail.com





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