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The Nine Realms Update #10: November

17 Nov

nine realms8


Vikings Ahoy! 


I am pleased to say that I submitted The Nine Realms Arts Council evaluation form the week before last and all seems to have gone well. This will mean that on the 18th of November they will release the final grant payment to us which will allow us to pay our final invoice. So it’s all good! The whole evaluatory process is a very interesting and informative one. It’s fiddly but it makes you look at what you’ve done in an objective way whilst subjectively exploring your achievements and lessons learned. This year we’ve dramatically increased our audience reach, and created 193 new artistic products which wouldn’t have existed if The Nine Realms had not taken place and our overall audience benefit was approximately 92,000 (online and offline).

The remaining backer rewards for our Indiegogo campaign supporters are going out this week and then everything will be more-or-less tied up with The Nine Realms for this year. It will be on to planning the national tour for 2018/19 next year and a new season of work, plus becoming a charity. I shall post out on that shortly….


1. The Festival of Ideas

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The taster we put on at The Cambridge Festival of Ideas on the 24th of October went down very well. 34 people attended, and we set up the realm boards and art work around the room so everyone could get a sense of what the event at King’s Lynn was like. Apologies that there aren’t any more pictures with people in them we all ended up being so engaged with what we were doing there were no spare hands for any camera work.  Vikings Ieuan Edwards, Shirley Golden, Simon Beavis, Jim Mackintosh, Gill Offley, Heather Burns, Karin Heyer and our Norse Expert Caitlin Ellis came along. Caitlin giving overviews of the realms where necessary.

We did mini realm tours around particular realms, the poets and artists talking about their work as we went along and we finished off with a Q & A with the help of the Viking Helmet of questions (each creative could pick out a random question and answer it) which worked out very well.


Viking hat


We also set up two computers with our Yggdrassil Minecraft game on them; and, like in King’s Lynn, the children attending became very absorbed. One young man even began to use the planks he found within the realms to build his own Viking boat within the game! Amazing!

2.  The Nine Realms in an Image Story (Photobucket):

In order to give the Arts Council a real sense of the breadth of The Nine Realms I created an image story of the whole event- encompassing as many elements as I could. I think the quality of what we produced and benefit artistically and educationally is apparent.

Click on the link and it will take you to the photo story.



3. Artistic Statement and Future Intention




Significantly, out of The Nine Realms has come a solid clarfication of ArtiPeeps’ intentions in relation to its large-scale projects and its purpose as an organisation.  This now gives us a very clear focus and consolidates how we approach the work we do in the future. Here’s what I outlined in the mini-self evaluation for the Arts Council:





This is the statement that appeared on one of our scroll-down banners outlining what ArtiPeeps does:

Driving all our work is a belief in creative potential and in the power of the combined arts to transform perceptions and facilitate enjoyment in the arts. Through our projects we hope to go into schools and communities to:

Engage the imagination and senses.
Promote interaction, participation, collaboration and creativity.
Move people from attendance to ‘active participation’.
Challenge and shake up perceptions of art and culture which create barriers to engagement
Give creatives the opportunity to make a difference in schools and communities through large-scale educational projects.

We also believe that creativity, in all its various guises, plays a significant part in maintaining our well-being. This specific interest is made manifest by our mental health themed initiatives.


All attendees at The Nine Realms respond well to our new combination of art forms and validated our use of it in our projects. This positive response has confirmed our belief that the particular framework we have created is worth pursuing and developing. We want to use the combined arts imaginatively to change and challenge, breakdown boundaries, to subtly educate, and to nurture creativity. This intent was positively accepted in King’s Lynn and Norwich, and this realisation means we can go forward into future projects with a very clear intent, which we can now express and share through our new artistic statement.

We want to create projects which immediately facilitate interaction and participation, shaking up perceptions of what art is, who it is for, and how people ‘should’ think about it or behave in relation to it. Engaging emotions and minds- in an active and stimulating manner through ‘Experiences’, challenging notions of what an ‘Exhibition’ is.



This idea of ‘challenging’ and ‘shaking up’ has fuelled our intention to move our projects away from obvious gallery spaces and either into places that are within the community, or unusually placed: unusual spaces where art is not usually found.

We want to take our projects into communities rather than communities coming to us and viewing them. This notion was also inspired by the response of teachers to our work who all wanted us to ‘go into’ schools with tasters of our projects. This ‘going into’ approach will not exclude us using institutions such as libraries and other artistic spaces, like The Forum. Of course, we will not totally exclude the idea of gallery spaces either but our emphasis will be on ‘going into communities’. Our aim will be that the artwork and writing and music and sculpture etc will be presented in an innovative way- not necessarily hung in the expected manner, but in a manner that will promote exploration and first-hand contact with the artistic and writerly products of our projects. This may also extend to performance. The same showcasing possibilities for participants will be there, as will the possibility to buy work. We will still provide high quality showcasing opportunities for participants but the emphasis will be on the fact that the creatives involved in our projects will be ‘making a difference’, contributing to something wider beyond their creativity, which affects young peoples’ education or peoples’ imaginations. This can augment creatives other artistic pursuits as well as giving them a sense of connection, new opportunities and collaboration through the large-scales.



Inspired by the ‘going into’ suggestion of the schools it is ArtiPeeps’ plan to form a small team of participants who will go into schools after the larger event and work creatively with pupils. In the near future The Management Committee and director will be exploring the finer details of how this would work and who would like to get involved. Transformations and The Nine Realms creatives will be asked  and this will be (in consultation with schools).
We have also created a brand: ‘Classworks’ , which will have under it our curricular projects, as well as our Schools’ books, Minecraft and Educational Packs. With our full educational, combined arts template in place, what will be in our Educational Packs for each project can now be addressed and explored. With the view in mind that these are ready for a national tour in 2018/2019. Branding our educational work as ‘Classworks’ will also help with our professionalisation.


Having this very clear directive will allow us to create imaginative, challenging projects in the future and that feels very inspiring and a testament to the talents and creativity of all the people involved in The Nine Realms.


Watch out for another post shortly on what will be happening with ArtiPeeps in 2016. As ever, thank you so much for your interest.


The Nine Realms Update #7: August

10 Aug

nine realms8


In the last update I said that June had sped by.  If June sped by July just disappeared.  Last month was filled with lots of work on the DVD and  trying to lay down the foundations of really good press coverage for The Nine Realms, as you’ll read below. This month all the threads of this 9 month journey are being drawn together with a heavy emphasis on getting the promtional material right for the whole event. With a bit of luck this week both posters for the events in Hanse House and Norwich should be printed along with the flyer.  

Here is what has been afoot! 

1. Press Coverage and Workshops

Next week an article promoting the poetry and art workshops is going into the King’s Lynn News. This is to consolidate interest in the two free workshops we will be running in Hanse House on the Monday of our event. Poet Rebecca Audra Smith will be facilitating the poetry workshop (for up to 12 participants) and artist Robert Fitzmaurice will be running the art workshop for up to 8 attendees. These two workshops will get people accessing their creativity within the context of the nine realms. These workshops were going to be paid ones, but after some deliberation we made a decision to make them free so that finances weren’t a barrier to participation.

Articles are also going into  your-local-paper and (excitingly) onto the big screen via the local Majestic Cinema (for a week).  We are also chasing up an article in the Eastern Daily Press (Norwich) about the poetry reading. I am  also making sure there is something in the online What’s On with the Norwich Writers Centre, the King’s Lynn On line What’s On, KLFM Radio and an established online magazine in Norwich. So we should be well covered! A further King’s Lynn photo-call will take place on the 20th August, with the press also coming on the 11th September for the official launch.


 2. Final Greetings Cards

Here at long last is the third card  which features the realm Midgard showcasing Viking artist Raymond Bentley and Viking poet Jim C Mackintosh.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3. Schools’ Day News



a. Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy:

I’m delighted to say that we’ll be having 60 year 6 pupils coming on the Friday morning of the Schools’ Day (11th Sept). They will be coming from a local King’s Lynn primary school (They’ll be coming in two staggered groups…which is no bad thing!!!). The Whitefriars pupils happen to be doing a project called ‘Vicious Vikings’ in the first half of their term and our event fits in perfectly! We’re also hoping a Year 9 class from the King Edward VII Academy will also be coming in the afternoon.

ArtiPeeps is excited to have made this new connection with a local primary school in King’s Lynn because this means we can now extend our educational reach to a younger audience. In conjunction with the year 6 teacher involved we hope to create a tailored package for them. It’s exciting!  There will be lots of photos taken throughout the schools’ day by photographer Sonja Seear which should give you a good idea of what the Schools’ day is like.


b. Schools’ Book

I’m pleased to say that I have completed the first version of a Schools’ Book for our The Nine Realms project. This contains the 5 stories from Millfield School that were showcased on ArtiPeeps last month and will contain the work of the Whitefriars pupils after they have finished creating in their ‘Vicious Vikings’ project. Their work will be added to the book retrospectively. As I have created the book via Lulu.com this will be an easy task.  This will be the first of our ‘Classworks series’, and ArtiPeeps hopes to create a bespoke project Schools’ book for all our large-scale work with schools in the future.


4. Norwich Poetry Reading




I’ve had several exchanges with the Poetry Unbound Series co-ordinators in Norwich and there seems to be a base of around 40 people who regularly attend the readings, which sounds great for ours. They will also be encouraging some of the ‘regulars’ to write their own Norse-inspired poetry too for the open mic session in the last half-hour. I will be delivering the poster and flyers to the library this week and will be talking to the Poetry Unbound co-ordinator then.


5.  Future Radio Interview Update and Severn Radio Shoutout

I have been in contact with the arts producer at Future Radio to see how she is doing with compiling our programme. I haven’t heard back from her as yet, but will be pursuing this next week. As long as it goes out before the 11th all should be well.
Mystery Train Image
Viking musician Simon (Beavis) kindly pointed me in the direction of Severn Radio and a presenter called Alex Huskisson who produces a really good music programme on the station called The Mystery Train. Simon thought he might be interested in what we’re doing. I put together a little package of the music and some information about our event and Simon has sent this to him. 
Here is the radio programme that went out this Sunday. The Nine Realms is mentioned at around 1:16.39. A big thank you goes out to Alex for supporting us.

More information about The Mystery Train:


6. Multimedia DVD

We’re very nearly there with our DVD. It has taken the DVD manufacturers slightly longer to produce the DVD because they are having to put separate audio tracks on the disc as well as what is essentially a video (our combining of the art, music and audio poetry). This is not usually done on one disc/dvd, so we’re breaking new ground! All being well the disc will be manufactured at the end of this week. It now has menus and everything! It’s a 100 % testament of the high quality of the project poetry, art and music.


7.  The Nine Realms Soundcloud

Just in case you missed any of the poetry:



8. Sneaky Peek at the Cover of our Ragnarök Comic

Today was the deadline for our comic for the Schools’ day to be in , and here is a taster of the front cover. They’ve done an absolutely wonderful job Illustrated by artist Koos Kleven and the story by Elizabeth Fernandez. Koos and Elizabeth have done a fantastic job of visualising the story. Everyone will love it!


Cover of Comic



As ever, thank you for your interest and I shall put out another update before D day on the 11th September. 



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