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Weekend Showcase: Sonja Seear (Photographer)

15 May


Every Friday, 1 creative, letting their work speak for itself.


Sonja Seear


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Time for Tea

The image is from my project ‘Time for Tea’ focusing on the subject of tea drinking. I chose afternoon tea as a subject, as it is quintessentially an English tradition despite tea drinking being imbibed in many cultures across the world. The project aimed to reflect the social aspects of tea drinking, the intimacy of this experience where increasingly time is more precious, and communication is becoming instant, yet impersonal and superficial. The project aimed to illustrate how the ritual of tea drinking is individual in terms of colours, flavours, and setting.




For more information about Sonja’s Photographic Services: http://www.sonjamartinphotography.com/contact%20page.html


Please do get in touch if you would like to be showcased via the form in the What’s On page, or the reply box. 

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