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13 Aug

ūüôā Since the last ArtiPeep session I’ve been thinking a lot about INTENTION, which has been further enhanced by my acquistition of Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention. ¬†Here he sites Carlos Castanada’s (a great lover of Shamanism) definition:

‘Intent is a force that exists in the universe. When¬†sorcerers¬†(those who live of the source) beckon intent it comes to them and sets up a path of attainment which means that a¬†sorcerer¬†always accomplish what they set out to do’.¬†

This past week I’ve been very ¬†busy stretching my hand upwards reaching high for intent to help me crack my issues with Gentleness ( teeth issues a-go-go, causing me gyp…I’ll say no more…except it pushes all my buttons). But my intent has been oh-so strong. ¬†This is one of the last few issues I have but it’s a big one: one that goes right to my core and my heart, ¬†and every day when I brush my teeth old, cruel ArtiPeep (perfection and cruelty-love it) bashes up against ArtiPeep (who knows gentleness and imperfection are A ¬†ok) and for the space of the brushing there’s a bloody battle , and ArtiPeep looks at herself in the mirror and says with great vehemency :’ ¬†ArtiPeep doesn’t have to listen to old ArtiPeep!’. ‘No, no, no. You don’t need to listen to her anymore’. My intent, ¬†in this regard you see, ¬†is strong, rock solid. There is no need for cruelty and sharding to still be in my life. I deserve better. My intention is to learn gentleness and kindness towards myself( and this is the opportunity through which I can do so; and I don’t mean something half-hearted but something root-strong that spreads its tendrils throughout my life. ¬†Gentleness and kindness throughout-not just for me but spread out to all those I meet. And I know, oh yes I know, that it will be this that will transform me and let me truly flourish into my future (near-apparent) and into my life right now (apparent). It’s one of the biggest battles I’ve ever had, and this is where my warriorship is coming in handy. There I stand sword and shield in hand. and I do, I d o, most certainly, do, ¬†feel solid, like there is a true centre to me that stretches down through me into the brown earth. It’s there (and I can hardly believe it ). It really is. and I can close my eyes and feel it, really, really feel it. and it is my intent that is holding me there however I am feeling.

And as each day passes I am feeling like I’m getting closer to my source, to the force which I feel, more and more is giving me all these opportunities and ideas. It is this knowledge and the feeling, ¬†when I close my eyes, ¬†that makes me know I’m on my path. ¬†So I’m truely grateful that this opportunity has come for me to set and challenge ¬†my intent in such a rigorous way, and I shall raise my shield, cup my face in my hand (should I need comfort) and continue to move forward. Step by Step. I will accomplish what I have set out to do.

ArtiPeeps’ Inspiration Pointers

6 Aug
  • ūüėČ
  • Follow Your Bliss- Bring Forth What Is Inside You
  • Be You-live for something
  • Connect to Source
  • Enthusiasm brings Creative Energy
  • Love, and do what you will
  • You Are Not the Roles You Play
  • Separate Your Thoughts from the Situation
  • Exercise Your Mind With Strong Determination: diligently, patiently persistently (and playfully). Choose with awareness,¬†equanimity¬†& Wisdom
  • The soul attracts what it loves and fears
  • Cherish Your Vision- Follow with Courage and Self-Reliance
  • Until You Face how You Feel Not What You Should Feel Healing Can’t Begin
  • Counter Your Negative Belief With A Positive One
  • Every thought matches what you give back
  • Creator or Victim/ Procrastinator or Creator?
  • Be-Do-Have- Happy With that Which We Are
  • Sit With Discomfort without trying to fix it
  • Flexibility and¬†openness¬†bring strength
  • Prefer the choice to not doing at all, then do it wholeheartedly
  • Have a safety net of compassion
  • Be kind. act like your ideal of your self: now
  • Connect to your intention-with discipline, wisdom, love and surrender
  • Say Yes To Life
  • How can you serve?
  • Use Your Signature strengths every day (see Authentic Happiness link in ¬†the link list)
  • What one can be one must be
  • Embrace your imperfections
  • Count Your blessings
  • Plunge In, not to fear mistakes
  • Embrace Uncertainty
  • Live with Integrity Following your Source
  • Relate to your vision with deep knowing and not fear
  • Never let a negative thought complete itself
  • See only what you wish to experience
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