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‘Greed and Sorrow’ Swipe 5/5: Transformations Poems (Book 11)

6 Feb


George Braque Metamorphoses

February 2013-March 2014

17 poets, 15 months, creating 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

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Poems Inspired by Book 11


 Adam Wimbush


The Cave of Sleep

by Adam Wimbush

Meanwhile…Alcyone is lost
Within the threads of blissful ignorance,
Aware the time grains dwindled
She kept entertained by weaving wonder.
Cocooned in her material of memories
Waiting for Ceyx to rematerialize.

Within the mellifluous manifolds of mist
She sends scent messages, mind texts, thought codes.
Requesting her husband’s safe return.
They were all unanswered,
Vacuous in the sublime void of prayer plasma.
Alcyones love for her husband Ceyx did not dilate,
It would tarnish the Heaven Zones here on Earth.
So Juno replied and programmed Iris with a mission.

>> Fast-forward to Somnus,
Ask him to send a dream clone of Ceyx to Alcyone,
To inject the truth…of her husbands demise. <<

Iris armed herself in spectrums,
Stained the sky with her sunset shadow,
Travelling through the thought fog
Wrapping the palace of Sleep.
Now imagine a kaleidoscopic chasm worming through a mountain,
Here be Sleep, were light is reversed,
Were the planets subconscious vapour
Swirls in a strange languid language of silence.
The only sound is from deep within,
The Stream of Dreams babbling,
Powering the Inducing Equipment.
This is the ambient abyss.

Iris floats in, sparkling refractions bounce off her,
Illuminating the chamber,
She sees Somnus sprawled out on his cloud couch.
A carpet of phantoms churn lethargically at his feet.
Somnus is spliced within worlds, his mind focus, un-focus,
Constantly sinking, sluggishly he enquires as to Iris’ presence.
Before his head disappeared into the mirror of his mind.

>>Sleep…who silences minds…the invigorator.
Order a Brain-Wraith to replicate Ceyx to enter Alcyones mind<<

With the message delivered and
Before slumber steals her consciousness
She flees on the bends of rainbows.

Morpheus is selected to metamorphose.
His detailing is exquisite,
A real shape shifter.
He will travel through the parallel territories,
On his noiseless wings like a souls shadow,
To pour these words into the dreamers ears…

>> …Wife, my image is distorted by death.
But it is I Ceyx.
My spaceship was destroyed in an energy blast.
But the echo of my voice is active
Repeating your name in space.
No more messages to the beyond.
You can still cry stars,
But it won’t bring me back. <<

Alcyones mind wriggles awake,
Her arms swiping for the spirit shape,
But he evaporates when she awakens.
Air body, the colour splashes away.

Distraught she tumbles into terror.
She plans to destroy herself,
In the self same fashion.
Molecular Dissipation.

Console Soul alone as Ceyx is.

To be dust touching dust…
……dream touching dream.

After Meanwhile…


Linking thought traces to spaces,
A glitch in the thought sea.
A shape, growing, morphing.
Recognition shreds her mind,
It’s the bobbing body of Ceyx.
His skin bubble.
In an astonishing organic flurry,
A screech-emitting bit,
Alcyone is air born, a wing woman.
Her cells regurgitate molecules,
Atoms split. The transformations kicking in,
With the energy of grief.

She faintly felt her freaky beak feel for his face,
The structure too solid that kisses couldn’t pass.
She cocooned the cadaver in drowning wings.
Gods witnessing pitied them,
Remixing them both as birds.
Now with parallel fates their love evolves,
Oscillating each year as avian aliens.
They fly on the surreal thermals of thought,
Swooping synapse lovers.

Covalent bonds holding strong.

Free to create.




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