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Vikings Ahoy! The Nine Realms Update: March

5 Mar


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19 poets, 22 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking boat

Vikings Ahoy!


I finally sent off our application to Arts Council England (ACE) last week, which was a great relief after 2 months of fiddling with words and figures.  You become so anxious about wanting to communicate the worth of your project and the quality of the creatives involved, and hoping you’ve done everything and everyone justice…. I’m pleased to say that the day before yesterday I heard that the application had passed through the first stage, which feels great. I shall keep everyone posted as to the application’s progress. We will hear in the middle of April.

It’s funny how life works: that on the same morning that I pressed the submit button to whiz the application off to ACE, I also heard from Norfolk County Council, saying that we have been offered a provisional grant from them- towards the cost of hiring ‘The Gallery’ space in Hanse House. This feels brilliant because it reconfirms that the Council thinks highly of the creatives involved, the projects we create, and the opportunities we offer. And in terms of Norfolk, it’s great that they are supporting Hanse House in its development as a cultural venue. So good news all round!

I have also finally sent off two trust letters to The Paul Bassham Trust (supporting events in Norfolk) and the Laura Elizabeth Stuart Memorial Trust (who support projects in Norfolk with a broad educational remit) for help towards the hire of Hanse House and our Schools’ Day costs on the Friday of our event. Decision dates on trust funding can be quite quick. The trusts meet in April, and we can  hear 2-3 weeks later,  so watch this space….


With the trust letters off I can now concentrate on preparations for our crowdfunding campaign. We have decided to go for Indiegogo this time because it has a firm not-for-profit remit and flexible funding. It’s a difficult call to make- Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but the only way to know is to have an experience of both.  So this year its Indiegogo’s turn…..At the moment I am aiming to begin our campaign on Monday 20th April for 30 days.  Last year we crowdfunded for entire project costs. This year we are funding for the commission fees of our oak-carved Viking boat, which will be live carved by woodcarver Mark Crowley across the 30 days. Live updates throughout. The boat will act as a focal point in ‘The Gallery’ space throughout our event. We are going to be donating the boat to Hanse House after the 5-days, so it can sit within a suitable hanseatic setting. We’ll have to nab the boat back though when we tour with The Nine Realms…..


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The month ahead will consist of me pulling the campaign together on Indiegogo and creating a project video and campaign page. I’m having a different approach this year with the video, and making it a lot less talky and more image based, which I think will work much better. I’m also planning to storyboard it carefully first as well. We are also presently confirming the backer rewards, and I’ll reveal all as soon as they’re 100% decided upon.

Other Progress:

Two pieces of artwork for the project have come in thus far. I will share them with the Viking participants first, and then post them out in my next update. All the artwork is due in on Thursday 30th April which will be in the middle of our campaign.  I think it will be exciting to reveal all the event art in the middle of our funding initiative.

 As some of the artwork has already come in I have been able to start creating the first greetings card in  our reward 3-pack.  The artwork and writing features Viking artist Robert Fitzmaurice and Viking poet Tom Murphy . The card went off yesterday to the printers, and as soon as it is ready, I’ll release it to the world. 

I think that’s about it for now.

Thank you, as ever, for your interest.

Viking Nicky

The Nine Realms HQ

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