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Weekend Showcase: Koos Kleven (Artist and Writer)

15 Feb


Under the Spotlight 

Every Friday, 1 artist/painter/poet/writer, letting their work speak for itself.

Do get in touch if you would like to be showcased.




KK 2 Frame Tiff

KK 3 Frame Tiff 3

Hi, I’m Koos Kleven, the writer and artist of AnotherWebcomic.com. I’m not actually an artist, at least not professionally, in fact I’m a software engineer with an art habit; being from Seattle, it turns out that isn’t too uncommon. Getting into art and design has been and continues to be an awesome challenge, but so time consuming.

One of my favorite activities is borrowing the style of other artists. With the theft of others’ style, I hope to gain some better techniques and slowly evolve a style of my own. While my style drifts through most of my work, I try to keep style consistent within story lines.

There are too many artists who inspire me to ever list, however here’s the beginnings of a list of those artists:

Kali Ciesemer (http://kalidraws.blogspot.com/)

Asaf Hanuka (and his brother Tomer Hanuka too) (site: http://realistcomics.blogspot.com/)

Danielle Corsetto of http://girlswithslingshots.com

– Zach Gorman of  http://magicalgametime.com


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