‘Many thanks for your email. ArtiPeeps looks like a very impressive venture! I’ve had a good look at the website and am blown away by the variety and quality of the work on it. I’d love our pupils to be able to showcase some of their work on your site, ‘

James Baddock, Millfield School, Somerset, Head of English, Drama & Media



Lili Morgan(artist):

(took up a creative residency in 2013, FreeSpace, ‘Transformations’)

 ‘From the moment I was asked to take up a creative residency for a month, I was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity displayed. I was supported wholeheartedly. I was provided with a mentor which was so helpful and decided to talk about my experience in journal form on ArtiPeeps.

I did a collaboration with a number of poets during the first month and then I was asked if I would like to extend my journal to become a resident artist on ArtiPeeps. I excitedly accepted the offer. I went on to write a regular journal. I also did 3 collaborations under the ‘FreeSpace’ initiative with the very talented poet @Nat Hall via ArtiPeeps which was amazing. I really connected with Nat and the collaborations were so much fun to do.

I was then amazed to be asked to take part in an exhibition in Norfolk this coming September 2014. ‘Transformations’ will be a mixture of poets and artists brought together by ArtiPeeps based on Metamorphoses by Ovid. The work will also be featured in a book. Artipeeps and Nicky has helped me tremendously with enthusiasm, support and encouragement and has provided me with my first opportunity to display my art at an exhibition. I have also been able to connect with other creatives via ArtiPeeps as well.

Overall, my time with ArtiPeeps has been extremely positive and I know that we will be sure to be working together in the future. I am very grateful for everything ArtiPeeps has done to support and help me with.In my opinion it’s the perfect place for any emerging artist to showcase their work.’

Holly Gibson (writer):

On Holly’s ‘FreeSpace’* opportunity for prose writer:

 ‘Thank you ever so much for this, it has definitely boosted my confidence.’

Holly showcased her short story in two parts in 2013.  Here, here

*FreeSpace = 3 slots on ArtiPeeps spread across a season of work. Can be used for more showcasing or a project. Also open to groups.


Atalina Marie Homan (artist)

on taking part in our ‘Supporting Mental Health’ Collaboration on Comfort and Light

‘a wonderful process to go through! What i enjoyed most was becoming a blank canvas myself, so as to create something original and entirely inspired by the emotion i felt when reading Becca’s poem.’  (2013)

You can see Atalina’s collaboration with poet Rebecca Audra Smith here 

Jack Morris (artist)

On taking part in our 2014 Anxiety and Release ‘Supporting Mental Health’ Collaboration.

‘On a side note, I’m delighted with the collaboration that was put up today. I was hoping my artwork could compliment Lucy’s poem and I’m really pleased with how they work alongside each other. You’re really are doing great work with ArtiPeeps. Thanks’

You can see Jack’s collaboration with Poet Lucy Quin here



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