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19 poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking Boat

A large, global, interactive combined arts experience

‘Magicking the Norse World to Life’


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Good News from today- Monday the 20th April- ArtiPeeps is launching an Indiegogo campaign for the final piece in our funding jigsaw: the commissioning costs of  a bespoke oak and ash hand carved Viking boat which will act as a centrepiece for our latetest largescale project!  From the 20th, on a daily basis,  Mark Crowley a woodcarver from Newcastle will be carving our boat. By the end of our campaign a fully formed boat will have emerged from two pieces of wood Mark has chosen for the project.

Not only will ArtiPeeps have a unique piece of art but we will have the centre piece for the  largescale combined arts experience we are hosting at Hanse House, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, and The Norfolk and Norwich Milleniuum Library between Friday 11th September-Tuesday 15th September 2015.  The event is the culmination of a  nine month online project inspired by Norse Mythology and The Prose and Poetic Eddas. Designed to bring the Norse myths and stories to life for the general public and schools through poetry, music, art, Minecraft and comics. As many of us as possible will be coming together at the event, so it is also a celebration of connectivity and trust.


King’s Lynn

Tying in with the National Heritage Open Day on the Sunday we will be based in ‘The Gallery’ at Hanse House. See right. 

The 5-days will include a Schools’ Day (for two local schools), Poetry and Art Workshops and access to a bespoke Nine Realms Viking Minecraft World created by Adam Clarke who has worked on TateWorlds. Attendees will have access to a Viking Worksheet, Norse Expert from Gonville and Caius and a specially designed Ragnarök comic created by two artists from Washington and Florida, USA.  Minecraft play sessions will also be run.

The Nine Realms features the work of 45 talented poets, artists and musicians that have worked together for the last 9 months, exploring the 9 realms of Norse mythology and bringing the myths and stories to life. 34 new poems celebrating the 9 realms (from Asgard to Alfheim) will be displayed in ‘The Gallery’ space on bespoke realm boards, alongside 19 new artworks (with 2-3 artists taking a realm each). The 1000+ members of the general public plus schools will be invited to take part in and listen to regular poetry readings that will take attendees around the 9 realms. 9 new pieces of realm music have also been commissioned and will be premiered  introducing and enhancing the poetry at the experience. We will also be using lighting to create the Northern Lights and starry skies. Our aim is to create a magical, participatory experience which inspires and brings to life the power of the oral tradition. The Norse myths have played an important part in the way we tell stories today.

With the introduction of the elements of Minecraft and Music, The Nine Realms, represents the combined arts template we hope to use in all our future projects. With the belief that through a sensory mix of art forms a variety of access points can be formed to complex material.  One that moves people away from merely ‘attending’ to ‘participating’.

Norwich: Special Realm Poetry Reading and Open Mic Session

We are also hosting  a special realm poetry reading in the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium library, which is considered the most popular library in the UK.  Between 5.45pm and 7.30 pm a  group of the poets and artists involved in the project will gather to share our realm poetry with the general public. As part of a celebration of the oral tradition of the Norse Sagas. There will also be an open mic session for the general public, so Norfolk residents can share their own creativity with us. This reading will be recorded and broadcast by community radio station. Future Radio across their programming. Future Radio has a listenership of 25,000 a week, so our reach will be broad. We’re thrilled about both new partnerships with the library and with the radio station and we are excited to extend our reach to another part of Norfolk.

Participating Poets and Artists:


Lydia Allison, Richard Biddle, Ross Beattie, Robert De Born, Kate Garrett, Shirley Golden, Nat Hall

Karin Heyer, James Knight, Greg Mackie, Jim C. Mackintosh, John Mansell, Lenka Monk, Tom Murphy

Eleanor Perry, Mina Polen, Carol Robson, Rebecca Audra Smith

The Nine Realms Poets and Writers Bios (Includes contact details)


Soundcloud Playlist of The Nine Realms Poetry, thus far:



Deborah Sheehy & Diana Probst, Asgard; Heather Burns & Jen Thompson, Vanaheim; Jasmine Renold & Ieuan Edwards,Jotunheim; Tony Adams & Cliona Sheehan, Nidavellier; Ryan Atkins & Lili Morgan, Helheim; Robert Fitzmaurice & Charlie Redding, Nifelheim; Gill Offley, Chad Swanson & Mark Peverley, Muspelheim; James Mackenzie & Raymond Bentley Midgard; Elaine Offley & Ann Supan, Alfheim

 Comic Artists:  Elizabeth Fernandez and Koos Kleven

The Nine Realms Artists Biographies (Includes contact information)


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“Creativity generates well-being. Within nearly twelve months of collaborating with various writers & visual artists, ArtiPeeps has provided a formidable platform for allowing both inner spirit & work to explore new corners and connect with kindred spirits. So far, it has been both a challenging and highly enjoyable adventure!” 
Nat Hall, participating poet, on taking part in Transformations in 2014
‘Many thanks for your email. ArtiPeeps looks like a very impressive venture! I’ve had a good look at the website and am blown away by the variety and quality of the work on it. I’d love our pupils to be able to showcase some of their work on your site ‘
James Baddock, Millfield School, Somerset, Head of English, Drama & Media


Mark Crowley- Biography:

It all started with den building as a young boy…I graduated in 1999 specialising in woodwork and sculpture and moved into education where I spent 10 years delivering Sculpture workshops to a wide range of people of all ages and abilities. over this time, I started undertaking private sculpture commissions and gradually moved into self employment. I had an opportunity to mix my passion for teaching with my love for woodwork and sculpture and am very proud to say I truly love what I do.

An important aspect of my work is to collect, restore and give new life into old woodworking tools and use them in a traditional way to create my work. I do this when I collect my wood too. I love rescuing wood, saving a log from a fireplace for example, then turning into something that will last a lifetime is my motivation. @MarkCrowley_


ArtiPeeps is a collaborative creativity and well-being not-for-profit organisation and website which was started in 2012. We specialise in the facilitation of large-scale projects which showcase global poets, artists and musicians, and introduce epic pieces of literature to new audiences and schools. Our purpose is to nurture creativity and well-being through collaboration. We also run a variety of individual online and collaborative showcasing initiatives. We also have an interest in mental health which underpins everything we do.

Contact information:  Director, Nicky Mortlock w. https: e. t.

Hanse House: 

is a fifteenth century listed building sited on the South Quay in King’s Lynn. Originally one of two hanseatic warehouses, it was leased to the Hanseeatic society, and now is being sensitively re-developed in line with its rich heritage of international commerce and collaboration. Contact Information: Manager, Kirsty Gauntley w. e. t.


Future Radio:

Future Radio is the community radio station for Norwich. Future radio is part of Future Projects and  was one of the first community stations in the country to be awarded a five year full time community broadcast license in 2005.

Future Radio offers volunteers the unique opportunity to develop new skills by getting involved in radio presentation and production.

Mission Statement

Mission: To provide a diverse, accessible, and engaging community radio service which educates and supports the local and wider community, provides high quality output and promotes community development and cohesion.

Vision: Our vision is that of a community which has equality of opportunity and the education, skills and confidence to overcome its social or economic disadvantages and contribute fully to society.

Do checkout the Campaign link, and help us spread the word:

nine realms8

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