Welcome to the ArtiPeeps TRANSFORMATIONS PAGE where you’ll find out about our latest venture starting in February 2013!


The Idea :

SirenIs that we will create a new contemporary extended narrative re-interpretation of Ovid’s METAMORPHOSES created by a range of diverse poetic voices (ie. you) (the famous epic poem completed in AD 8 ; a tale about change and transformation, myth and legend, charting the world’s creation from the beginning to the crowning of Julius Caesar). Our piece will be inspired and driven by the content of the 15 books therein (see below).

10 plus poets working together over 15 months starting in February 2013 (this will give us a chance to get over xmas and will give me time to start up a Facebook Group Page so you can share your experiences, collaborate and hopefully create a little mini-community … ). The start date will be formerly confirmed to all participants once numbers have been firmly established. I will also need email addresses (some of which I’ve already got).  


Each poet will be asked to produce at least one poem per month (if you’re a poet who writes quickly you can do more that’s fine) inspired sequentially by the stories in each book of Metamorphoses (1-15). One book per month. One poem per month, submitted to me via email by at least the last Friday of the month. You can use just one of the stories as a point of inspiration or all of them. It’s up to you. The stories can be interpreted in anyway you like within a modern or ancient context. The idea is that the piece will be of  contemporary relevance. An extended time frame has been chosen so that the emphasis can be on creating quality whilst giving you the space and time to create and engage with the subject matter freely and within a sensible time frame (i.e. on top of life). 


Here are the books to give you an idea (you might need to get hold of a copy if you haven’t got one already or there’s a copy online HERE : 


Month 1 Book ICosmogonyAges of ManGigantesDaphneIo;

Month 2 Book IIPhaëtonCallistoJupiter and Europa;

Month 3 Book III: CadmusActaeonEchoNarcissus, and Pentheus;

Month 4 Book IV: Pyramus and ThisbeHermaphroditus

 and SalmacisPerseus & Andromeda

Month 5 Book V: Phineus, the Rape of Proserpina;

Month 6 Book VI: ArachneNiobePhilomela and Procne;

Month 7 Book VII: MedeaCephalus and Procris;

Month 8 Book VIII: Nisos and ScyllaDaedalus and 

IcarusBaucis and Philemon;

Month 9 Book IX: HeraclesByblis;

Month 10 Book X: EurydiceHyacinthPygmalionMyrrhaAdonis,


Month 11 Book XI: OrpheusMidasAlcyone and CeyxAesacus;

Month 12 Book XII: IphigeneiaCentaursAchilles;

Month 13 Book XIII: the Sack of TroyAeneas;

Month 14 Book XIV: ScyllaAeneasRomulus;

 Month 15 Book XV: PythagorasHippolytusAesculapiusCaesar.[1]

They are truly beautiful stories  that have shaped our existence and mythologies! Wonderful! 

In order to mark the monthly transition from one book to the next. I will blog an introductory post outlining the stories and content of each book. I am also going to allocate one page of ArtiPeeps to the collaboration and there you will find all the details of the project. I will also include suggested OPTIONAL word and form prompts which poets can use to direct their work if they wish. 

When the poems for that particular post come in I will post them directly onto that page, and cumulatively we will create a massive collaborative epic contemporary poem ! How exciting is that? It’s exciting !



I have in mind that extra to the sheer satisfaction of having produced this mega piece of work that I will also find a means (on its completion) to publish our work  in a hard-copy format; or, maybe, to turn it into a multimedia piece in some way… I’m exploring options at the moment….


Joining Us:

I know so far that 10 plus poets have said they are interested, but the more the merrier! If you’ve read this and would like to get involved please do contact me via the reply box or via @ArtiPeep on Twitter. And indeed if you know of anybody who might be interested in this project do pass the information on to them and they can gladly join us. 

I want to make this a truly great collaborative experience for you all and I also want to produce a piece of work that is of true quality and a reflection of all your talent. I’m always up for feedback and input. If you think I’ve forgotten anything, or are confused logistically please do get in touch. The good thing about starting in February is that we have time to tweak things. I will put the ‘Transformations’ page up shortly.

Thank you for your interest and support. I’m really looking forward to working with you all over an extended period of time and creating something truly wonderful, meaningful, socially relevant and creative.

Let the collaboration commence!



which embodies the following:

  • CARE ArtiPeeps is founded upon care, consideration, communication, opportunity and heart. Therefore every contributor should treat the other collaborators with the respect that they would give to themselves and with the following other guiding principles in mind.
  • COMMUNICATION Once in a collaboration it is the intention of ArtiPeeps that pairings or groups should keep in regular contact with each other, to bring each side of the collaboration into the process (even if the physical act of creating is a solitary one). This is the responsibility of the collaborators involved. This does not need to be in a heavy handed, pervasive way but could be seen as a sign of respect within the collaboration. ArtiPeeps in return will try and find vehicles through which to facilitate this dialogue wherever possible.
  • ALIGNMENT AND INTENTIONS Contributors and collaborators need to be aware of the intentions behind what ArtiPeeps does and act accordingly. Please see the CreoKardia website for full details. ArtiPeeps is not about marketing or selling, or advertising in anyway at the moment unless it completely ties in with its principles as outlined in About CreoKardia or embodied in its principles in About ArtiPeeps. ArtiPeeps is a vehicle for expression. Any associations that  might come up within blogs or collaborations need to be passed through ArtiPeep first. In return for this alignment ArtiPeeps will always consult with contributors before any significant associations or alignments are made with like minded organisations.
  • OPEN LINES AND FEEDBACK As a Collaborator and or a Contributor to ArtiPeeps what you think and feel matters to us, so  feedback and open lines of communication are always welcomed on any level. Please feel free to communicate with honesty. ArtiPeeps is about openness and in response for yours ArtiPeeps will do its best to respond to user need similarly and to be as transparent as possible with its intent.


6 Responses to “How it started….TRANSFORMATIONS”

  1. guger12 July 11, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    I read your text from Leipzig and was deeply moved by it. Love, Gunilla

  2. honeybeegardencare July 19, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    Oh Karin, I’m so sorry to hear Kit has died, when you spoke of him in Gill’s car, I remember thinking what a sweet natured cat he sounded, bless him.

    • orwell531 July 22, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

      Dear Sharon, Thank you for your kind thoughts about Kit. I miss him very much. I am glad for you that the sun shines for a few days, because this must make your work in gardens more enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you on Wed., fond greetings, Karin.

  3. nannus February 20, 2014 at 8:18 pm #

    An interesting project. Unfortunately, I am not a native speaker of English and I don’t think my poetic abilities in this language are sufficient for this project. However, you might be interested in my thoughts on Phaeton (a rather speculative essay) and my reinterpretation of the Eurydice story on my blog.

    • ArtiPeeps February 21, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

      Thanks for taking a look at this project. The actual physical writing of the poetry will stop in March, but you’ll be able to see how everything pans out with our Kickstarter campaign in April and the actual exhibition in September. Metamorphoses has been such an amazing piece of literature with which to engage, and I’ll definitely take a look at your thoughts on Phaeton. I really have consistently appreciated your interest in what we do. Our next large-scale project will be on Norse Sagas. All the very best to you. Nicky

      • nannus February 21, 2014 at 5:26 pm #

        Yesterday I wrote another piece, on Icarus. Maybe you will find it interesting as well.

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