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14 online Twitter Poets,  15 online Twitter artists, 15 months, 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

‘Of bodies changed to other forms I tell’


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Campaign hopes to Kickstart a huge poetry and art exhibition in King’s Lynn Read More: http://goo.gl/xmsR2M

Cambridge Evening News:

‘I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, but art helped me turn my life around’ says Cambridge woman Nicky Mortlock


Read more: http://goo.gl/4Qwxo4


Kickstarter Video

Our Kickstarter campaign has started! Click the link to watch the campaign video that I made: http://goo.gl/khucJx and here’s the short-link to the whole project : http://kck.st/1i2e721 Do take a look. We need your support!




 We’re thrilled to announce that ArtiPeeps has been offered a provisional grant of £200 by Norfolk County Council towards the hire of Hanse House (£375) if we meet our Kickstarter goal of £4413! This acknowledgement of our project means a lot to us.  From small acorns great trees grow! ————————————————————————————————————-

Good news!  ArtiPeeps is hosting  our first large-scale poetry and art exhibition inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Featuring the art and poetry of 29 emerging and established Twitter poets and artists from around the globe.

Where? Hanse House, Norfolk, UK

When? :  Friday 12th, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th September 2014

Tying in with the National Heritage Open Day on the Sunday.

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Over the last 15 months 14 Twitter poets have individually been writing poems on a monthly basis inspired by the books/chapters  of Ovid’s epic Metamorphoses.  These have then been posted out on ArtiPeeps on a weekly basis. Then 15 Twitter artists have also been allocated a book and are now presently creating a new artwork inspired by their allocated book. The poets and artists  are from all over the globe: from Lehare in India, to Reading in the UK,  to Ohio in the US.  As many of us as possible will be meeting in the flesh  at the exhibition for the first time, making the virtual real, which is a very exciting thought. 

This exhibition not only puts artist and poet together, but also connects the two forms collaboratively. 4-5  poems from each poet have been chosen, inspired by one of the 15 books of Metamorphoses. Each artist has also been allocated a particular book and is painting a picture to represent it. It is our intention that collectively the poetry and art  will invigorate and transform the classic text and stories for a wider audience, giving them a contemporary twist.  

It cannot be emphasised enough how significant Metamorphoses has been in the formation of our mythic stories and culture:

It may be doubted whether any poem has had so great an influence on the literature of western civilisation as Metamorphoses’ (A.D. Melville)

The exhibition will  lead  the viewer on a sequential journey via word and image through these classic tales of creation, chaos and war… There will also be daily poetry readings by the poets,  and an on-demand exhibition book will be available  and an ebook via Amazon.

ArtiPeeps is also interested in making the literature and stories within Transformations as accessible as possible to children and schools so alongside the main exhibition there will be a large-scale comic version of some of the stories from books 1, 3, and 8. These are being produced by a great pair of cartoonists and artists The Code Crimson  are creative duo based in South Florida, USA (see below). We’re hoping that the comic acts as an innovative entry point to the work and material on show. This ties in with the Classical Civilisations A/S Syllabus.  We will be making the first Friday of the exhibition a School Day. The idea is that we will then create a cartoon for each of our large-scale projects as an accessible, innovative way to introduce the subject matter addressed in the main exhibition. 

ArtiPeeps’  intention is to eventually tour with Transformations and to use it as a template for further large-scale multi-form educational projects. Watch out for Norse Sagas in 2015! 

Please do get in contact if you would like to get involved in future multi-form collaborations via the website or via @ArtiPeeps. And if you want to read some of our Transformations poems you can do so here or find out how it all started you can do so here.


Creativity generates well-being. Within nearly twelve months of collaborating with various writers & visual artists, ArtiPeeps has provided a formidable platform for allowing both inner spirit & work to explore new corners and connect with kindred spirits. So far, it has been both a challenging and highly enjoyable adventure!” Nat Hall, participating poet

Participating Poets and Artists:

Poets                                                 Artists

Richard Biddle                               Ryan Atkins (Book 12)

John Austin Brooks                       Ray Bentley (Book 10)

Sadaf Fatima                                  Heather Burns (Book 7)

Kate Garrett                                   Ken Fasimpaur (Photographer)                                                                  (Book 8)

Nat Hall                                            Rob Fitzmaurice (Book 13)

Karin Heyer                                    James Mackenzie (Book 14)

James Knight                                Sara Mena (Book 9)

Greg Mackie                                   Lili Morgan (Book 2)

John Mansell                                  Elaine Offley (Book 4)

Lenka Monk                                   Gill Offley (Book 11)

Eleanor Perry                                Diana Probst (Book 1)

Carol Robson                                 Kelly Occhiuzzo (Book 3)

Rebecca Audra Smith                  Charlie Redding (Book 6)

Adam Wimbush                            Amanda Santos (Book 15)

                                                          Hugo Smith (Book 5

 Poets Biographies 

Artists Biographies 

The Transformations Poems Thus Far

 You can also find a lot of the poets’ and artists’ work on ArtiPeeps via the search button.


 is a website and constituted online voluntary organisation which has been in existence since in 2012 . With a purpose to nurture creativity and well-being through collaboration it provides unique virtual, collaborative, multiform opportunities for emerging creatives from all disciplines, ages and from all over the globe. ArtiPeeps specialises in the creation and facilitation of innovative small, mid-sized and large-scale collaborations with external outlets in the form of exhibitions and publications. These collaborations create new artworks and literary pieces, connect creatives world-wide, whilst being educational, form-challenging and exploratory. With well-being at ArtiPeeps’ heart it is also runs specific initiatives which support and promote public awareness of mental health issues, where ‘creatives can make a difference’

Contact information:  Director, Nicky Mortlock w. https://artipeeps.wordpress.com e. artipeeps@yahoo.co.uk t. https://twitter.com/ArtiPeep

Hanse House: 

is a fifteenth century listed building sited on the South Quay in King’s Lynn. Originally one of two hanesatic warehouses, it was leased to the Haneseatic society, and now is being sensitively re-developed in line with its rich heritage of international commerce and collaboration. Contact Information: Manager, Kirsty Gauntley w. http://www.hansehouse.co.uk/ e. kirsty@hansehouse.co.uk t. https://twitter.com/HanseHousekl

The Code Crimson:


The Code Crimson is an ongoing webcomic and independently published comic book series created by Elizabeth Fernandez and Lisa Perz. When Serena starts hearing a paranoid voice in her head, her nightmare visions of alien espionage all begin to come true. Her best friend Fitz discovers her secret, and together they escape to unravel a menacing conspiracy stretching across time and space. With a few adorable adventures along the way, of course. http://thecodecrimson.com/ Lisa Perz  Lisa began her love affair with art at the age of 7. Her art is silly, sexy, playful, and cute. With no formal artistic training, she allows her imagination to run free. Since her first solo exhibit in 2007, she has exhibited her art across South Florida. She specializes in working with markers and watercolors, in addition to digital art. Music is her primary inspiration, and what she listens to while creating her art directly influences the direction a piece takes. Along with Elizabeth Fernandez, she co-created The Code Crimson in 2011. Elizabeth Fernandez Elizabeth enjoys difficult things simply because they’re difficult. She’s a writer, editor, illustrator, and designer focusing on emerging technology. With more than a decade in publishing, she’s served as the lead editor of 10 books. A lifelong comic book fan, she co-created The Code Crimson with Lisa Perz in 2011. Since then, she’s fervently studied illustration, layout, and web design, falling completely in love with visual art in the process. https://twitter.com/TheCodeCrimson


  1. Nick Adams April 22, 2014 at 3:08 pm #

    Looking forward to this very much. I know the work of one of the artists – James Mackenzie but no tyke others, so am fascinated to see what should be a wonderful collaboration.

    • ArtiPeeps April 22, 2014 at 3:22 pm #

      Dear Nick,

      Thanks so much for saying that. James has been involved with ArtiPeeps right from the beginning, and I’m looking forward t seeing his painting inspired by Book 14. Do make sure you check out the Campaign page.

      All the artwork for the project is due in next Tuesday, so we’ll be able to hopefully feature the new artwork on both ArtiPeeps and Kickstarter then.

      Thank you for your interest.

      All good wishes,


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