[mass noun]

  • the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy

ArtiPeeps believes in the impact of creativity and creating on well-being and health . Self expression is a key factor in anybody’s life and particularly if you are a creative. ArtiPeeps aims to generate and offer a warm collaborative environment which helps facilitate well-being through creativity. This is a subtle focus of ours but an important one. It is there quietly bubbling under the surface of everything we do. It is hoped that as ArtiPeeps grows there will eventually be a specific area of this site for this side of our work to rest in. We  also have a great deal of respect for AfterNow a project run by Professor Phil Hanlon who looks at Well-being in relation to the health of our society. As ArtiPeeps grows as an organisation we hope to embody more of his principles and contribute to a world in which we can all express and live lives grounded in creativity and collecxtivity

 Over the years we have run several projects under the title ‘Creatives Making A Difference’/ Supporting Mental Health’. These collaborations focus on a specific emotion or psychological issue, and involve creatives working collaboratively.  It is hoped that we will pull these collaborations together into an exhibition and eventually create a virtual comfort zone where these projects can rest. The intention of this zone will be to provide a resource for people in need and to provide information in a unique way. You can see a range of these projects here

The well-being of all our contributors is important for us which is why we created the Collaborative Charter which outlines the responsibilities that contributors have towards each other and the responsibilities ArtiPeeps has towards it’s creatives. You can find it here.

We aim to create a warm, welcoming, inspiring site which is accessible to all. 

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