Vimeo & What Does It Mean?

4 Sep

😉 I had a great week last week because I stumbled upon Vimeo (an alternative to You Tube- less ubiquitous it seems, and more creative) where I thought I/we could host any videos we create. It’s where I’m going to put The Dove Project as we go along.  Having thought it through  I  have also  decided to use Vimeo as a springboard for not only our group and individual creative projects but also  for ArtiPeeps  as an entity in itself and for what will be my overarching business (now called CreoKardia …meaning to create from the heart). I’m doing little videos focusing around the themes we do for each session, and I’m doing little creative tips and inspiration pointers etc..whatever comes up for me, a bit like these blogs… I also thought it would be a good place for little videos about ArtiPeeps and where we can record/video our pieces (like Karin reading her poetry, if we so wish). I’m also doing little videos on the creation of my business.  I’m also hoping this will lead to other creative opportunities for us. There’s so much potential there. I’m really enjoying it. So far I’ve uploaded two videos: the shortened version of Harvey was Heavy, and a little conscious business video. I haven’t made it live yet because I want to build up a collection of videos, so everyone can really see what we’re about. I’m hoping to go live in about a 2 weeks time, and at the same time letting ArtiPeeps blog go live at the same time (if that’s okay with you), so people can see the link between the two.  I’ll see how it goes. It will then mean I can embed Vimeo videos into Artipeeps which will be brilliant! I’ve loved doing it. If you ever see a hunched woman on a bench in the Country Park speaking ardently into her ipod it’s probably me doing a video….

Anyway, that’s a really huge segue! Back to what I really wanted to muse over. A couple of days ago I showed Karin the new shortened Harvey was Heavy that I’ve put up on Vimeo, and what she said at the end really made me think. She said, and she didn’t mean it critically, I know:  what was the point of it? She didn’t quite get it. It didn’t make sense to her.  And I’ve been going over this in my mind (the way I do), questioning if it really does have to make sense. If my intention was to use it as a vehicle of experimentation, to try and show my peeps what I wanted to do with our Dove Project does it have to make sense?  There were some really striking images, some good bits of editing and audio..isn’t that enough? If the intention never was to create a narrative but to try and get a feel of something-does it then  have to be coherent as well? Isn’t it just a matter of intention? And is there something slightly askew about our expectation for films to be linear and make sense? Maybe a juxtaposed form challenges all of that, and that is that. I don’t know… Karin’s reaction just placed all these thoughts into my head. What  do you think? Let’s have a heated debate… I’ve also done a little Vimeo video about it which I’ll hopefully upload shortly….

So that’s been me-growing and expanding over the last fortnight, and loving every minute of it……………………

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