‘Interactions and Intersections’: An Artistic Experiment In Collaboration #1

6 May

Interactions and Intersections

Welcome to ‘Interactions and Intersections’, an artistic exploration of collaboration by 4 artists over a month. Created by artist Kelly Occhiuzzo,

A couple of months a go I asked Kelly if she would like to take up our Visitor Peep/artist in residence initiative for a month, and we started to discuss the nature of collaboration and connection. As we talked Kelly came up with the idea of online, twittered based artists co-creating pieces of art. Passing work, one-to-the-other, and creating something truly collaborative. I then found the artists and what will follow over the next 5 weeks and be posted out on a weekly basis will be the gradual unfolding of 4 new, truly collaborative pieces of art. The project is intended to be experimental, fun, and with an emphasis on  the connectivity and the process more than the finessed, completed compositions themselves.  

Each week we’ll let you see how the pieces are progressing, and we’ll spotlight one of the artists involved each week.

Kelly will now set the scene for their collaborative project:

“Working in collaboration leads to a rich dialogue yielding unexpected results.” ~Alexander Gorlizki


Abstraction II by Kelly Occhiuzzo

Abstraction II by Kelly Occhiuzzo 

My name is Kelly Occhiuzzo, Artist, Mother, Maker. BFA The Cooper Union 1989, I am an Abstract Expressionist who loves to work on paper.

 Having made the discovery that Twitter was not just for following celebrities, and stumbling upon an entire community of like minded creatives, one of my first connections was with ArtiPeeps. When Nicky/ArtiPeep asked whether I would like to be a contributor to their blog, I was slightly hesitant. Not sure how or what I could do. I then began to think of the connections I was beginning to make with makers around the globe. The coming together of community on Twitter. 

 Combining ArtiPeeps’ mission of creative collaborative experiences and the long history collaboration has had in the artists’ life, an idea began to form. Artists have long been considered by many as “lonely creatures”, but they also need to ‘be’, and to perform and to be seen and recognized. And I think that is where the Twitter platform comes in:  the need to exchange, to share, to collaborate. I then began to think about the New York Correspondence School, which I have always admired, also known as Mail Art or Postal Art or Correspondence Art. An artistic movement centered around sending small scale works through the postal service. That was it, the concept of E(mail)ART. Reaching out to Nicky/ArtiPeep and her relationship with other Twitter Artists, I could find a group of willing creatives to participate. 




 Electronic communication between artists from around the globe, beginning informal art, based on the simple theme of “Interactions and Intersections” A sort of round robin of art. Each artist beginning a piece of work and then passing it on to each other. The end result, 4 different pieces in a series based on the same theme. Each artist playing off of each other and being inspired by one another. There are no limitations regarding techniques, materials, or methods, other then remembering that the work will be sent on electronically.

The idea is that the project should be fun since we are 4 artists completely unknown to each other, not get stressed over it. Each artist can spend as little time or as much time as they would like on each portion of the work. Stepping outside of their individual comfort zones and making something totally opposite to their own personal style. Anything goes really! 

The other 3 artists participating in this project are:

Sara Mena

Amanda Santos

David Lee


This coming Saturday each artist will pass their work on:

Kelly to Sara, Sara to Amanda, Amanda to David and David to Kelly

The first week results as well as a feature on Sara will be posted out on Wednesday 15th May 


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