FreeSpace #2 Nat Hall and Lili Morgan: On the theme of ‘Music’

14 Aug

Here’s the second of 3 ‘FreeSpace’ Collaborations put together by poet Nat Hall and artist Lili Morgan inspired by the theme of  ‘Music’.  Nat’s poem was passed to Lili to provide her with the inspiration for her painting below. We hope you enjoy it!


In memoriam, Giuseppe Verdi*

L’homme qui plantait des notes

(The Man Who Planted Notes)

Feel dawn.

In between two juniper trees,
lingering mist & wild fennel,
I hear songbirds pronounce his name.
la grive musicienne,
found in a pine a pedestal
to celebrate the musician – Melodious,
Orphean, warblers in olive groves in need of a maestro.

Breathe in sunrise.

On every hill,
where shepherds drive ash-coloured herds to
the sound of footsteps & fifres*,
ascending scent of morning dew connects his dreams to land & thyme.
Hear the wingbeat of the gerfaut*
inside still rows of lavender,
Mistral waking
roof tiles & Mourre Nègre*

where evergreen oaks through
their leaves echo the song of hidden streams,
and acorns shape notes on
score sheets.

La force du destin*,

Ugolin’s love* behind shutters,
…………the great symphony has begun.

© Nat Hall 2013


*Giuseppe Verdi, on his 200th Birthday (1813-2013). Italian Romantic composer & most influential of
his century. Composer of many operas, whose work includes La Forza del Destino, 10 Nov 1862.

*fifre(s): fife(s), in homage to Jean Giono’s Le Serpent d’Etoiles / The Serpent of Stars (1933)

*gerfaut: gyrfalcon, in homage to Alphonse Daudet’s La Chèvre de Monsieur Seguin, from Les Lettres
de Mon Moulin / Letters From My Windmill (1869)

*Mourre Nègre: Highest summit (3691ft, 1125m) from The Grand Luberon Mountain, Vaucluse,
Provence, France. Jean Giono nicknamed it “the blue whale/la baleine bleue”)

*La Force du destin/ La Forza del Destino – Ouverture, by Giuseppe Verdi, who inspired (in turn)Jean-
Claude Petit’s Theme of Jean de Florette for the 1986 film by Claude Berri, Jean de Florette/Manon
des Sources.

*Ugolin: Marcel Pagnol’s character, from the two-part novel, Jean de Florette & Manon des Sources


FreeSpace 2.3

‘The Man Who Planted Notes’ by Lili Morgan painted in response to Nat’s poem above



You can find out more about Nat and her work here:

or follow Nat on Twitter here:

You can follow Lili  on Twitter here:


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