‘Ends and Beginnings’ Circle 1/4: Transformations Poems (Book 15)

1 May


George Braque Metamorphoses

February 2013-March 2014

17 poets, 15 months, creating 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

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Poems Inspired by Book 15


Greg Mackie and Carol Robson




by Greg Mackie Book 15


Her father died down the pit,
and her mother, bitter,
threw plates and angry words.

This was her history –
the filter through which
we sought to understand her,
and by extension, ourselves.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
and claim that the chains of destiny
are as fragile
as the chains of an aging mineshaft lift –
I don’t truly believe that.

The chains of our destiny
were forged with hope and defiance:
we survived wars and accidents and disease,
we walked on mud tracks and tarmac and the thin dust of the moon;
we built a world in our image – 
brave and bold and beautiful and ugly and stark and cruel and tender.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
I look inside myself
and see the values that she passed on.

“People are good.”

“Everybody is equal.”

“Nothing is worth more
than a human life.”

There are days,
everything contradicts this –

Ideas may be indestructible,
but values melt in the sun,
and so we encapsulate them in legends,
pass them down through the generations,
bestow them an eternity,
in the company of men and gods and wolves and snakes.

And though I may sit here,
cynical and tired, 
I open a book,
a poem of transformations,
and the very last line,
the very last thought,
a declaration,
of hope and defiance –

“I will live!”




by Carol Robson


In thy mathematical mind
that strains beyond calculus
in theorem of life
that shall not be taken
for the sustenance of another.

All life be precious
for blessed reincarnation
for all life’s creatures
as in human life we wish
to return in form,
of whatever is blessed.

We should not feast on the beast
that perchance you devour
a relative or friend
that passed and returned,
in true transmigration of soul.

Our perfect abstention,
from feasting on another life,
to only feed on mother earth’s bounty
that sustains us in body and soul
that keeps us in harmony for reincarnation,
for continuation of our soul transmigration.

© Carol Robson 2014


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