The Art of FORGIVING but not FORGETTING by artist Ann Supan (FreeSpace #3)

21 May





The Art of Forgiving but not Forgetting

Art, for me, is the artist’s converted thoughts and emotions of a subject into something tangible such as a sketch, drawing, or a painting.

I won’t dare argue how others defines Art because Art is quite subjective. I do, however, believe that ‘WHY someone makes Art’ reflects a lot about what Art really means to them…

(in no particular order)

– adventure, fun and enjoyment

– to connect

– to edify or educate

– reuniting and recording of one’s thoughts, feelings, and memories

– to communicate

– money

– to be famous

Probably an artist should make a percentage chart of ‘Why I make Art’ instead of the usual direct statement as answer to this seemingly simple question. I myself can agree with a number of above mentioned reasons because they are sort of interrelated with one another.

It would be such a mendacity if I say that I don’t make Art for money at all…How else will I be able to buy the materials I need to create without money?

However I draw the line between trying to be “recognized” as an artist and to be “famous”. I have every reason to believe that someone can be an artist yet not be famous especially now that the term “fame” has been somehow “evolutionatized” by how the majority uses social media. I don’t intend “educate” with my art either as I am learning myself.

Nevertheless, based on my own definition of art, there is one which I agree most –

– reuniting and recording of one’s thoughts, feelings, and memories

My memory triggers my thoughts and somehow exaggerates my feelings with this imperative desire to create.

I observed that I’m having a hard time to draw when I’m happy. I’m actually able to make what I consider memorable pieces when I feel deep melancholy- a feeling that, though part of life, I wish I could just ‘pray my way out of ‘ but can’t. So instead, I just ‘create my way out of it’.

For this reason, I realized that I draw to be able to forgive too because I’m usually sad when someone hurts me. I momentarily forget about the pain when I’m able to concentrate all my thoughts and emotions in the process of creating art-

– When I draw I tend to think of something else…go to another world…whether fiction or not, I don’t care…as long as it’s not here- my real life. I create lines/shadows over and over again until I get tired and accept the fact that it’s over. Usually, this is the same time when sadness drastically turns into anger until I realize that I can’t keep hating someone forever so the feeling of self pity strikes in. As I continue on forming figures these feelings subsides and then gradually turns back into sadness.

I choose to forgive this way but that does not mean I could just choose to forget what was done to me…that is just not possible.

“Your memory is a monster; you forget – it doesn’t. It simply files things away; it keep things for you, or hides things from you. Your memory summons things to your recall with a will of its own. You imagine you have a memory, but your memory has you.” – (In One Person by John Irving)

No matter what, as long as I have a pencil and paper in my hands I can choose to draw rather than focus on this feeling of immeasurable pain brought by my ‘uncontrollable’ memory. Should one day the finished piece would remind me of what I felt when I was making it, that is “OK” because it serves also a proof that I was able to overcome that miserable part of my life and “laugh” about it now.

As artists, we presume that all the artworks we make are our favorites but, whether we admit it or not, there are those which really stands out for us. Pieces we could spend a day looking at…pieces which brings a lot of memories…pieces which we understand far beyond the audience does…pieces which we find very hard to “let go” – mine are those that I usually made from sad memories which would somehow be translated as portraits and, most recently, as landscapes as well.

The Places series is a collection of architectural landscapes pieces, in different styles, which ‘I’ve been to’ and ‘dream of going to someday’. What the audience doesn’t know, until now, is that those pieces “I’ve been to’ included on this series are of places that ‘I would rather forget’ due to personal reasons.

Since every piece is unique, to read about the description of each piece, kindly click on the corresponding Facebook link below (“Places” album) so as to avoid making this blog any “longer” 😉

But why do we end up creating something tangible out of those feelings we would rather forget? – because ‘we have to’…WE MUST.

That is what creators do.

Otherwise, we could always end up doing something else instead of creating like those who just ‘drink and/or wallow their way out of things’.

*** The image (Manila Cathedral) I used on this blog is the 2’nd piece of my PLACES series ****

*** Why ‘I’ Make Art ***
50% – reuniting and recording of one’s thoughts, feelings, and memories
20% – to connect
15% – to communicate
10% – adventure, fun and enjoyment
5% – money



What if?’ will always be the question Ann Supan tends to ask herself every now and then. She is an Engineering graduate who knows she wanted to be an artist since she was 10 years old. She is a Filipina visual artist who loves to draw and likes reading as much as travelling. Her main interest in art is portraiture as it is her ambition to express beauty and emotion on her work. She focuses mainly on likeness as her technique and style is simple. Recently, she has been making ‘dual portrayal’ portraits in order to make her work ‘thought provoking’ as well.

She specializes in traditional drawing in the categories of figure drawing, illustration and shading using graphite and charcoal as her main medium. She also likes to use different mediums as shown on her selective impressionistic pieces.

Through years of practice and experimentations her artworks now revolves around on both realistic and impressionistic form.


*FreeSpace offers 3 post slots on ArtiPeeps to any creative or group. They can be taken in a cluster or over a period of months for showcasing, projects (encouraged) or self expression. If you’re interested in FreeSpace do get in touch via the reply box on this post or the contact form on the What’s On page. 


11 Responses to “The Art of FORGIVING but not FORGETTING by artist Ann Supan (FreeSpace #3)”

  1. Gill Offley May 21, 2015 at 4:14 pm #

    You have written a very accessible and thought-provoking piece, Ann, about why you create. I really enjoyed reading it and looking at your other super sketches on your Facebook page. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Brenna Layne May 23, 2015 at 1:29 am #

    I love what you say about the deep melancholy and creating your way out of it; this is so true for me as a writer, too. Lovely picture, and very thought-provoking writing!

    • Sketchbook0918 June 5, 2015 at 4:30 am #

      Hi Brenna 🙂 That is so true…we creators (writers/artists/musicians/etc.) understands each other because we have 1 very strong common passion – to create no matter what 😀 Thank you so much for such kind compliment on my writing as I am not really a writer like you 😉

      • Brenna Layne June 6, 2015 at 1:30 am #

        You are very welcome–and we’re *all* writers here. You’re putting your words out there in the world, and that is a brave and mighty thing. 🙂

  3. vinayprasadpro11 June 2, 2015 at 10:44 am #


    Very nice. All these points makes sense and offcourse all of them are necessary to make the art, whether it is painting, sculpture, illustration or anything.

    And also art is a more common act for an artist like writing, reading or eating is for others. An artist might not be able to explain why he creates art. It becomes just the happening to him.

    For example birth of a child..:)

    • ArtiPeeps June 3, 2015 at 6:23 pm #

      Thanks for your comments and observations. I shall make sure that Ann (Supan) knows about them so she can reply. Warm wishes, Nicky

    • Sketchbook0918 June 5, 2015 at 4:44 am #

      Hi 🙂

      I agree – I originally wrote this post addressing all “creators” (writers/artists/musicians/dancers/actors/etc.) instead of just the visual “artists”. However, I decided to just focus this article on the latter as I’m afraid to speak for other “creators” because I believe no matter how “creative” I think I am, I don’t think I am capable of writing, dancing, acting, etc. as “experienced” as them. Besides, doing so would have made this blog a lot “longer” 😉

      Thank you for your kind comment and observation 😀

      • vinayprasadpro11 June 5, 2015 at 10:15 am #

        No worries. It’s a nice post. Keep posting I would be waiting for your next one..:)

  4. Sketchbook0918 June 5, 2015 at 4:45 am #

    Reblogged this on Sketchbook0918.

  5. Sketchbook0918 June 7, 2015 at 1:08 am #

    You are all so kind 🙂
    However, I’m afraid that this is my 3’rd and last post here…
    But I really do appreciate your kind comments and your interest on my work – Thank you 😀

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